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Mitchell repair info.possible causes 1.lock-up solenoid open or short circuit 2.lock=up solenoid malfunction 3. ECT-ECU malfunction truck has three senors in tranny part # 85420D (no-1) two of these. part # 854...
I have a 96 T100 four wheel drive that still runs well at 135,000 miles, but the frame is dangerously rusted. I took it to the dealer where I bought it at 95,000 miles, and they told me to "prepare it for burial"- lit...
just had my power steering hose replaced didnot last an hour and leaks more ,i think either the replacement hose is not metric fittings or the O ring is missing *it was the power steering hose that leak as the stee...
will not go into reverse when running all other gears are not as hard. tryed to adjust rod under dash on clutch cylinder. am almost out of adjustment
it is hard to get into gear. reverse is the hardest. will go into reverse when engine is running.
will not go into reverse.other gears are hard to get into also but reverse is bad.
As I last stated in my original post about this new rig to me I cleared codes and have not come back. What is confusing is that has OBDII connector under dash and also has diag link box for TE1 and E1 ability for code...
we have changed everthing in it and it is still running hot.what else can we check.can the timing belt have something to do with it still running hot
we have changed everything in the truck but it is still running hot what do u recommend us to check.could the timing belt have something to do with it still running hot
Ok guys, I usually answer questions but I am stumped on what I got here. Just bought this truck, manufactured 09/94, says meets Calif. emissions for year 1995 but this has both the E1/TE1 diagnostic code setup under t...
About 2 weeks ago I took my 95 Toyota T-100 into a local Toyota dealer for an oil leak in the valve cover gaskets. They cleaned the whole top end of the engine (intake manifold removed and cleaned in ultrasonic cleane...
Also, I have two more codes, P0100 & P0110 I don't know what they are. The guy at the NAPA said one of them is for the EGR valve. Need you help.
Is the P0305 code mean mis-fire in the #5 cly?
where is knock sensor located
I put my t100 on jack stands, put the manual trans into h4. back right wheel turns, nothing in the front wheels. I remove the vacuum lines to the front differential, at the differential, and the front wheels now turn...
Low idle somtimes, rich gas smell from exhaust. I changed the spark plugs, oil change, air filter, new exhaust and tail pipe. Still failed! Check engine light comes on randomly. I have a rich mixture of gas. Is it the...
What ports on the com. plug under the hood need to be shorted to set the timing correctly.
I have my T-100 running at 1500 RPM's all the time. A friend told me the it may be the throttle position sensor out of adjustment. How I be sure of this?
How many hours to replace the cv joint boots, and much it cost
Can somone tell me wich cycl is the number 1 cycl on a 1997 T100 3.4L V6?
My cigarette lighter well needs to be replaced, does anyone know how to do this? I have the parts I just don't want to start tearing stuff up without knowing a little more about the job Thank you
won't shift at low rpms it shifts a little better when hot but still takes high rpms to shift.
the four wheel drive doesn't come on all the time or sometimes not at all and I don't know if it could be the actuator or not.
I have to have four wheel drive to get out of my driveway and when I put it in high or low four the light doesn't come on and it doesn't go into four wheel. After a while the low will come on and be in four but somet...
My 4 wheel drive indicator light does not come on when vehicle is in 4 wheel drive
I need four wheel drive to get in and out of my driveway in snow and although I can put the high and low into gear the 4x4 light does not come on or engage most of the time. It will sometimes after a long time.
The problem occurs when I try to use the four wheel drive in the snow when I'm trying to get out of my driveway. It goes into four wheel gear high and low but the light doesn't come on or engage.
Just put a used trans. in my truck. There is a cable on the drivers side of trans. that goes to the throttle body. Is this a kick down cable or line pressure cable? and how do you adjust this cable?
My Email is I have a 1996 Toyota T100 and my auto matic Transmission went out. Do you know where I can find a good used trans that would fit?
remove spare tire