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It seems to be in the tunnel between the intake manifold and the engine. I was unaware that there was any water on top of the engine. Is it to preheat the gas before injection?
theywork properly when the head lights are off
I replaced brake booster and everything works except when I drive a few miles then pedal gets hard(the truck stops fine but now brakes are rubbing and getting hot). I pull over and disconnect vacume hose and it releas...
I am having a tough time locating a used rear axle for the 1997 T100....was hoping maybe a certain year of Tundra or Tacoma used the same rear axle?? Or a chevy anything?
From what I understand the rear axle is still good, wheel bearings are fine, what replacement parts would be needed???
Truck was making noise everytime step on accelorator
Oil got super duper low because neighborhood garage didn't tighten the filter enough and I didn't check it out until I was under the car changing the crankshaft position sensor.(per the check engine light diagnostic c...
Bulbs are ok. wonder if there is a backup light switch? how to locate it?
It feels like someone has hit me from behind or like a slipping. I was told it is 3200.00 to 3400.00 to fix. It occurs more each time I drive it and usually in stop and go driving. The mechanic I took it to couldnt ma...
Relaced plugs,distributor cap,rotor and ignition coil. Ran for a week and died during a big rain storm. What could the problem be?
when i have my headlights on and go to hi beams i lose all lights. i can not find a fuse for hi beams. so is there a fuse or both my hi beams burned out
When it's 70 or warmer I need to push and hold the accelerator pedal about 1/2 way down and then it will start right up . If not it just cranks and cranks. All maintainence including new plugs has been done.
will start after cools down engine is not running hot temp gage normal
I have already check efi relay and it has power and is good. Checked open relay but have not power to relay. Already checked fuses and they are good. What do I check to find why open relay has no power? Any Ideas?
I've heard it both ways, mostly that they need to be replaced by someone trying to sell me an expensive new set. My car-nut buddy says they're fine, never need replacing. But my truck seems to sit a little lower o...
It had been around 5,000 miles since I had it changed at a shop, and after I put the 5 quarts in that the manual suggested, it read way above full on the dipstick. My car-repair nut friend thinks I have the wrong d...
I've mistakenly trusted various shops with changing my oil and checking my fluids, but recently noticed a leak in my radiator, so I bought the part and asked a friend to help. While swapping in the new radiator, my f...
I am looking to buy a 98 t100 4x4 187k. All looks good except that when braking quickly, truck pops out of gear. Pops back in when you start back up. Owner said needs a new silenoid. I am a little worried since I ...
i have a 1997 toyota t100 3.4 ltr. 6 cyl. i recently overheated it causing my head gaskets to blow ,,, i got a friend of mine to take the motor apart . i had my heads completely rebulit from natl cyl, ...
has been hard to shift 3 to 4 for about 2 weeks
put it in park no indicater light shut it off now it wont start or even crank over
what is the cost of the flyweel.
how many miles is the recomended to replace the timing belt
that light usually went right off after starting what does it mean ? how do i turn it off
my 3400 v6 seems to be getting oil in the coolant, should i look for heed gaskets or possibly cracked or warped heads, it only got into the red on the gauge for a few minutes
first time ever happened will not unlock with key or unlock from inside door will not open
Here it is. My son has this truck, 1994 Toyota T100. To put it short the clutch was about to bite the dust. It would not hold on a slight incline and power loss. So we installed a new clutch assembly. The friction...