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I love my work truck but it lacks powe when it get hot. Also the heat from the motor seems like its going inside the cab of the truck but it doesnt over heat the temp neddie does work it never goes passed the middle
I am afraid I will break my key off in the lock. I don't know where to poke with my screwdriver
my 1997 Toyota T100 won't shift to 4x4 the shifter get stuck. check engine code P0770.
I have had my 1993 toyota t100 for 6 years and just found out about the recall is there a time limit or can i still have them fix it. Or how does it work Thanks
Will restart only after engine cools down and air temp remains below 60. CEL has not come on.
when I'm driving it at first it runs really good in the morning as soon as I shut it off and start it back up it doesn't want to shift
I have been having an issue with my t100 not wanting to go into overdrive when regular driving or trying to pass into another lane. I can activate the overdrive manually at the gear shift with a press of a button but ...
The starter and battery have been replaced. Both starter relays have been checked for continuity. Park/neutral switch confirmed correct. No codes. With the plugs pulled the engine will turn over at correct RPM.
In the morning when I first start my truck it idles high until it warms up As it warms up the idle slowly go's down to a perfect 850rpm Once I start driving and have come to a stop the idle shoots up to 1800 then ...
Ok so my T100 is old 281967 miles on it But I'd like to know. First off I manually shift this automatic transmission every where I go . Could it be a sensor , I've been doing this for 2 yrs now .Sometimes OD light b...
can crank engine but will not run have check the spark plug for spark ok all fuses on engine and inside ok,it just happen and confused because used it and park at the same day, tried pushing it to start no help what ...
My son has replaced the injectors,plugs, and wires.
my oil pan gasket is leaking all over the place and causing a mess but I see a rod underneath the pan so I am not sure how to remove the pan for cleaning without causing damage and getting it back up so I can bolt it ...
cable broken need to remove and replace
It doesn't return after I push the brake pedal. In addition I already replaced the wheel cylinder twice.
I am showing the following codes p0300,0301,0302,0303,0304,0305,0306, p0100 p0110, p0171. I have replaced the plugs, wires, boots and 1 coil pack as well as the fuel filter and the clean air intake hose and air filter.
queation is...gosh do i need to remove all things attached , like fan etc??....truck is 2 wheel drive, standard transmission, 3.0 ... help please...
If I step on pedal slow and gain speed it's fine any answers
Then started working again an now stuck in forward could it be possible a shifting fork has broke
I was told by a mecahnic that my truck could last for 10 more days or another 20,000 miles it just depends. I recently just picked this truck up for 2500 dollars with a burnt out clutch and put a brand new clutch in ...
2 and 5 cycler light come on said not fireing code. they said they check everything.
t-100 sat for 12 years, mice filled the exhaust system with acorns and nests wouldn't start fixed that problem drove it around and gas started coming from under intake manifold ? what's the problem ?
transmission shifts fine lock up keeps goen in and out with od light flashing code p1700
I recently channged the fluid and filter to try to remedy. The problem went away for a short while, but has returned. The fluid has turned very dark. My local shop wants to rebuild it, but I am curious if there is som...