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siena 2011 69000 mi toyota service center I call they can not support it is no warent. check fee is $280. fix fee is $2400 it is wandering I did buy for siena is stable car. I can i do.
is there a relay or fuse somewhere?
Two motors and adjusters are working. Up and down, and the backrest will go forward and backwards. The motor sounds like it's just spinning or grinding? Feels like the right side rail may be jammed by lose change or ...
Dealer claims there is a leak (I've never noticed any) and wants $1275 to do the work.
2005 Sienna XLE sliding driver's door opens with both overhead electric switch and the column electric switch but they won't close it so I have to close the door manually.
I am able to operate the door manually with no obstruction or resistance.
Can't get to them through the access door panel. No screws visible on the lens. Anybody have a clue?
The was washed and on the second day the door could not be opened by any button except manually.
Both inner and outer tie rods replaced as well as the axles.
I know there are four lights on the rear, only two are working (the brakes) which are located on the side of the body, but the two located on the door are not working, pls. let me know how to replace the bulbs
And dash lights that lit up now no longer there.
It drove fine yesterday but today it started having trouble going up hills and eventually quit moving forward. Checked the transmission fluid and it is ok.
need to replace the rear seats in my van
Bought this car and it had 380000 miles on it . After I drove for 20000 mile pep boy guy told me the axle shaft assembly right side is leaking need to be replace. It will cost 400+ dealers refuse to fix it under it wa...
I have recently replaced the fuel sending unit. The new unit seems to work, but does not travel the full extent of the range. In other words, it will only show 1/2 or 1/3 of a full tank, then when the fuel is burned...
I broke one of five studs of the front hub can I replace just one or do I have to get a new hub?
I have to put a blow drier to the engine for an hour before it starts, it's like it can't take the cold
Toyota did a transmission fluid change, and changed out the shift lock solenoid. Couple days later thew P0717. I changed the turbine speed sensor, two days later threw the same code P0717 again. Not sure where to ...