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I am having a problem with a loud clicking/grinding noise in the dash (mostly in the middle and passenger side). I think it is related to the AC/heat. Anyone else experienced this?
I can open the window without any problem, but when I go to close thewindow it starts up then stops. After a while I try again and it starts up but stops agsin. I must wait several minutes between each try.
I replaced the timing belt at 90,000. Now I have 200,000 miles on the van. Do I need to replace the timing belt and water pump, or should I drive it until it just dies?
The van was initally showing a P1135 code but when I replaced the 02 sensor, the code no longer came up. So now the van will not run even though it is showing no codes. If I use the throttle, I can keep it runni...
the rear wheel bearings need replacement, your site only lists front wheel bearings. Are the costs similar?
My check engine light comes on when ever I get stuck in snow and try to get out of the snow and spin the tires and now the engine makes noises that seem to come from the axle.
I am looking for headlights and taillights.
van rattles when brakes are applied
does wheel alignment include wheel balancing
Where is the cabin filter located?
is this engine an interference engine and what is the change interval for the timing belt on sch 'a' or 'b'? thanks.
When I use my heater it makes a squeaking loud noise after a few minutes and gets louder. Do I need to replace a fan belt? If so can I do it myself?
left rear brake and tail light is out, can I replace them myself?
98 Sienna Recently got Code PO133 ( front Bank1 Sensor 1 ) then I replaced direct fit after market O2 sensor then Code PO155 came ( bank 2 Sensor 1 ) I replaced another one for this One- Now PO155 comes again again af...
Back up sensor was installed by dealer and now causing repeated shorts/blown fuses and vehicle has broken down 3 times. Toyota has had car for past 3 weeks and can't fix it and is washing their hands of it. I'm at wit...
Web site won't list engine size for estimate
What has to be done at the 5000 miles?
I have a 98 and a 99 Sienna. Was the gas pedal mechanical in those years, rather than the electronic one involved in the latest recalls?
My 3.5 sienna with 57000 miles started a tapping sound about 10000 miles back. During this winter, it has become much louder. This noise gets better after 3-4 miles driving, but is not "normal. I have changed the oil...
Extremely cold. I had less than a 1/4 tank of gas. Car wants to start it kicks over, but it sounds like it is not getting enough gas. Have not been able to start it for several days. Is this something I can fix?
my brake light is on, don't know much about cars. What may be the problem?..Can I fix it myself or do i have to take it to a mechanic?
The remote for my car alarm for my toyota no longer consistently works. I have replaced the battery and that still does not address the issue. I spoke to a Toyota and they are charging ~120 dollars for a replacement o...
the van will not go forward or backward or in low gear the van will start up fine cut off fine but will not move at all had to be pushed in nutural to safe location
My power door has stop working. It can't open and it can't close. What is the solution?
Toyota Sienna Air conditionned 98, the air stopped working without giving any signal, typically the compressor always makes a noise when you use it but now neither the noise and cold air or anything, you think the com...
The driver side door opens fine from the inside, so I though the handle must be broken (like so many Sienna handles). But I took off the door panel and can the handle is working fine. It must be the connection between...
When replacing the sway bars would the front end wheeel alignment be effected?
How do I fix it ? How much it may cost me ? Thank yu for feedback.
Found coolant on my engine. Toyota dealer quoted $2,900 to check and replace unless there are other issues. does this sound reasonable? is there anything i should be on guard for?
Is my engine a non-interference or interference Engine??