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what are thing needs to be done for 30k mile service? can you mention listed with numbers(like 1. 2. 3. etc). Also how much it should cost to do for 30k service. Your quick response will be greately appreciated.

Mohammad Islam

glass stuck half way

My 98 Sienna has a serious surging problem. I have had the Oxygen senson replaced, the idle air sensor, the fuel pump and a new computer (what it needed per the dealership $$$). Ran 2 months and now it has started again and is worse than ever. What could it be?

Check engine light came on at 116,800 miles. Had it checked and it was PO420. Took off bank two oxygen sensor and not really carboned. Took off PCV and it was clogged. Cleaned it out (rattle now heard) disconnected the battery and reset the PCM. Engine light has not returned. Went to move the van to a flat area to change the oil (two minutes of run time), and van would not stay started. Had to give it a "little" pedal, not floored. When van reached running temp. it ran fine and even re-started fine. Had several days of great starts and then the "low idle" stalling issue returned. IAC need cleaning? Throttle Body Cleaning? VSV issue? Help....

my side glass got broken last easily can it b replaced and at what cost?

The oil pump is conected to some type of crank that makes the oil pump work, how much would it cost to repair this crank or bearing?

I just recently had my van serviced after I crossed the poles when installing a new battery. They fixed it all or so I thought ..., lately my headlights will flicker off and on with the interior lights as well . I first noticed this when I was going from dim to bright..... After clicking the stick on the side of the side of the steering wheel and all lights( interior and headlights) will flicker off then on again. If it is just a fuse or relay I would like to change it on my own, what do you think?

I have a 2002 Sienna with just over 100,000 miles on it. I don't plan to keep it for more than a few more years. Given that we haven't had any problems and it runs fine, do I need to spend the $ to replace the timing belt?

Cost to replace drivers door? Restrainer/limiter component broken inside door.

the handle on the trunk door of my sienna minivan is broken. can i get a new handle at a junk yard? do i need to pay for parts and loabor at a toyota dealership?

i can't get it lose

I need to replace my middle rear seat belt (the strap was partially cut). The mechanism works fine. Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement strap. The dealer is quoting almost $400 to replace.

when we go to start our van everything sounds ok. but the minute we put it into reverse or drive you can feel the van sputtering and a high pitch noise. when we put it back in park or nuetral the sputtering stops and the noise goes away. also the check engine light comes on and stays on or some times the check engine light just blinks.

any ideas?? thank you

Washer fluid light came on. Filled with fluid, light won't go out.

The van is running fine. The dealership first wanted to replace the exhaust manifold and the O2 sensor and now they want to replace the coverter. Im not doing anything until I am sure what the problem really is. COuld the bad converter be throwing the O2 code or is it a bad O2 probe throwing the converter code?

My Toyota dealer said that my rack & pinion is leaking and that it would cost $1200 to fix it. I can see no indication of any leaks on my garage floor. Could this be a scam?

I noticed that my ECTS fuse 10 amp was burnt I changed it but all I had was a 20 amp fuse , is it okay to run like this?

after changing my battery on my sienna my alarm will not shut off, I notice that i had the terminals swapped on accident. Now my car starts without my alarm sounding but there are multiple lights on such as ( ABS, BRAKE, check engine, and the tire pressure monitoring indicator) I think in reversing the terminals I may I have fried something , also when I press the gas there is barely any power... What is your opinion?

I changed my battery on my van, when I install the new one the alarm goes off. How do I reset?


sliding door handle is broken

is the 3.3 L engine an intererance or a non ?

code is po135 oxygen heater circut malfunction. I replaced both front and rear oxygen sensors but that did not help. someone said they thought there was 4 oxygen sensors on this year vehicle ? any sugestions ?

The rear 3 spark plugs look to be under a silver manifold. I was feeling around blind in there trying to figure out how to replace the wires. I also could no locate the distributor. Am I going to need to remove that manifold?

Thanks in advance

The Brake systems warning light is on even when the brake is off. When the van is running the warning light is still on then later may be off and goes back on. I tested the switch with my finger when the break was on relief mode ( no brake in parking mode) and works well.

code po135 can not locate problem have replaced both front and back oxygen sensors any advice?

I have a code that says the oxygen sensor is bad , but i replaced both the front and rear sensor and still have the same problem what else should i look for

My parking brake light comes on when I make a right turn and it goes off after I have completed the turn. Could it be a short and where would I start looking for it?

2005 sienna shakes, and does not have any power when going uphill with a slight acceleration. (like going from 2300 rpm to 2600 rpm) If you go from 2300 rpm to 3000 rpm it does not have the problem
Started about 1000 miles ago. Was driving across Kansas and there was a lot of wind and dust. Have 88,000 miles on van.