after changing my battery on my sienna my alarm will not shut off, I notice that i had the terminals swapped on accident. Now my car starts without my alarm sounding but there are multiple lights on such as ( ABS, BRAKE, check engine, and the tire pressure monitoring indicator) I think in reversing the terminals I may I have fried something , also when I press the gas there is barely any power... What is your opinion?

I changed my battery on my van, when I install the new one the alarm goes off. How do I reset?


sliding door handle is broken

is the 3.3 L engine an intererance or a non ?

code is po135 oxygen heater circut malfunction. I replaced both front and rear oxygen sensors but that did not help. someone said they thought there was 4 oxygen sensors on this year vehicle ? any sugestions ?

The rear 3 spark plugs look to be under a silver manifold. I was feeling around blind in there trying to figure out how to replace the wires. I also could no locate the distributor. Am I going to need to remove that manifold?

Thanks in advance

The Brake systems warning light is on even when the brake is off. When the van is running the warning light is still on then later may be off and goes back on. I tested the switch with my finger when the break was on relief mode ( no brake in parking mode) and works well.

code po135 can not locate problem have replaced both front and back oxygen sensors any advice?

I have a code that says the oxygen sensor is bad , but i replaced both the front and rear sensor and still have the same problem what else should i look for

My parking brake light comes on when I make a right turn and it goes off after I have completed the turn. Could it be a short and where would I start looking for it?

2005 sienna shakes, and does not have any power when going uphill with a slight acceleration. (like going from 2300 rpm to 2600 rpm) If you go from 2300 rpm to 3000 rpm it does not have the problem
Started about 1000 miles ago. Was driving across Kansas and there was a lot of wind and dust. Have 88,000 miles on van.

When I replaced the battery on 2001 Toyota Sienna,Odometer now reads 0 ? And speedometer is way off

My sienna was running hot so I took it to a dealership for diagnosis.2 hours later they call and inform me the cost w/be a minimum of $1600 possibly $2,000.The reason?They say the manual says engine and trans needs to be removed to do this.I need answers quick.Anyone?

What should a 90,000 mile check up cost.

charcoal canister has been malfunctioning for some time. I have the code reset , last sometimes a couple of days to several months

replce timing belt, water pump, alternator, idle & some idle

I'm trying to replace the rear O2 sensor, but when I pulled the rubber boot off the car, there doesn't seem to be enough length of wire to pull the plug connection through the hole. In other words I can't get to the plug connection to un-plug the sensor. Am I supposed to access it from above or is the wiring just hung up somehow?

the keyless enter only working with drivers door and hatch

Where is the electric window control module located and how do you get to it?

how do i shut daytime running lights off

I have almost 60,000 miles on my 2006 sienna ce, when do i need to replace the timing belt.

There was no engine lights on.Diagnostic machine did not show any problem ,current or pending.Every time I tried to slow the engine quit and had to be restarted.I was traveling and could not get any help,everyone was closed for the weekend.I had to keep my foot on the brake to keep my rpms up to keep the engine running when I wanted to slow down.

I checked the freeon level and it is fine. I added more and some oil and did nothing. The clutch spins but not sure if that is normal when the engine is off..started happening a week ag..has around 100k miles

the noise is not present when fan is not operating and increases in volume with increase in fan speed. is this a common problem, can it be fixed with lubrication or is this a replacement situation? The problem occurs with both heater and a/c.

a/c light flashing while driving. Runs fine sitting in driveway.

The rubber latch handle on the back of my van has melted or deteriorated. It gets your hands all gooey with black melted rubber when I try to open the back.

What is the length of warranty for a 2008 Toyota sienna

where is the location of the fuel filter

Car starts fine but engine will die if I take my foot off the accelerator. What wrong? Today is the first time this has ever happened. I am a single mom of three and need my little mini van to run properly. I keep it maintained so am confused and do not want to take to my mechanic if it is something simple I can fix myself.