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i bought a toyota sienna le 2001 drove it home 30 miles the second day when i start the van white smoke strat coming out from the exsaust then disapear in 5 10 seconds ,i call mecanic he said change the oil after i c...
What type of oil is used when changing the oil, w530 or w1030?
I getting ready to put the third AC Compresser in my 2005 Sienna wagon then I'm getting rid of this peice of crap, has anyone else expirenced this?
igot a po420 code that says catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank 1)could some1 tell what this is and how to locate
My power mirrors stopped working. Both sides aren't working so I suspected a bad fuse. The only fuse related to mirrors was heated mirror (which wasn't blow) any ideas ? thanks
We have a 2006 Sienna that tries to downshift into 1st at too high a speed. It results in the engine revving like it is in neutral, then lunging into 2nd gear when you turn a corner and accelerate or drive in traffic....
when the ac is on or the defrost mode is on with the fan a low humming noise comes from the times the noise worsens.sort of a grinding!
had windshield replaced last week and now the steering wheel controls for the radio are not working. does anyone have a clue as to why they have stopped functioning
just curious what the problem might be. had windshield changed last week and now the radio controls on my steering wheel dont work. i have to change station manually....
code po155, o2 sensor, heater circuit, (bank2 sensor 1) i need to know where this sensor is located and if something else could be related to this problem, ty
My question is regarding my 2005 Sienna, the hatchback door will not stay open, it is very hard to open and I have to hold it open because it won't stay up. I have never had any problems with it.  Two days ago it just...
the brakes were spongy for a day and the next day the front brakes completely locked up. ABS warning light didn't come on. Bled brakes and the brakes locked up overnight without the engine running? Is this an ABS issu...
I got a DTC Code P1155 Fuel Air Metering Am very cash poor, was hoping I could get this done cheaply.
The Handle to open the sliding door from out side (on the driver side) Had broken. How can I replace it? Thanks, Gregory
I had both driver and side doors open while cleaning my car, I started the car and moved it with the doors open. After shutting off the car it would not restart, I had to jumstart the car but the door open light stay...
what are the symptoms of a bad cv joint? vehicle has 92,000+ miles.
my daughter has a 02 Toyota Sienna. Yesterday she stopped at a grocery store & when she got back in the van the key would only turn over slightly - windows were down & she was stuck & had to call triple A. Has anyon...
Do I have to remove the cowl to get the rear plugs out?
Hello, I have a 2010 Toyota Sienna 3.5 V6. The engine starts every time, but stalls after a couple of seconds and does not idle. I have checked the mass air flow sensor and it seems to have the right resistant betw...
where is cabin air filter location in 1998 sienna
when i drive the van it makes noise in the tiers
My temperature gauge reads 0C or OC instead of the outside temperature. The problem is always there, I want to see the outside temperature and the one time i fixed it it said -40º, which it was not.
What does it mean when the battery light comes on?
How do you replace the cabin air filter? We have removed the glove compartment completely but we don't see anything. Thanks!
I just pulled out of my toyota dealers parking lot after having the oil changed and the check engine light is on along with the VSC light. Whats up?
After my car sat all night (mild temperatures) I drove about 4 miles and had to wait in a parking lot with engine off (but radio on). While I was sitting there, the check engine light came on and I heard clicking noi...
I took the car in because the engine light was on and they are telling me i need a catylitic converter, cost is $1,500.00. this sounds high. Is this price possible?