Why doesn't my remote control working after replacing car battery? Also, my interior lights don't come on and after
turning the ignition off and closing the door, the head light
flashes several time by itself and I think this is draining my battery power. Please help.

It happened a few days ago when I noticed thatn the left passenger sliding door was not opening (probably frozen because of the recent winter storm and temperature drop in our area). As I pulled the handle harder since it's hard to open, the handle broke off. How do I replace it?

where is blower motor located on a 1998 Toy sienna

Wife says veh slid a bit on a turn in the snow at which time she applied brakes and lights came on. Drove home fine from there. Next morning, I start van and won't go into gear, above mentioned lights are on and no rear brake lights. 30k miles but over the 3 year mark for warranty coverage. I am told may be the Brake light switch..? I see a recall for this in th 2011 model. Is this something I can replace? Where is switch located. Thanks for assistance.

While the engine is running, smoke is coming from the oil cap.

check engine vehicle skid control dash light
came on--now have 31,000 miles

removed the screws, what do I need to do with the screwdriver

I looked at every fuse under the steering wheel and next to the battery, and I swapped every relay with another one but I'm still not getting electricity to the radio, fan, or clock, and the power windows aren't working. I think I shorted something when I was installing a new alternator. Any ideas on something else I should check? I don't have a wiring diagram so I'm not sure where else to look.

whenever I start my car it won't stay started. This problem was intermittent in the past but now it happens all the time.

In winter weather, should track be on or off

07 sienna 3.0l it has gotten to where it turns over a long time before it starts cold, once it's warmed up seems to be ok.replaced spark plugs yesterday no change. no codes in computer, runs great. has 85000 miles on it.think maybe fuel pump?but only does it when motor is cold. thanks for any help.

My van does not blow hot air from the front vents. it does sometimes from the rear, but its not too hot either. I replaced the climate control already, but Is this because of the heating core? anyone else had this problem?

The electric window will not close most of the time without several attempts, sometimes turning a corner or turning the engine off and on gets the window to close little by little. Is this a switch problem or a motor problem? There is no problem lowering the window. How do I access the switch mechanism, does the assembly just pry out?

My van smells like fumes inside, does it need to have the cabin air filter replaced? How? If not what else could it be?

Are there two one this vehicle?

July 2010 mpg went from 18 mpg to 11 mpg. Toyota dealer said nothing wrong with engine, but computer that generates check engine light was bad and needed to be replaced for $1,000. Dealer said no harm done to just ignore it, so we did. Dealer said low mileage because car is "old." (That I can't believe!) Low mileage continued but check engine light went off. Dec 2010 still 11 mpg but check engine light came on. Again dealer says nothing is wrong except transmission fluid needs to be changed. What to do.

When I was driving at 50 to 60 mph, there was significant humming noise from the engine. While I was driving 45 mph or 65 mph, it was gone. Any clue?

After driving short or long distances, everytime I turn off the car, the rear speakers make this horrible screeching, ear-piercing sound. Toyota dealer service has not seen this issue. Anyone else have this experience, get it resolved and how and by whom? Greatly appreciate your advice if you had this same experience and an owner of the Toyota Sienna minivan.
FYI Toyota Dealer Service Center said they are going to replace the stereo amplifier

A few days back we broke the rear window on our van. After the autoglass guys came and replaced it, the rear door wont open. We dont have the automatic type. When we try to open the door, it makes a "servo" type sound but doesnt unlatch. Does anyone think the glass guys could have done something wrong or possibly just a coincidence that it doesntopen now.


I have several scrapes and dents from rubbing against a cement column. Location of the damage is the driver's side sliding door. The area is about 20 by 12 inches.

how many times should i service my toyota sienna 2008 model in a year

The heated seat light for the passenger seat indicates the seat heater is working, but there is no heat to the seat. This is a new problem.

The squeaking is not constant but periodic. The sound comes from the area on the left side down where all the belts are.

what are thing needs to be done for 30k mile service? can you mention listed with numbers(like 1. 2. 3. etc). Also how much it should cost to do for 30k service. Your quick response will be greately appreciated.

Mohammad Islam

glass stuck half way

My 98 Sienna has a serious surging problem. I have had the Oxygen senson replaced, the idle air sensor, the fuel pump and a new computer (what it needed per the dealership $$$). Ran 2 months and now it has started again and is worse than ever. What could it be?

Check engine light came on at 116,800 miles. Had it checked and it was PO420. Took off bank two oxygen sensor and not really carboned. Took off PCV and it was clogged. Cleaned it out (rattle now heard) disconnected the battery and reset the PCM. Engine light has not returned. Went to move the van to a flat area to change the oil (two minutes of run time), and van would not stay started. Had to give it a "little" pedal, not floored. When van reached running temp. it ran fine and even re-started fine. Had several days of great starts and then the "low idle" stalling issue returned. IAC need cleaning? Throttle Body Cleaning? VSV issue? Help....

my side glass got broken last easily can it b replaced and at what cost?

The oil pump is conected to some type of crank that makes the oil pump work, how much would it cost to repair this crank or bearing?