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Mechanic says source of the leak is the fittings attaching the transmission fluid tubes to the radiator and says the radiator has to be replaced. Why can't thye just repair the fittings?
My 2003 sequoia will start and then stop a few seconds later. But will start and run on the second try. Also it runs fine until I give it a lot of gas, then it's starts to buck. There are no vacuum leaks, I've changed...
no probelms prior to the warning lights.....called the dealer and they said the vehicle probably needs to recycle after a refill or it may be the gas cap. Checked all and still lights are on. Took it to the dealer the...
changed air comp twise dryer rear and front valves two diferent mechanics
how would u get a disc out of the radio I believe my wife put two discs in
I think there might of been two put in at the same time
But the truck will start and run fine the second time I start it. I checked for vacuum leaks and there were none. I changed the fuel filter with no change. I pulled codes p0101 and p0102, so I changed the MAS with no ...
I don't notice when the problem appear for first time
The truck starts and then shuts down. But if I start it again it stays started. It also shut down one time while driving, but started again right after shutting down. I checked the vacuum hoses and there were no leaks...
Truck was running fine. I parked for 1-hour and tried to restart. Dash lights up, clicking sound, w/headlamps that go off quickly, and the engine does not turn over at all--absolutely no cranking. Is this battery o...
Dreaded P0420 code. I've sprayed carb cleaner in the engine bay to test for air leaks, I've cleaned MAF sensor, replaced PC valve, no leaks in header or exhaust. Reading O2 sensor voltages produces these results. U...
I have a Toyota Sequoia and the passenger side outer tie rod has cracked in half. The crack is between the ball joint and where the tie rod threads into the outer tie rod. From looking at the end view of the broken ti...
disassembled the door. cam that runs off motor to door lift assembly welds broke. how do i get a replacement assembly - not at the dealer, cant afford that. the cold weather is coming and i need the window up.
Clutch is gone on automatic and need to know the cost to have it rebuilt.
diagnostic said the canister purge valve solenoid needed replaced to turn check engine light off. Where is it on engine and how much is the part?
I was just wondering about how much it would cost to fix this problem? The codes stated it was a malfunction with the secondary air injector.
Recently my power locks and alarm stopped working when using the key fab. I thought it was the batteries in the key fab so I tried my backup fab. It also didn't work. Then I noticed the power locks didn't work at all ...
The belts are worn. I need to know how to purchase the belts to ensure that they are completely safe and work with the cars electronics. Anything to beware of when purchasing?...when installing? Thanks.
The door will not open but the window will come down
It leaks onto the seering rack, but only after the car is off and it starts to cool down. Is this a freeze plug? It lloks as if it is coming from the transmission, but I have no Transmission leak.
i heard someone say a knock sensor or a yaw sensor idk.
Labor hours and aveage cost?
i ask several auto parts and each one says different pressures numbers, now I'm confuse . i need to know if my gas pressure on my is correct.
The window comes down crooked and makes a loud pounding noise as if its about to break. The window will go back up smoothly.
the radio and odometer operates just fine. But its hard to see because the back lighting isn't working.
when using flasher one side of trailer lights worked but no turn signals and heading to RI
as a chief engineer u have to recomend some test about your fuel which is causing problem in engine