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Do i need to replace the fuse bpx or negative cable
VSC TRAC, and VSC OFF, and ABS lights or on. they stay on, no flashing. Went around a curve on the interstate a little to hard the other day and heard a beeping sound or warning signal come on. I am wondering if this...
has been replase twice
has been replace twice and flush noise steel there
in the middle of the 4 lights, what do that mean.
Rear window goes down on it's own (never up) and door locks on all doors trigger randomly. Not the key fob, as I took the truck a couple miles away from the fob & it still happened. Window toggle inside the truck work...
my power is losted and when I try and stop the brake padel don't connect right on stopping acts like it want to keep going
the tracking light keep coming on it has lost power hesitate pulling off
Internal top roof three rows lights are not working, Clock is always reset to 1:00 whenever switch off. I have to change the time at every start. Security light at the mid of Dashboard (Small red car icon) also stop w...
When I turn my key over I just get a clicking sound. All the lights come on fine. I thought it might be the battery, but I also have no clock no radio no horn some of the dash lights come on but none of the gages mo...
I put the car in park and when I went to put it in gear it would not take. AAA came and went under the car and said that the connection broke...god knows I have the worst luck with cars.
We bought our 2008 Sequoia in May 2009 (no production of this vehicle in '09) I just purchased my 7th set of tires as this truck eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have had the rear aligned multiple times w...
oil was checked and was sufficient, afraid to drive it.
when the lights come on, the trucks front tires lock up and we slide the way it choses. my question is------- why does it do that? and what needs to e done to fix this problem?
I had the starter changed.. Which was horrible due to its location... So after everything was back together the truck will turn over but won't stay idling??
No check lights of any kind are on and the only time the vehicle KICKS Hard, feels like from the rear, is if I am going downhill at appx 30mph and have let off the gas and not applied the brake. Vehicle does not kick ...
At 30 mph going downhill and let off gas and do not apply brake at the time the vehicle is changing gears there is a hard kick from the back. No lights are showing problem. Only does it at 30 mph and only if letting o...
about the 2001 sequoia, misses at idle speed then smooths out at hwy. speed. rest of question in previous question. Thanks
When I try to turn the heat on to cool engine down is doesn't work.
My husband thinks the condenser clutch is not working
Feels like its not completely shut but I cant get it to open at all anymore how can I get the hatch to function properly again considering the only way to get to my spare tire is that door please help