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only 34860 miles driven.Is this a wear and tear item or may be faulty. I am out luck for warranty coverage. Warranty expired 8months ago.
I had my Intermediate steering shaft replaced (under warranty) at just over 44K miles, now its making the same noise and they say I need to replace again at 67k miles - a little over two years later - REALLY??
IS this part of the current recall waiting for "fix". My warning light came on so I went to Dealer, they claim it is not related to current recall, but everything I see online points to the recall issue. Diagnosis s...
my airbag light never comes on. I located where on the dash it should appear and the manual says it should come on for 6 seconds when i start the car. should i be concerned?
You can then restart the engine, but you lose control until you get car to side of road. Have already replace o2 sensors, and mechanic can't figure it out. Help, please! Thanks.
I'm told that this would entail removal of the dash board because the "s" shaped tube is very difficult to re-insert. Currently it is draining onto the passenger side floor. A/C is working fine. Drainage is the only p...
I have taken is off to adjust it. I have also taken it to the dealer. They say it is nothing they can do. I am afraid that it will fly off and cause an accident or damage someones car.
when pressing the gas to take off, the engine rise higher then normal,the RPM goes up pass 4 and the car takes a while before it pick up the right speed to change gears. once the car is at idle speed, the rpm occasion...
all wheel drive 2.0 liter
J'ai installé une nouvelle clutch neuve sur ma Rav4 et après avoir tenté de la saignée à plusieurs reprises elle agi minimalement, car je dois écraser ma pédale au plancher pour que je puisse embrayer. De plus, j'ai l...
When driving above 50-55mph, I get a vibration in the driver's seat. This has gone on for some time and I have had the tires balanced, rotated and a mechanic has driven the car. I also had a recall done and the rear s...
toyota rave 4 2012 au ralenti elle degage une fumee blanche une fois tous les 15 joures
A rattling sound brought me to mechanic, he said it is the water pump going bad, cannot be repaired and because of the location, it will cost $900.00. Can you validate the time they are saying it will take to replace...
I was driving and it died or stopped on me and won't start or even turn over
Took vehicle to dealer who took it to garage and they send the check engine light is the Oxygen Sensor, they disengaged the lights. Are these 2 lights connected, they come on together. Thank you.
There is a knock that can be felt under the passenger floor, also through the shifter. This happens more frequent as time goes on but it happens during acceleration, bumps, and when I turn left. Help?
Is it imperative to replace upon finding out of this repair or can it wait a little?
Does this only happen to one side & if told it did, should both sides replaced at the same time?
At what miles does the timing belt need to be replaced? The owner's manual does not indicate when the belt should be replaced.
Last time it went off the cruse acceleration turn off
solve this for me and send the code to me
Did I get screwed and was it necessary? What did they do? I got it done at the Capitol Toyota in Salem Oregon.
A friend had 4 new tires installed by a tire shop and afterward noticed vehicle pulling to the side, and front end noise. Upon inspection, the strut rod and nut had pulled out of the upper mount hole (most likely whe...