it has been burning oil since I got it but now it is losing power when I accelerate. I put oil in it when it was low. I tried a thicker kind now it wont climb hills. no power. too much oil or maybe need oil change? Or what ?

Vehicle does not exhibit any problems since these instrument panel lights came on.

I have a 2002 Toyota Rav4 2WD. manual trans. Recently changing gear has gotten stiff and sometimes the clutch pedal sticks to floor and gradually happening more often (happens more on warmer days). I was told it has to do with the master cylinder? assuming thats the case what would it cost to fix this problem?
thank you

Tie rod ends are by nature wear items, i need one replaced, 3 garages tell me ENTIRE RACK AND PINION MUST BE REPLACED, $2800!, tie rod cannot be replaced by itself, it is integrated into rack. Is this idiotic, or am i idiot for buying the rav4

Actually missing some pieces

It's rainy season here and my car never leaked rain water EVER! Now I felt my foot getting wet and low and behold, its leaking in from both sides of the interior panel near the doors, on both sides! Was there a gasket they may have forgotten to put back?

ac quit blowing cold suddenly, had freon checked-full. what can i check or do to rule out other problems before buying an expensive compressor?

Short absorber front (both)

$8,000.00. Is this a good deal based on age of vehicle?

just bought this rav4 and was driving home over mtn pass.did very well! halfway home the lights started this .. only every 10 minutes or longer between dimming.

Starts, then stalls out. No diagnostic codes, shops says they can't pull codes because computer out.

My truck just stopped running going down the road. A tester was put on it and said thise two sensors were bad. It wont crank

I checked the EFI fuses and relays, but I couldn't hear the fuel pump make any noise when I checked it out. Is this common to happen if you run out of fuel?

engine light on water going out muffler

The CHECK & 4WD lights continue to show while engine is running. A scan displayed the code P0793 with the information "Intrermediate Shaft Speed Censor No Signal." please how do I solve this problem? Is the vehicle in danger?

I cleaned gas fill neck and cap gasket with alcohol. Check engine lite codes P0440, 441, 446.

then a wire burnt out near an ignition and beacause i live in the UAE and american parts are hard to get here im putting off on doing the sensor how ever im having troubles like u cant imagine first of all my car has lost a lot of engine problems but my main concern is that everytime i put the car on N and shift it to D the cars seems to jump as if there is a gear problem then tiptronic gears dont seem to be working everytime i switch to sports the dashboard dont even change from D to 6 5 4 3 2 1 can anyone be off asist

is this a fair price and should the strut and swaybar be changed in pairs ?