Spent $406.62 to repair coolant leak. Was told they replaced intake manifold set due to leaks around gaskets. Car still leaks coolant. Was I ripped off? Where else could the leak be originating?

whene i lock the doors from inside and the engine is running and door is closed and it wont unlock

The abs light just went on. What could be the problem? Can I still drive the car?

Headlights don't work properly dim setting no headlights at all when switch to high have headlights no good for night driving people don't like brights.Justall the sudden started with the no dim headlight thing what is wrong how do I fix.Hope it's not the switch it self.Is there a fuse or relay just for the dim lights?Help me please

excessive use of oil (4 1/2 quarts) after 5000 miles.Found ash deposits on cylinders all 4, scoring on cylinder walls and build up on intake valves. Could this weight oil have caused this damage and enough evidence to prove negligence in service ?oil used regularly 10w-30. recmmended 5-20

was quoted $ 551 need to replace whole assembly...
why can't the dealer just replace the strap...
is this cost in line? what should est cost be?

muffler strap replacement...est. cost $551.00 Toyota dealer said they have to replace the complete muffler etc. just can't replace the strap


My timing belt stripped some teeth and i cant seem to get any info on the positioning of the valves when setting TDC. Which valves should be open and which should be closed? Any helpful hints would be great!!! Thanks.

The rav 4 has about 30,000 miles on it. I noticed a while back that the brake pedal was 'soft', in that after locking the brakes solid I could press the pedal all the way to the floor, as if there's air in the system. The car stops fine and the dealer insists it's not a problem. I checked other models on the lot and no other model does it, but the rav 4's all do. Anyone else notice this???

is it there any problem created if tentioner is loose tight

what does it cost to get the clutch replaced

I am wondering whst the aprox price for a clutch replacemnt woill be

I have been trying to start my car since Saturday and it just wont turn on. It makes a effort to start but it turns right back off. The radio and light turn on. We tried giving the car a jump but that didn't work either. I don't know what to do next.

can i myself use some sort of camical to repair noisy water pump

This is first time I tried adjusting the head lamps, Passenger side head lamp adjustment works fine. As for the thread on the oil plugwearing out from use, was told this by a service consultant at a Toyota dealer. Was also told that they installed a larger plug as a temporary fix. What I want to know is it possible to wear out the thread from over use?

changing rear brakes. anything special needed?

how much does it take in labor hours to change this engine with a used engine from a salvage yard?

just started to to happen a fwe days ago.

Just drove about 8 miles, turned off vehicle, went to an an appointment for an hour, and when I came out my ABS light, VSC, HELP HELP

where is the motor oil pump located?

Lately, my car won't start on cold morning without pressing the gas pedal for about 3 times and keep my foot on gas till the engine warms up before I could drive to normal rpm/idling of 700. It used to start on high rpm of 1500 and gradually goes on normal of 700. What seems to be the problem. I know late model cars has automatic choke or whatever you call it. But when it gets warmed up, the idle seemed to be smooth and normal.

I've already submitted a question concerning the RAV4 overheating - engine light comes on - thermostat was replaced - sensor replaced - gas cap is ok - still overheats. When the thermostat and sensor was replaced - car ran ok for about a week and then wham - engine light back and on and temp gauge shot through the roof - when the thermostat was changed - there was no A/C???? - don't know if it's all related HELP!!!

RAV4 started running hot - radiator was changed - several months later - ran hot again - head gasket replacement recommended but another mechanic found no leaks and said all cylinders were in spec. He changed thermostat and sensor - 2 weeks later - temp light came on again - we're not sure where to turn

Checking to buy used car and just got report back and wondering how much it might cost to repair:
rear shocks leak
front and rear brake hoses
brake hose fittings

I was told I needed struts/shocks both front & rear. Since I know nothing about mechanics just want to make sure.

I tried to lubricate the parts,no help. Sometimes I push hard to make the pedal move. It happens each time I make a stop.befor an intersection.

What should it cost to replace the two belts on my '96 RAV4?

Transmission seems to sometimes slow my car upon driving.

My car won't start, it tries, it gets spark, and gas. but just won't start. Someone said it could be the coil, is this posible