Had the oil changed last weekend & they said I needed a new air filter but they didn't have them in stock. The next weekend the A/T oil temp light came on just as the car stalled. it starts back up easily but keeps stalling out. I replaced the air filter and added fuel injector cleaner but same problem. The mechanic couldn't figure out the problem but thought it might be anti-theft device. Any suggestions?

What causes the a/c light to blink and a/c to stop working?

sould front and rear brake pads be replaced at the same time ?

How much for struts/installation 2001 RAV4 plus allignment?

My 2002 Rav 4wd 5speed 99,000 plus miles. just had clutch, rear wheel bearings replaced. Cruise control won't engage anymore. The cruise light blinks continually every 20 seconds or so. My mechanic problem shooting did not correct. Says I need to have Toyota run a diagnostic. Anybody have solution?

Recently replaced front rotors on my RAV4 only had 18850 miles on it thought this was to early for this to occur has anyone experienced this problem and if so what was your mileage when you had this repair done

where is the location of fuel filter

how to adjust my idle when get hot the idle is too low

Daylight running lights stayed on when car was turned off and it drained the battery. Need to take out steering column to find faulty switch?

97 Rav 4, it cranks but won't start. Doesn't seem like a fuel issue. It had been leaking oil bad, I did the oil pump housing gasket, o-ring, crank seal, timing belt and tensioners, water pump, and spark plugs. It was running fine except for a minor vacuum leak thats not an issue once it warms up. It would stall if I let it idle. Been running great for a week now but yesterday started idling rough, no loss of power when moving though. Shut it off at a restaurant and won't start up again. Cranks but won't start.

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how hard is it to change the master cylinder? Its pretty pricy to have a mechanic do it, but i'm not super car handy myself, any ideas?

hi my 2007 rav4 will not hold a charge of freon for ac i tried late last year it came right back out is there a way to tell if its the lines or the condenser that is leaking

hi i own i 2007 toyota rave 4 base model 4 cylinder 4 wheel drive 94.000 its time to replace the water pump not leaking but its time is that a hard thing to do can i get it fr under car take timing chain cover off and put in new pump

Manual trans, 85000 km (60000 mi), prob with speedometer since March 2010, still not fixed: speed sensor outside the transmission was changed but now it looks like they have a gear to change inside the trans, $2400 to fix.I'm wondering if that is the beginning of more problems. Spent $5300 in last 3 years (bearings, brakes, suspension coil, etc).

Spent $406.62 to repair coolant leak. Was told they replaced intake manifold set due to leaks around gaskets. Car still leaks coolant. Was I ripped off? Where else could the leak be originating?

whene i lock the doors from inside and the engine is running and door is closed and it wont unlock

The abs light just went on. What could be the problem? Can I still drive the car?

Headlights don't work properly dim setting no headlights at all when switch to high have headlights no good for night driving people don't like brights.Justall the sudden started with the no dim headlight thing what is wrong how do I fix.Hope it's not the switch it self.Is there a fuse or relay just for the dim lights?Help me please

excessive use of oil (4 1/2 quarts) after 5000 miles.Found ash deposits on cylinders all 4, scoring on cylinder walls and build up on intake valves. Could this weight oil have caused this damage and enough evidence to prove negligence in service ?oil used regularly 10w-30. recmmended 5-20

was quoted $ 551 need to replace whole assembly...
why can't the dealer just replace the strap...
is this cost in line? what should est cost be?

muffler strap replacement...est. cost $551.00 Toyota dealer said they have to replace the complete muffler etc. just can't replace the strap


My timing belt stripped some teeth and i cant seem to get any info on the positioning of the valves when setting TDC. Which valves should be open and which should be closed? Any helpful hints would be great!!! Thanks.

The rav 4 has about 30,000 miles on it. I noticed a while back that the brake pedal was 'soft', in that after locking the brakes solid I could press the pedal all the way to the floor, as if there's air in the system. The car stops fine and the dealer insists it's not a problem. I checked other models on the lot and no other model does it, but the rav 4's all do. Anyone else notice this???

is it there any problem created if tentioner is loose tight

what does it cost to get the clutch replaced

I am wondering whst the aprox price for a clutch replacemnt woill be

I have been trying to start my car since Saturday and it just wont turn on. It makes a effort to start but it turns right back off. The radio and light turn on. We tried giving the car a jump but that didn't work either. I don't know what to do next.

can i myself use some sort of camical to repair noisy water pump