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diagnostic code p1155A/f senor heated circut malfunction
Everytime i changed gear the motor started racing and finaly my car died on the katy freeway, I was told that the cluctch gave out and should be replaced, what would be a fair price to repair, I already had it done as...
i broke down all the stuff necessary to get to the cv joint. i got to take it out and it feels as though it is stuck or there is a clip or clamp of some sort. is there?
I have a 2000 toyota Rav 4 my brake lights don't work i checked the fuse and light balbs they where both good the tail lights work but no brake lights
where might water be leaking from after a good rain and end up on the driver's side floor?
Is it amy idle air motor? I have 110,000 miles, but no lights have come on with codes on the dashboard for it.
the car at low speeds around town, after stopping and then accelerating to go it acts like it wants to stall. It hesitates. Had injectors and the throttle body cleaned. Changed the plugs. Cleaned the IAC valve but pro...
Brake lights will not work, bulbs are not out. Apparently have broken wire. Need a wiring diagram to check and find the problem. Please help
I was just given an estimate of $900.00 for alternator/defective diode & battery replacement. Is this cost too high? Thanks
Besides the three screws which hold the assembly into place, what else must be unscrewed, or removed to replace/install the headlight assembly's on an 08 rav4?
Brought RAV4 into dealer and no problem. Now they say front strut is failing after 45,000 miles and making noise. When would a front strut normally fail?
the engine runs rough or even dies at low speeds like around town driving. Usally when cold. had fuel injection flushed and throttle body serviced by Toyota. Changed the plugs, but still is doing the same thing. I be...
there's 360,000 miles on my RAV. it runs hot every so often. radiator has been replaced, temp sending unit has been replaced, themostat, radiator cap. the temp gauge moves steady up to the red zone and can just as q...
Hi, I just bought this rav4 last week with about 160k mileage. the mechanic said the engine is fine on inspection, although he noticed spanner marks on the topmost part of the engine. anyways we got it serviced 2 days...
The dealer said it only has a running belt and it looks like new to me. I don't want to replace it if not necessary.
how to replace
Low oil pressure light is coming on 1 or 2 minutes after starting car and staying on. The lio has been change, the level is good.
My 2002 rav wont stay at idle and stalls out if i take my foot off the gas. when i do press the gas its fine and drives great but if i come to a red light and let off the gas it stalls.
Why are my springs cracked at only 68000 miles? I'm not a hard driver. Was there ever any recall on this type of problem for my car's year?
I drove my car for 2 yrs now I have problem The engine is too loud?it has 150,000miles
I recently purchased a 2006 Rav 4. The dealer tells me that it is normal to have a lot of travel in the brake pedal. When stopped at a traffic light, with steady pressure on the pedal, the pedal goes so far that you c...
How do you remove the alternator. Thanks
is there a special procedure that should be followed to do a trans oil and filter change?
Got all connetions loose,belt off, removed upper screw. what else needs to be done to remove?
2007 Rav4, 42,000 needs brake pads first time and rotors because there is rust on them? Does this seem reasonable?
There is a grinding ans shimmy feeling when breaking Replaced breaks and it is still there pass. side
how difficult is it to replace the engine control module on a 2003 toyota rav4?