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the back door handle doesn't work, can't open the back door

ABS,ESP warning light on

tried flushing the passages of the EGR module, EGR valve and throttle body with carbon cleaner. no cracks in hoses. diagnostic tester shows: "too little flow on EGR system". light came on about 1.5 year ago & started using better gas & light was intermittent about 2 weeks, then went away. now it's back & stays on.

My toyota 04 Rav4 is 90,000 miles out and due for a new timing belt. Was curious as to what the cost might be.

never any problem with this vehicle, till my lady started it this evening after it sat outside in the sxun most of the day.
the pin out showing on my scan tool stated, E1 to D1 jump from the underhood diagnostic box..

Is the ABS light going to blink on the dash after installing the jumper wire ?
What would be the codes for a sensor failure ?

The repair shop is puzzled. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

cambiamos el rele por uno nuevo y lo quemo volvimos a cambiar y quemo de nuevo dice que tengo que cambiar la pumo abs sera cierto

I have a 2001 Toyota Rav 4 that needs an O2 sensor. It is an all whell drive and I understand there are four different kinds. How much should this repair cost me in parts and labor? Thank you. John

Can not remove front lower control arm rear vertical bolt 14mm x 100mm Try knocking it out used pentrating oil no help

Bought my car secondhand in April last year.
Have had no problems. Until yesterday. After doing some errands, got back to the car 2 hours later and went to start it and it would not start.
The lock, lights, windows etc still works but it would not start (the dash board lights did not and my button to open the car was acting up).Upon lifting the hood, the fans were running and when I checked the temperature gauge it went past HOT. But when I took the key out of the ignitiion it went back to zero. Had a friend look it over and he checked everything. The batteries were good, fuse etc. Even jump started it but it was irregular and did not would not charge.
In the end had to get it towed. Is it the computer or what?
PS. I am from Dandenong Victoria in Australia

I've noticed the carpet on the passenger side is drenched with water. I'm assuming it cam efrom the Air conditioner. Any ideas on how to check and fix it? thank you.

happened yesterday not able to drive the rav4

Ran fine shut off now want start.will start with either runs just a second

My car only has 47000 miles and is just 5 years old. But my dealer says the water pump leaks and needs replacing. Also recommends a new battery. I've never had to do this for a car this new. Is this normal for a Rav4?

gas shocks leaking

When changing tires we need to know the torque .

Can you instruct me how to gain access to change a light bulb on my dash board. The fan control knob light apparently has burned out and I see no easy way to replace it.

Sunvisor on driver side keep falling down, it would not stay up and I can't find a adjusting srew like on older cars

intermittent rattle,,,can happen when lifting off accelerator at medium or any speed,(its there), or when depressing or releasing the clutch pedal. Maybe clutch,,yet no slip thats noticable and still lots of travel. Thrust bearing I thought and yet doesn't whine,,,sounds like something may be loose?? Will this cost my nursey girlfriend an arm and a leg,,she needs her car and lovely as rav is shes done 80K about and ain't worth a bucket load of money. What to do?

Yes I submitted a Question on 05/14/11 I just had my brakes done a few months ago quess my question is is it possible for a brake pedal to squeak If so how do you fix it

Will a 1996 Toyota Camry Starter work in a 2000 Rav4? Is it long enough?
The Beginning...
I was told I needed a starter. Took it to the repair shop only to have the manager steal it and abandon vehicle elsewhere.
The starter was replaced with a used 1996 Toyota Camry Starter. The original starter was tested and they said it was fine but the solenoid bad. Then replaced a relay fuse(?)Now my concern is that he totally ruined my car engine or who knows what.The fuse cover was off for what reason I have no clue. Other than that my passenger window wont repond either.
It clicks and started twice but now nothing. The battery has already been tested too.
Any idea what else to look for?

pedal squeaks when release

My 2000 rav4 needs a new starter. How do I remove and install a new one?

The car has a knocking noise in the front of the motor and when the car is warmed up it goes away. Is this in the timing or one of the pumps?

timing belt replacement

What is the typical cost to replace the rear window in a Rav4?

i have some slop in my steering usualy when i hit a bump .checked tie ri\od ends they are good .with the car jacked up i tried to turn the wheel and felt about 1/2 inch movement in the wheel . i wondered if there was any adjustment in the rack or pinion.


I've got a clunking sound in the front. The struts seem to be working fine, no leaks visible either. But the dealer wants to replace the struts and insulators. This is very expensive. Does it sound reasonable? I was expecting to hear that the sound was from bushings. What's a good ballpark figure to replace the struts?

My one-owner auto has over 200,000 miles, but it runs perfectly. I would like to repair some minor cosmetic malfunctions such as the interior overhead light which is loose.