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My problem started about two weeks ago and happens less when the temperature is cooler. It does have an acceleration problem after I shift gears and I have been told I need a new clutch by friends.
I've noticed my rav4 is consuming oil about 1 quart every 5000 miles. I cannot find any leaks around the engine. Is this normal? I have 45,000 miles on the car, would this still be under warranty? If i have it che...
Where are the spark plugs located on above vehicle? My e-mail is
There is a long electrical harness that runs from the driver side, around the front of the hood, and through the passenger side wheel well. This was severed when a tire tread tore off the wheel well dust cover and th...
It happened one time,i just turned off the engine while im waiting for my daughter's school camp then when the time i turned the engine on it doesnt start,battery ok,enough gas and only 30,000 miles on it. i keep pump...
The left front wheel when turned fully is rubbing the inside of the tire on an undercarriage component. Is there a steering limit adjustment or an adjustment to the steering stops on the front end (rack and pinion) a...
how does the inner axle come out of dirrerential
One of the children my wife is a nanny for was amused by pulling out the seatbelt and letting it snap back into the roof of the car. Today, he pulled it out (not all the way), and it will no longer retract. Any sugges...
twice now, 1 week apart, we had the "check engine light, anti skid light and the VSC light come on all at once. What does this mean?
is it necessary to change the timing belt prior to it braking and do I need to change the water pump at the same time. my quote 780.00
The rear axle broke while driving. How much to fix? Is it worth repairing, car has 68000 miles?
hole in muffler area was plugged. Was told need to replace all catalytic converter area by February 2011.
What is schedule for replacing timing belt on 2003 Rav
I noticed over the past week or so that while running the air seems to be colder than normal and even with the AC off, it seemed to be putting out AC air. This morning the fan did not run. I discovered the coolant was...
The diagnosis determined check engine light was due to 2nd gear drive train solenoid. Where can I get this problem fixed and how much will it cost?
I had the front and back brakes changed at Just Brakes, the front was fine but the back brakes made a noise each time I braked. I took the car to another mechanic and now the brakes grab and squeal. Help me
There were 3 warning signs on the car, the check engine, skid warning and VSC. It just all happened at one time without being driven for 2 weeks. No problems with last drive of 200+ miles. Only has 52,000 miles on car.
How do I know that my front strut needs to be replaced? I have 156k miles on my rav4
Fog lamp lens broken by road hazard
When driving my vehicle and making a turn I hear/feel a grinding noise. The dealership says I need my steering shaft replaced but the vehilce is safe to drive, just the noise will get louder. What is involved in corre...
Please i have been trying to find a solution for my rav4 for a week. When you raise the engine, it does not receive fire some where near 3000rpm. due to this, you cant reach high speed. When we used the diagnostics it...
p1155 a/f senor heater circuit malfuncion
diagnostic code p1155A/f senor heated circut malfunction
Everytime i changed gear the motor started racing and finaly my car died on the katy freeway, I was told that the cluctch gave out and should be replaced, what would be a fair price to repair, I already had it done as...
i broke down all the stuff necessary to get to the cv joint. i got to take it out and it feels as though it is stuck or there is a clip or clamp of some sort. is there?
I have a 2000 toyota Rav 4 my brake lights don't work i checked the fuse and light balbs they where both good the tail lights work but no brake lights
where might water be leaking from after a good rain and end up on the driver's side floor?
Is it amy idle air motor? I have 110,000 miles, but no lights have come on with codes on the dashboard for it.