Reapair cruise control (does not work at all)and seat belt sensor (blinks even with seat belt hooked up).

its an automatic transmission

I can hear the switch making from the drivers main control but the switch on the actual door does nothing. how easy is it to change switches?

Have been hearing rear end "whining" sound for about 3 weeks, took in for front rotors, mechanic commented on the noise without me telling him. I had a bad feeling about the rear end possibly going out...now concerned about the cost to fix. Any ideas? They said my back wheels could lock up...it's a 4X4 Rav 4. E-mail schilesmom@aol.com

i have never owned a junk engine until 2011.the sound only get worse every time i crank it in the morning.

illuminated and no cruise control.

my car makes a scratching noise when I turn my wheel to the right, what would it most likely be and how much should it cost to get fixed

What will it cost to fix my AC? The AC light is blinking and it is blowing out warm air.

Lines travel from this box to the rear as well as to the front and center underside of the vehicle into some unit positioned there. I badly cracked the black plastic box that houses the filter on the outside edge of the underside of the car below the driver door when jacking the vehicle. Can you give me a name for that part so I can buy a replacement?

expect to pay.

The smell is in the engine compartment and the intererior of the car.

AC compressor just blew the other day after showing high pressure in the line. Had begin to experience car shutting off at lights right before it happened. Car will restart only if it is allowed to be off for a while. Battery light comes on. Last night, rear light stayed on even though car was off. Had to remove the lightbulb to turn off and noticed was very hot. Seems like electrical issue? I dont know if the all incidents are related.

the power for the lights, radio and now air conditioning have "dimmed"

was cleaning the battery cable and the cable broke the cable box, trying to find out what the cost will be.

the back door handle doesn't work, can't open the back door

ABS,ESP warning light on

tried flushing the passages of the EGR module, EGR valve and throttle body with carbon cleaner. no cracks in hoses. diagnostic tester shows: "too little flow on EGR system". light came on about 1.5 year ago & started using better gas & light was intermittent about 2 weeks, then went away. now it's back & stays on.

My toyota 04 Rav4 is 90,000 miles out and due for a new timing belt. Was curious as to what the cost might be.

never any problem with this vehicle, till my lady started it this evening after it sat outside in the sxun most of the day.
the pin out showing on my scan tool stated, E1 to D1 jump from the underhood diagnostic box..

Is the ABS light going to blink on the dash after installing the jumper wire ?
What would be the codes for a sensor failure ?

The repair shop is puzzled. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

cambiamos el rele por uno nuevo y lo quemo volvimos a cambiar y quemo de nuevo dice que tengo que cambiar la pumo abs sera cierto

I have a 2001 Toyota Rav 4 that needs an O2 sensor. It is an all whell drive and I understand there are four different kinds. How much should this repair cost me in parts and labor? Thank you. John

Can not remove front lower control arm rear vertical bolt 14mm x 100mm Try knocking it out used pentrating oil no help

Bought my car secondhand in April last year.
Have had no problems. Until yesterday. After doing some errands, got back to the car 2 hours later and went to start it and it would not start.
The lock, lights, windows etc still works but it would not start (the dash board lights did not and my button to open the car was acting up).Upon lifting the hood, the fans were running and when I checked the temperature gauge it went past HOT. But when I took the key out of the ignitiion it went back to zero. Had a friend look it over and he checked everything. The batteries were good, fuse etc. Even jump started it but it was irregular and did not would not charge.
In the end had to get it towed. Is it the computer or what?
PS. I am from Dandenong Victoria in Australia

I've noticed the carpet on the passenger side is drenched with water. I'm assuming it cam efrom the Air conditioner. Any ideas on how to check and fix it? thank you.

happened yesterday not able to drive the rav4

Ran fine shut off now want start.will start with either runs just a second

My car only has 47000 miles and is just 5 years old. But my dealer says the water pump leaks and needs replacing. Also recommends a new battery. I've never had to do this for a car this new. Is this normal for a Rav4?

gas shocks leaking

When changing tires we need to know the torque .