worked fine, but the next morning when i started idling was very low and engine cut off, but if i keep my foot on the exeleration pedal for a 10 seconds then it starts to idle fine


When I start my 1997 rav4 up after it's been off for an hour or overnight and it makes a ticking/knocking noise. But it goes away after a few seconds and it drives very smooth, and engine sound great. Even when sitting or at stop lights it sounds good, just the first few seconds of starting it up sounds bad.

It started 4 months ago. Bought a new battery and still have issues. Now my wipers front and back don't work.

diagnostic tests and says it's the catalyic converter. How do I know he is being honest?

When turning on the heater there was a very loud noise all the time. Finally the heater stopped working all together. the AC light turns on when you switch the heater on but no air is blowing. Would this be a fuse problem? Also, where is the heater/air conditioner fan located?

P to R is rough and feels like i have to force it. then N to D is ok. the car drives fine. the car has 80,000 mi on it.

2700 mi on my 2011 RAV4 I've had for 6 wks & wheel wells somewhat packed w/ ice from wkend hwy slush, even after being in attached garage for 24+ hrs. Pulled onto interstate & steering wheel began shimmeying like out-of-align. By 75-80 mph, engine began 2 lag, "4WD Off" lt came on, performance got worse & CEL came on. Pulled off road, idled poorly but had to keep warm waiting 45 min 4 tow truck. Toyota Dealer sd "no DTC" & "no problems" when they test drove it 3X/day for 4 days. How is this possible?

would like to change my fuel filter myself

What are the steps?

opened my cargo door today (8 above zero) to put groceries in and now the door wont shut. latch will not latch.

My 2002 Rav4 D4D struggles to start after it has been sat over night, it starts eventually after 4 or five tries. Once it starts and warms up the problem disappears until it cools again. Whilst driving it struggles to pick up speed anything above 35/40 mph. Had the EGR valve removed and cleaned twice recently. OBD11 metere brings up fault P0627- fuel pump control circuit / open. Cleared code in case it was an old stored uncleared code but no change comes back with same. Also changed glow plugs recently.

After we had a dealership install a new timing belt and water pump our RAV4 seems to have lost a noticeable amount of power. It was capable of going up a nearby hill in 5th gear (manual transmission) prior to the new timing belt but now needs to be downshifted to 4th to maintain speed. Kinds feels like the timing is retarded somewhat. The dealer says everything is ok and the car actually feels stronger than before.....but my wife and I know the car and can feel the power loss on the hill test. What could it be?

Many thanks.

please list step by step procedure

I first noticed that it was a little hard to ship into certain gears. I thought there might be problems in the future. Well, that's now. I drove to meet w/some friends, no problem. But then when I got out on the street the car wouldn't go into second. I had to reve it up to keep from being rear ended. Second is shot. I had some luck with third taking backstreets home. I don't think fourth is there either. Do I need a whole new transmission. How much do they cost. I'm an ajunct teacher barely making it as it is!

It gets to second gear smoothly but doesn't shift to higher gear; instead it hums and the revs meter reads high. Ofcourse, its speed doesn't pick thereafter

I want to change the spark plugs and need location and some instructions

My wind shield wiper fluid won't come out front or rear. I don't hear the wiper moter.

want to know if is too hard change shocks what tools do i need?

Died on me today.Started once I gunned it.Now,won't stay started. Lights etc function.Current on oil changes no engine lights coming on except oil light stays on a little long when you first start but goes off w/in a few secs..been running kinda rough lately..stalled a couple of times now it won't stay running at all if you take foot off the gas. Any idea? Please, help!!!

Usually after having stopped at a signal stop,whenever i try to take hitting the gas pedal, it seems that my car hesitates, a few hick ups and than takes off suddenly. As if it has something to do with the gas pedal or fuel injection. Sometimes i feel like the oncoming car would take me along which keeps me worried.

I have replaced coil packs 5 times. It seems to be the same one each time. What is the underlying problem?

I was told by my dealership that I needed to replace the back-up switch assembly on my 2004 (manual) RAV4. I have the part (it looks like a spark plug) and appears easy enough to install, but I have no idea where it is located on the car. Any idea?

Looks like alot of item have be removed

The regular maintenance on my Toyota includes an oil change and tire rotation, but it doesn't seem that a lube is done. Is this necessary? If it is done, what exactly is lubricated?

The vehicle has around 50k miles on it. I have owned the vehicle about 4 years now, but since about past 4-5 weeks I started hearing a loud, high pitched rattling noise from the dashboard area while accelerating. The noise starts after driving for about 5-10 minutes and at speeds greater than 40mph or so. The noise seems to fade out if I apply break and reduce the speed (if I take my foot off the accelerator). I took the vehicle to oil change today, the mechanic said the water pump is leaking and it needs replacement and quoted me $375. Do you think the noise could be due to water pump leak? Thanks in advance!

its seems to be worse in cold weather

What should we do next?

I got overheat due to the cooller was dirty with mud we have been increassing water all the time, so we drive a car on the safe place for 100 km due to the night time,and on next day we put water also tried to change a breech gasket but on sump inferior we found oil mixed with water.
Started and the engine run for 10 min without problem,checked oil again still have water(just tried start). so my question what happen and what can i do? may be the breech is damaged or all of the engine must be changed.
Thanks a lot and regards,

I changed the heater blower motor and it worked for a year and then quit again I was told I need to change the blower motor resistor but I cannot locate it