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Either the battery is bad or the alternator needs replaced.
1994 toyota paseo ,, location of fuel filter, instructions on how to change the filter that an old lady can follow
My car wont start. I have done everything but change the starter solenoid. I went and had the starter itself checked and I was told at the shop that that starter was fine. The car wont even crank.
I just purchased car the previous owner had just replaced the head due to blown head gasket, had the car less than a week, now it has a knocking noise sound coming from under neath valve cover area, I removed the valv...
I have replace them and they keep blowing out what wood the problem be
Leaks all the time. I add a quart around every 100 miles or less.
every time I put into drive it runs smooth when I'm driving it's when I come to a stop or first put it into drive
fuel pump relay located on a 1991 toyota paseo?
Problem occurs in reverse also, doesn't seem to be engaging the gearbox well. Feels like its slipping. car has not been serviced for a long time though.. does the gear box need a complete overall or is it another pro...
When accelerating through any gear the motor completely shuts down for a split second without warning then runs fine again. It is so quick that all you feel is a extreme thump. Please help,
The passenger side (front),the botton of tire base is turnd inward
What do I check for when engine cooling fan stops working?
Could it be speed sensors? If so, where are they located If speedometer isnt working.This is on a 1992 Toyota paseo,Automatic.
200,000 miles on 1992 toyota paseo,what is recommended fluid for transaxle
Is it possible to replace a automatic transaxle on a 1997 Toyota paseo? I get the shakes real bad at about 35 and up. It bounces on acceleration on highway coming from the passenger side. I have replaced all 3 motor m...
this happens while driving at freeway speeds, also while driving 25 ~ 60mph
rpm. have replaced o2 sensor,map sensor and air temp sensor(which is still reading -48 deg). any suggestions?
I drive a few city streets and then jump onto the highway when going to work every morning. When I finally hit the highway, it will switch from the highest gear to the next lowest gear, making my engine rev higher th...
my 94 toyota paseo wont pass smog because the idle is at 2000., how would i fix that? and is it worth it? otherwise its a good car.
Can I replace just the steering wheel or do I have to replace the whole steering column? Thanks for your response!