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200,000 miles on 1992 toyota paseo,what is recommended fluid for transaxle
Idle speed decrease to around 500RPM then cut off after drive around 10 miles. Wanted to remove to check EGR valve but I could not remove one nut that I copuld not reach with any normal handtool. Any suggestion? Did I...
Is it possible to replace a automatic transaxle on a 1997 Toyota paseo? I get the shakes real bad at about 35 and up. It bounces on acceleration on highway coming from the passenger side. I have replaced all 3 motor m...
firstly i was driving and the engine just cut out , after some fault finding i reaslised the noise suppreer had failed i replaced the coil and dissy cay. now the car wont crant and keeps blowing the 50amp fuser werr...
it is difficult to get too.
this happens while driving at freeway speeds, also while driving 25 ~ 60mph
Guys Please Please help I needed to replace my piston rings after 480000ks but i for the life of me can not remember which way the L marking was facing on top of them is it meant to face towards the oil filter or the ...
rpm. have replaced o2 sensor,map sensor and air temp sensor(which is still reading -48 deg). any suggestions?
Im pulling the ac out cause I don't use it how do you get the evaporator out I got the dash out and all the visible screws and bolts but it wont budge any ideas?
how much would it cost to repair a speedometer? mine is froze where it wont inform me of the speed im traveling and how many miles i have driven
I drive a few city streets and then jump onto the highway when going to work every morning. When I finally hit the highway, it will switch from the highest gear to the next lowest gear, making my engine rev higher th...
my 94 toyota paseo wont pass smog because the idle is at 2000., how would i fix that? and is it worth it? otherwise its a good car.
Can I replace just the steering wheel or do I have to replace the whole steering column? Thanks for your response!
Airbag in steering wheel has deployed and 'seatbelt' and 'check engine' lights are on. do i change steering wheel only or the whole column?
on cold start it is about 2000 rpm and warmed up 1500 it's récently appear
recently replaced 02 sensor and idle air control valve also did tuneup before this now car idles at 800-1000 rpms but it is rough whats wrong?
i need to know how to get the top end alignment diagram for a 92 paseo 4 cylinder that i think skipped time
The motor in the heater still blows but the air does not get warm. What could be causing this problem and how can I fix it
Please tell me the firing order of this car
the water jacket is leaking how do i fix it
Does the "check engine" light illuminate when the spark plugs need replacing? And how do you repalce the spark plugs?
The car starts ok, but then loses battery power and shuts off. then the car will nogt restart, have to wait hours to be able to start again, then it shuts off again.
My car is turning over, getting gas and all my spark plugs have fire, but it will not start. What else can I do or try to figure out my problem?
at low rpm the engine has a rattle in the top,valves?? when it rattles it puts out a whiteish blue smoke
Engine goes into red zone and wispy vapor starts to come out from under hood. If this is "water pump needs replacing, what is average cost of repair?
im not sure if its the ball bearing or not but whenever i turn it gets louder.
I put the car in reverse, backed out of my driveway, put the car in 1st, drove down the road, shifted into second, then came to a stop sign. When I tried to shift back into first, the transmission was stuck in second...
How do I change and what do I take off to do the clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing?