How many quarts of oil during an oil change for 1997 Toyota paseo

When I drive the car it has no power taking off, and when I stop the car it wants to stall out

Evey time turn the AC on the car starts making a strange whooping sound like a siren. It does it randomly every time I turn the AC on.

Some jerk tried to steal my car last night and then either gotten something stuck in the ignition or broke the ignition, and now I can't turn the key in the ignition. I need to know how to replace the ignition or bypass it for now

Either the battery is bad or the alternator needs replaced.

Car runs then begins to skip engine very cold after warm still skips then won't crank at all next day starts and same thing check plugs and they have weak fire -could be inj you think -or more chance it's coil or electrical-does coil and inj have a fuse,seems that 2 plugs are wet with gas and 2 others are dry, like 2 are wet from no fire and gets gas or2dry from no gas but plug fire's-inj or coil what is it? Thank you -ps where is scanner port located -can U help?

I just had my timing belt and tensioner replaced, fuel injectors cleaned and major tune up. It is idling at 1000-1100.It was at 500 before.I want to do it myself, need info on it.

1994 toyota paseo ,, location of fuel filter,
instructions on how to change the filter
that an old lady can follow

It happens more often lately. I'm not sure what it could be. It seems to be coming from under the hood and it lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds at a time. It gets louder going uphill.

My car wont start. I have done everything but change the starter solenoid. I went and had the starter itself checked and I was told at the shop that that starter was fine. The car wont even crank.

I just purchased car the previous owner had just replaced the head due to blown head gasket, had the car less than a week, now it has a knocking noise sound coming from under neath valve cover area, I removed the valve cover and pulled out a piece of the old pcv valve. it still made the knocking sound what do I check next before tearing into the engine .

I have replace them and they keep blowing out what wood the problem be

Leaks all the time. I add a quart around every 100 miles or less.

every time I put into drive it runs smooth when I'm driving it's when I come to a stop or first put it into drive



fuel pump relay located on a 1991 toyota paseo?

it doesn't do it all the time but when it does it does it only in first gear around 2000 rpm and some times second gear