canister...does anyone have any info on whether they are possibly 77500miles I am thinking it is far too early for these problems with a toyota

after driving for lets say 10 min the transmission starts slipping on take of i changed the atf and filter and did a scan and shows bad speed sensor so i changed it scanned again and no error codes but the transmission still slips does gear slip shows on scan tool? and what could be the problem

hi i have a 2004 daihatsu sirion with 1.3 turbo engine and a tiptronic gear when i push the car hard the transmission gives wrong gears and the speedometer moves all over the place as soon as i let of the peddle the car downshifts real hard and slips gears please help

When I turn car off it will sometimes blow hot air.

Started to hear the nose 2 weeks ago and it is always a bit to winey now an it is only in gear and going forward.
It most noticeable at lower speeds 10 to 25 mils hr.. Trans fluid is fine and shifts well..

1 side all worn the other 90% okay. At the same time no problem with the right rear pads other than a slight angled wear on both sides. Changed pads and within 2 years needed replacement again. Rear pads need replacing twice for every one time in front. currently at 60k km.

How can I fix this problem

Mostly when I am starting out, getting out of my parking deck, or starting out, going 20-35 miles per hour. Not just when going over bumps. Between a knocking and a rattle.

Oil leak is tough to locate as it is blown all over. the car has 140k on it and runs great but this leak is getting serious to the point of fire. It is not coming from the valve cover. Anyone else experience this?

car will not pass emissions. Had sensor replaced one year ago. auto mechanics stated water was in the bottom of the car.

replace dome fuse, still does not work, all warning lights
lights up if key is on

dial will only advance from face/feet position, to just left of feet only position, the stops. which precludes any defroster usage. what is wrong?

it doesn't do it all the time, it has only done it maybe 5 or 6 times

running along on highway, car was running fine, started slowing down & just died. Heard slight ticking sound.

Where are the oxygen bank 1 and bank 2 sensors located in a 04 Toyota matrix?

With my manual heating system selected to high heat, fan on, and air directed to the windscreen, I only get heat on the drivers side. When I select the air to flow through the dash and to the floor, I ony get heat through the extreme left vent. At no time can i get heat to the left side of the car, what could be my problem?

I was told to get my engine replaced every 5 years.
I also had to get a valve adjustment.
Are these necessary?

Checked battery and cables all ok. Only thing electrical that works is cigarette lighter and security light flashes.

on my own. I have been told it will cost 450-850 to change a 35-40$ bearing. I need a honest person for help instead of paying out an extra $25-$40 for a manual. I wish the ones who say they are cert. mechcanics that cant answer a ? would get a life instead of wasting a mans time. Let me know how I can reach you? It will be a great help. Thanks for your time!

all wheel drive with ABS and how to repair

When I turn to the right I hear a sloshing sound The passinger floor mat is wet in the upper left side and the car has condensation in side.

when i turn the ac on high, the car knocks really loud, but if you turn the ac off the knocking goes away, but then returns within seconds but it's not as loud. this is driving me nuts, sounds like something is loose, and it's not the motor because i just put a new motor in the car 2 months ago.

right side door mirror

which sensor ?

A-C not blowing icy cold air but rather fluctuating from "cool" to "warm" depending upon rate of speed. Warm air only when idling, cooler air when cruising between 55-80 MPH, but steadily-fluctuating between cool-warm. Engine emits loud noise when started for first time/daily, but usually ONLY emits it once upon initial start-up, and during hot weather--above 80 degrees-F.
Technician recently determined HVAC system had too much freon, thus evacuated excess, thereafter--loud noise began emitting from engine compartment upon initial ignition during hottest part of day (West Texas).

My normal dashboard illumination is quite bright enough. The LCD display is hard to see in bright sunlight. The lights in the radio display do come on but are very dim even at night.
Any help is appreciated

Which would be the best place to get service, dealership service or independent mechanic?

i have a standard matrix 03 and yesterday i was going to the store when in gear and taking of im giving it gas and it stall like if it running out of gas hasn't done car has hit 10,0000 on the dot do i need a good service on it!

A/C is blowing cold then warm. I charged the system but the fan is making a louder than normal sound now. I do not know what it may be. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have noticed the Idle is below 1000RPM / around 850 to 900 RPM. Could this be do to a dirty Idle control valve and have recently read that it can be cleaned with a spray cleaner. Where exactly is it located and do you have any pictures of a step by step to do this ?