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please checking procedure

there is no power in EFI fuse

is it on gearbox ?

The noise got louder when we accelerated. We drove the car home slowly, and parked it. When we checked the sparkplugs, we found that one had detonated within the third socket, and it drove part of the sparkplug into the wire. We replaced all 6 spark plugs, as well as the plug wires. Just to play it safe, we vacuumed the cylinder to get any of the ceramic out. Started the car and the noise was still there. Checked the Haynes manual and it looks to be the pistons. Tried to start the car recently to have someone hear it and now it won't start at all. Do you think it could be the piston springs? There has to be a reason for the spark plug to detonate. Prior to all this, we had to replace our radiator and hoses as the radiator cracked in the upper tank. That was replaced along with the thermostat to play it safe.

On a 1999 Land Cruiser can the IAC be successfully cleaned or should I replace it?

1989 Toyota land cruiser

i own a 1989 toyota landcruiser diesel

Does the 1999 Land Cruiser have a fuel pump access panel under the 2nd row seat carpet?

All dashboard lights blink together when I hit a pot hole or accelerate what would be the cause

I have checked all the loose wires thought would be the cause but no avail also changed the timing belts plus all the engine belts but still not please infom me what would be the cause

1992 toyota land cruiser need the ft lb torque specs 4.0 6 cylinder.

hello sir iam khadar ower work shop one complint chain timing mark arese i have set to new mark but no start many time setting what.s problem plese full timing diyagram plese inlet Ex cam mark crank crank balence shaft mark plese iam witining your answer sir on life critical me sir

I recently had my power steering pump replaced, however, my truck is still leaking power steering fluid. Why?

Please provide your recommendations based on studies or surveys...and why?

My sunroof drain holes were cloged so the computer (Nav system) got wet. The nav system works sometimes , but the display is stuck on milage screan,the radio works but it wont display the channel, the buttons that control nav and heat and air will not work. I have a fan on the computer now trying to dry. Any seggestions

is something i can do or do i need to take to a shop?

or should i take to a shop and pay to much

what can i do aboiut a rear seal leak?

my temperature gage is not moving very much but the car get warm what can be the problem?

i notice a little wetness near the front passeger tire

the window wont go up or down what is the problem?

i can hear the motor but it wont go back and forth why is that?

th once its gets alittle cold outside i have to pull the window up while driving what can i do about it.

after i finish to change the head cylinder gasket

I don't see the alternator when looking at the engine.

Say that while attempting to jump start my 05 v8 lc the terminals crossed and it went pop. Checked for blown fuses. which there were some that I replaced with the same type and nothing except the headlights, warning lights on the instrument panel and hazards work now. However, the vehicle will start and run but I have to use the shift release button to get it in gear.

I've attempted to check all fuses and relays to the best my ability and can't find a problem. I drove it up to autozone to get a diagnostic test run and they are unable to get the machine to power up due to lack of anything electric working inside the vehicle except the warning lights.

Any advice would be great. Thanks

I am having a problem when I press my brake pad. There are times when they are mushy (When I haven't driven for a hour or so) If I experience frequent stops, then they may become hard at the next stopping point and all I have to do is barely touch my brakes and they will stop the truck. I am noticing a vibration in my steering wheel when my brakes are hard as if the calipers are not retracting like they should. During the times when my brakes feel hard my truck seems as though my brakes are engaged when I am driving and it appears to want to stop the truck. I sometimes smell a burning odor and see smoke coming from my front passenger brakes. The smoke doesn't occur daily but everything else is a daily occurrence.

error shows when gas tank is filled, Erg modulater replaced, Erg pipes cleaned. Help

vehicle has done 180000 Kms has been serviced every 10000 since new.There are no oil leaks. This problem has been noticed over the last 50000 Kms. It is a petrol engine

When I try to accelerate it feel like it is starving for gas. When the car warms up it runs fine.