can someone help me with this matter? I turned on my car and started just fine, i went to do a couple of stores with my kids and right on our way back home, the truck wont star. I tried jump starting it with a emergency jumper, someone gave me cable, and it wont even crank or make a noise. i was ready to call the tow truck but i decide to start it one more time after a couple of minutes and it did started. this happens a lot lately. I disconeted the alarm but it just keep happening. please help me.

thanks everyone

I took it in for the check engine light, a few hours later they tell me the gas cap is bad adn the leak detection pump is bad. Toyota gave them a price of $800+ for the part, labor about $105. Just wanting to see if this is jiving with anyone else????

It does not appear that power is getting to the motor. Is there a fuse that I could look at? Or any other suggestions as to what the issue might be? Nothing happens when I the switch to open or tilt.

the locks work but they sometimes stick causing them to either not open or close without opening doors manually with key

and its only on the drivers side....front and rear
help ?

There is no Speedo or Cruise Control. Rear speed sensor has been replaced by dealer but without solving problem. Do you have a solution for this problem as I have to tow a caravan next month.
Thank you Russty.

I have already replaced the gas cap & the purge solenoid the check engine light keeps coming back on after about 250-300 miles Evap codes??

When i travel a long distance radiator dry by loosing water through storage tank.and when i press the accelerator when radiator cap is removed water jumps from radiator i changed cylinder head gasket,i removed thermostat and cleaned radiator but the problem is still there

1980 series VX 4.2 TD

When the engine is idling,the engine jerk,likewise when you throttle it.The engine seizes to accelerate normal once it accelerate to 40-60

Got low pressure gage level and a loud grinding noise while driving.

vehicle runs fine in forward but cannot drive in reverse as engine runs rough and will stall

hi im from iceland and i have a problem, my left mirror is in the right place but always when I start the car the mirror turns away from me about 50° clockwise and i have to open the window and pull it back with my hand. is there a reset button or any way to reset the mirror.
factory number:jt111vj9500075621

how much oil is there in the gear box of a Toyota colorado land cruiser 3000cc VS 1996 model

while driving trac light (green) came on dash board and car started shutting down.

i want reset the timing belt light

A/T temp light on, red light above battery on. Have replaced battery, primary ignition under hood, new cap & rotor. Land Cruiser died 2 weeks ago.My son, a mechanic is running out of ideas.

#1.while driving down hill at 80 km/hr and if I apply break, the engine rpm will rise from 2 to 4 or 5 or another word from gear 5 quick change to gear 2 ???.

#2. My air conditioner in side the car some time produce bad smell like burning wire something like that??

#3. My CD player (original) could not eject. Can it be repaired or replaced with new original one?

location of fuel reset switch

Bought a Toyota Land cruiser 2005 V8 last week. After 2 days of use it started loosing power when accelerate and the RPM will not go above 3 mark. I have replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter. The throttle and Mass air folw sensor has been checked (replaced to other car of the same model and config to see if it is faulty and the throttle is fine). Throttle has been cleaned. It seems like the last owner has disconnected the check engine sign so can't get the codes.
The car runs very smooth if the RPM is below 3 but the moment I press the accelerator (idle or moving), car will vibrate as if the fuel is disconnected and RPM will not go above 3. Another symptom is that at first engine start, car will start and immediately shut down and then starts for the second time normally.
Recently I have fixed a leak in the stearing and replace gear oil, filter and diff oil. Car mileage is 190k.

a little drop of oil

Brakes go all the way down after replacing pads

I've had exhaust system looked over, few leaks repaired, but much louder than used to be. Started 6-8 months ago. I've heard the v8 99 TLC do experience cracked exhaust manifolds. Have 185,000 miles on vehicle now. Seems to be abnormal when I drive uphill to my home ( live in mtns Colorado) between 1000 and 1500 rpms. Still have power just louder than I like, like a hole in muffler. Must need new exhaust gasket or manifold is indeed cracked??????