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Traction control light illuminates for no reason and locks right front break weekly
We have replaced the two valves i think something to do with the injectors
it only seems to happen about once every 15 times and has no other problems running and has recently started in the last 2 months. spark plugs have been checked and all good and have tried hooking the computer up to r...
I would like to know if there are any helpful hints with this project. The hose is very long and curved. How do I get it threaded through the frame?
A/T light, temp light, oil light, turbo light, timing light etc - every light that glows when you run the glow plugs is continuing to glow when engine running.
Ha anyone else had this problem screen black radio still working and heater how ever now cant change tempor settings anything and have no blue tooth or reversing camera
my head light shakes when I drive my cruiser on a rough road wiht lots of pumps. even whe I hit the hood or the pumper lightly
changing where can I locate one and what is the cost? If I change this valve would it iliminate the problem
witch side is bank1 and side is bank2
please checking procedure
there is no power in EFI fuse
The noise got louder when we accelerated. We drove the car home slowly, and parked it. When we checked the sparkplugs, we found that one had detonated within the third socket, and it drove part of the sparkplug into ...
On a 1999 Land Cruiser can the IAC be successfully cleaned or should I replace it?
Does the 1999 Land Cruiser have a fuel pump access panel under the 2nd row seat carpet?
All dashboard lights blink together when I hit a pot hole or accelerate what would be the cause
I have checked all the loose wires thought would be the cause but no avail also changed the timing belts plus all the engine belts but still not please infom me what would be the cause
1992 toyota land cruiser need the ft lb torque specs 4.0 6 cylinder.
hello sir iam khadar ower work shop one complint chain timing mark arese i have set to new mark but no start many time setting what.s problem plese full timing diyagram plese inlet Ex cam mark crank crank balence sha...
I recently had my power steering pump replaced, however, my truck is still leaking power steering fluid. Why?
Please provide your recommendations based on studies or surveys...and why?
My sunroof drain holes were cloged so the computer (Nav system) got wet. The nav system works sometimes , but the display is stuck on milage screan,the radio works but it wont display the channel, the buttons that con...
is something i can do or do i need to take to a shop?
what can i do aboiut a rear seal leak?
my temperature gage is not moving very much but the car get warm what can be the problem?
i notice a little wetness near the front passeger tire