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it's has beefy austrailian suspension and aggresive tires that look worn...i rode it around the city for a few hours and when i turned it off, there was a boiling sound coming from the motor...just purchased it w/140k...
Parklights go out blinkers work but brake light stays on
I have checked all the doors and pulled the positive pole on the battery to try to reset. What should I do. Budget is little. Truck is mainly used for off road.
Car model: TOYOTA ALPHARD-V 2004 2400cc
I've changed mass air flow meter. Plugs ,cap, wires and rotor. Even changed evap canister because of tank pressure.
Ive been told that this is a Oxygen Sensor and is going to cost $600 to replace it (Toyota Dealer - Western Australia. Would this be right?
this only happens in morning have been told vehicle is losing vacuum but noone seems to know how to fix problem
Have changed battery in key. .disconnected battery to clear memory. Checked bonet switch etc
The light come on on the dash and it lose power once it put into drive
What would it cost to replace a starter motor on a 2008 Land Cruiser?
The O/D light of my 1998 diesel Prado flashes only intermittently. Most of the time, the vehicle drives fine. But sometimes the O/D light starts flashing. When that happens, two other things happen: (1) noise starts c...
I have a 1994 Toyota land cruiser and it seems to have an electrical problem. I've replaced the battery and the alternator. Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated.
our 97 TLC heater control began flashing lights in the control panel and than stopped working all together. took it toyota and they said it was the heater control panel itself and it was 700 bucks to replace it. well ...
This first happened when engine breaking but now has occurred a couple of other times. power take-up is not as smooth as it was previously
I have never been able to find "SN" sae 5W30 oil for my 1997 4.5L landcruiser. I worry that perhaps there are additives in this "SN" oil that maybe lacking in the local parts store offers/carries. I can only find SJ, ...
its a push start engine car. So how do i reset the T-belt maintenance light for this car after changing the timing belt?? what are the steps?