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When the key is on it shuts off. I tried disconnecting the motor at the switch on the motor and it shut off but the battery died. I pulled the relay and it shut off and the battery didnt die. I replaced the relay and had the same problem. Do you know what is causing this to happen?


Has anyone found a mess on the engine after oil change.. was told that the filter had to be changed from the top?? Reset the CEL.. and after 90 miles.. just about exactly .. it came back on.. How does one know really.. after many codes.. if it's #1 or #2 oxygen sensor... yes I will get the codes.. but this all seems so redundant.. too many people with the same problem.. single older female.. I am a walking target!

Is anyone know why both the ABS & Break Lights are ON-n-OFF at the same time while driving? Sometime these lights were OFF by themselves after I have drive for few miles, sometime these lights are ON while I'm driving the car, sometime they were stay ON for few days. Another problems: both the Signal and Emergency lights are not working or dead, I found that a 25V FUSE for these lights was broken, however at every time I put a new FUSE on and turn ON a signal/emergency light then it burned or shock out a Fuse right away. I believed the wires must be touched one another some where. I need someone helps to tell me how to fixing these problems. The car is running great but the signal & emergency lights are not working and also the those ABS & Break lights are ON-n-OFF while driving. I'm looking to hearing from you. Here is my email address:

Mr. Vang

Once in 2013,twice in 2014. All on the drivers side. Now my front passenger window won't go up. It is 20 degrees outside. I purchasedmy car in 2012 with 37,000 miles on it

Turn on the AC and about 15 seconds the compressor stops turning and the AC light begins blinking. Owners manual says only to take it to the shop.
During the 15 seconds it operates the suction pressure drops to about 40 and the discharge reaches about 200 psi. Ambient temp about 70 deg F.

I have replaced the AC relay. I also have checked the temp control knob.

Having brake problem can't keep em on there need new ones 2times a year and rotators changed 1time a year

Evap system engine light on not showing a code may have leak went to get inspected he said it was showing 2things maybe 2 filters need replacing that filters gas after it leaves tank

I want to have a new water pump and timing belt installed.

Need to know lug nut torque?

It happens most days, and doesn't "gurgle" for my entire ride. Ie, it will stop after a period of time and 'not always'. I haven't noticed it more/less based on temperature (ie happens more on HOT days or COLD days), and also-I can fiddle with turning on the heat/air/defrost and it will go away but it's not "ONE" thing that makes it stop.

Is it a bubble in the compressor, is it going to get worse over a cold Chicago winter, will it make my heat stop working? Is it something mechanical, something dangerous or a quick/easy/cheap fix?

My DTR headlamps are fine, but no amber lights in front or running lights in rear when selector switch is either in auto, on, or parking light settings. The brake lights illuminate just fine when brake pedal is depressed. Any help?

Ive checked the fuses, had to push on the override button to get the car home.

Long story short, I recently moved from CA to WA and I had rented a truck and trailer to haul my highlander. When it was time to load my car I had to drive it onto the tailer which by the way was way too high up of a ramp. Needless to say my vehicle got stuck and pieces of my undercarriage ripped off. The heat shield looked like a crushed aluminum can, that bar that runs down the center is dented in, my tail pipe is also dented and I believe my caddy conv. may have also sustained damage. The car drives but the fans aren't running and the engine is making a loud noise when started. Budget Rental has done nothing to repair my vehicle even though I purchased the extra insurance. Any advise will do. Thank you.

My Highlander is the 6 cylander AWD Limited version. Car has 60K miles and has been well maintained. Tires are new.

my tail light isnt working on in the parking light position.

when i brake, the regular brake light works but my (night) parking light isnt working and i wont be able to drive during the night.

first i notice two of bulb was blown, so i replace the two. now the brake light works but not the parking light. when i turn my switch to turn the headlight/parking light on it pops the 10 amp fuse.

i replace it and it popped again. i took out all the light bulb and put a new fuse and it pop again when i turn on the headlight.

is there short?

i just recently replace my headlight also, will that effect my tailight?