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I just recently have it service my 2005 Highlander V6 for Oil and transmission fluid change including 50k and multipoint inspection. After 3 weeks, I noticed it from the driveway there were spots; somewhere leaking u...
My car has always idled at around 1000 rpm, but recently it started making a strange noise while idle and while driving between 1000 and abour 2500 rpm. It stops when I go faster, btu when driving low speeds it sounds...
all my brake lights do not work. all running lights work except when i step on the brake, the brake lights do not go brighter.
At times the black smoke will stop at intervals and begins again.
How many gallons to fill up the gas tank
code #'s po441, po445, po446 Is there anyway I can check and fix any of these code problems.
(1)When driving approximately over 50m/h, inside my car is so loud. It is hard to hear each other. I started the car and checked engine and everything seems fine. Any idea? (2) Also my check engine light is on. It c...
How long should it take a shop to replace the two right rear lower control arms on an 08 highlander
i want to know where is number one cylinder is on a 2007 toyota highlander v6 3.3
Does the 06 4 cyl 2 wl dr have a timing chain or belt
Heater and AC no longer work - was sporadic but able to fix sometimes (not always) by twisting knob for temperature and getting it in the "right" place. Then left it exactly there and only used on/off. But now nothin...
How much should it cost for a new water pump & replace Timing & Drive Belts
I have checked where the spare tire is and it's not under there. Could it be the window or back door? Has anyone else had this problem? This is a second hand car.
It seems to becoming from steering wheel what could the cause be? and how much to repair problem.It happens every time you turn the wheel either left or right.
My mechanic has checked the alternator. It's ok but still have the low idle.
all the time blowing the 25a radio fuse. the vehicle still wont start. i broke out the tester and get high readings on the tow fuse. andy help is more than appreciated.
The built in garage door opener no longer works and occasionally the car will lock itself when parked in the garage. Not always--just randomly. I thought I was accidentally locking it as I carried things in but foun...
Any time the car is not driven for more than 2-3 days the battery will die. This has been going on for years and I have replaced the battery a number of times. I have had 2 different local mechanics look at it, but th...
the faster i drive the louder it gets, someone told me it might be the tires
It is only a little bit but I've been told the cost to fix is $2200 due to having to remove the transmission. Should I worry about it or just watch carefully and make sure oil levels are high. The car is just now turn...
Anyone know how long (i.e., labor hours) it should take to rip out all the carpeting and the underneath padding and to replace? Also, any estimates on cost for parts and labor? This is for the carpeting in the front...
What do I need to do or replace to fix this problem?? Thank You.
How do you change the rear bumper cover for Toyota 2010 Highlander, they are some minor paint scratches that do not look good cosmetically.
We removed a mouse nest and replaced cabin air filter. The problem developed around that time
my rear coils are bottoming out