New bulbs, correct sizes, but keep blowing fuses. Any advice?

What needs to be checked?

I hit one of those weighted barriers in a construction zone. Now I need a bracket for the passenger side fog light but I cannot find one

There were error messages

On an all wheel drive 2002 Highlander. Rear hubs and bearings were replaced approximately 20k miles ago. Needing to again be replaced.

It has happened at least 8 times. I took it in and they say they don't know since there isn't an error code. It started at 10,000 miles and is still doing it at 20,000. This doesn't make since. Even if everything is computerized there has to be something technical going on. Would like this fixed before it's out of warranty. It just shuts off then I have to turn it back on again. And no it's not on auto. It has happened at different degrees and speeds.

Just wondering if a faulty brain box can make the engine to be firing on its own irregularly, causing the rpm to be going up and down when not engaged but when it is engaged with my leg on the break pedal,the rpm comes down to the first mark thereby causing the engine not to steam normally.Also intermittently the car will fire itself and then becomes normal and then goes back to steam irregularly with the rpm dropping again.But when the car accelerate,it seems ok.

I changed all of the o2 sensors on Highlander but check engine light is still present. b1s1 which was the first changed. B1s2 was third changed and no code showning now. But b1s1 Appears again. No hoses are off and has been reset several times by battery as well this code device and after a few seconds of running the car the check engine light comes back on. What should I do now? Plz help lady in distressed.

When I keep my foot on the gas gently it keeps running, if I lift off it dies. I kept my foot on it to see if warming up the car would do anything and then it worked. What is happening? My mechanic couldn't find a problem because he needs it to be in this state before he can fix it. Then charged me to tell me he couldn't do anything!

The VSC, Trac system does not respond to switch. It stays "off." Any suggestions?

the squeaking goes away in a minute or 2..

How do I remove the radiator fan motors assembly?

The thermostat was removed,but has been replaced.I thought the fan had To rotate on starting So I called an electrician Who added so many wires as the fans are working.but what's the effect of the so many Wires in the engine?

also The car jerks,shows a blinking engine malfunction signal,d fans were not rotating so so a wire relay was we hear there is no need for that.what effect could the added relays have on d engine?

Refrigerant is ok.
Compressor is working good.
Compressor fails to cool, and I think the problem could be electrical.
Controls are ok too.

Would appreciate any feedback thank you!

Battery light on dash came on and remained on. Battery had to be replaced; light still on. Alternator was replaced; light on. Toyota said that was the wrong alternator; replaced it with correct alternator. Light still on. Both battery and alternator check out ok. Any idea why the light is still on?