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Where is and how do you replace PCV value on 2003 Highlander, 4 cylinder?

My 2003 Highander has started to jerk at various speeds. I have felt it as low as 35 mph and on the freeway at a steady speed of 65-70 and several times at speeds between. This happens under steady speeds and the car jerks as if it is an engine miss but definitely feels as if it is in the drive train, not a miss. I can drive for an 60+ miles and not have one episode, other times it happens 5-6 times in 20-30 miles. Always when hot so far. Is this something a simple filter and fluid change might help, other service? or transmission replacement likely needed?

When I apply the brakes, the steering wheel vibrates. Is this a brake issue or strut issue?

Out of the blue, my dashboard lights have gone haywire! When I turn on the headlights, the dashboard lights (including radio dial, clock) turn off. I checked the fuses, and they all seem fine. What could cause this mystery?

If you are replacing timing chain, water pump, and serpentine belt at the same time should labor hours be adjusted so as not to be charged double. For example you would be removing/replacing some of the same parts when completing these services.


The ac/heater control knob no longer operates the temperature in the vehicle. It remains at 82 degrees - the knob turns but does not regulate the temperature away from 82 degrees.

Do the engine coolant cleaners they sell e.g. really work or is a wasteof five bucks? Vehicle has 120k miles.

what will I be told to replace for water pump repacement

What type timing belt does this car have. Chain or belt

$1400 to replace a catalytic converter, does this seam reasonable?

I was decelerating and coming to stop on a very slight decline and the engine just suddenly shut off. I glanced at the dash and all the sensor indicator lights were on. I pulled over to the side and the engine started up again with no problem. This is the first time it has happened. I'm just paranoid that this could happen again while traveling on the freeway. Vehicle is well maintained with 144,000 miles.

My 02 higlander always shows code p 1351 when it is put in drive or reverse. Trac off and VSC light up on the dash and remain on until shut off.

When using either air conditioner or heater, it blows the right temperature for a while then turns either hot or cold depending upon which is being used. If you adjust the temp knob around, it will come back on correctly for a while and then do the same thing.

Is it safe to follow the guide below for overall maintenance or should I stick to the Toyota maintenance guide in my manual?

5k - Oil Change
5k - Rotate tires
30k - Air Filter
30k - Cabin Filter
When the brake pads need replacing - Brake Fluid
45k - Engine Coolant

I was advised from Toyota dealership to replace all 6 injectors on my car. I had engine and VSC sensors on, and a rough driving before diagnosys.

the CEL comes on only after I gas up. I installed a new Toyota gas cap. Still happens. Getting tired of resetting the computer. Ed

we drived the auto to shopping,after come back,we can't open the boot door.I checked the boot,no stuff block the door,then I push the boot then try to open,still not work.

Is the timing belt the same as a "chain belt"? The chain belt on my other Toyota's used to shut the car down and I once I had to call a wrecker to tow. My 2005 Highlander has approx 70,00 mi. Will I get a warning?
Also, automatic transmission occasionally jerks under some accelerating conditions.

Codes PO441 and PO446. Best guess as to repair cost. Recommended mechanics in my area. Thanks!!!

Recently, I noticed an odd situation with my AC -- when the dial for tempearture is rotated all the way for the coldest temperature, the air comes out HOT. If I rotate the dial "one click" clockwise, it comes out cold, but NOT as cold as it did before. What is wrong with the AC unit?

How much does it cost to have a timing belt replaced on a Toyota 2002 highlander in the Ohio Akron/Canton area?

Can't figure out our to release tension so I can peplace the serpentine belt

Last night in the middle of the night my headlights came on and will not go off. Have had them on auto. Pulled the fuse for lights still stay on, can only turn off by removing neg from battery.???

I drive 75% freeway, 25% city, no towing or dessert(ie no extreme conditions) - it is likely that at 70k mi. the fluids for Power Steering, and front and rear differentials needed to be replaced? the service came to ~$400. Manual seems to suggest you do these only if driving in ext. conds.

I have ABS brakes and I notice a mild pulsating thump when I step on the brakes firmly. Is there a maintenance procedure that I should have done to eliminate this? Thanks.


Any idea of what might cause the engine to skip when sitting still or in 1st gear? I have replaced the fuel pump, filter,& spark plugs. What should I try next?

Please help:
My 2003 Highlander will be fine one day and bad another. I warm it up in the morning and it doesn't idle down...matter of fact it races higher and higher. Sometimes I tap the gas and it is ok. Sometimes I cut it off and try starting it again. The engine sometimes will rev up and down quickly until I cut it off, then when I go to turn it back on it will turn on but cut off immediately unless you give it gas. Help please. This problem has stranded me before. Also, when I am driving, it feels like it wants to accelerate when I am pressing the break to slow is fighting me!

how long until ecm is reset for drive cycle

Air conditioning stopped working, the A/C button began blinking and AC began making very loud noise. The estimate we were given states that the compressor, clutch, receiver driverand expansive value all needed to be replaced and the dash would have to be removed to access necessary parts. Is this correct?