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There seems to be air coditioning gates opening and closing continuously. I thought it might be a vacum issue, buttold it is electonically controlled. Air coninues to blow cold.

Trying to replace the A/C expansion valve. Not Sure where it is located or how hard it is to replace it?

I would like to know how to Replace a high mount stop Bulb in a 2006 Toyota Highlander.

What should the price be to replace a charcoal canister?

Slow oil leak from top of transfer case

Water pump is leaking, need a new one. This SUV has 125K miles, thought will replace timing chain as well. I am in the New Tampa area in Tampa. Do you all know any mechanic you would recommend?


How easy is changing the PVC in my Highlander? Can I do it myself/

when I start my car 3.0L V6 at times it blows out smoke from the tail pipe. any suggestions for this problem?

My Highlander smokes sometimes for the first 30 seconds or so after it is started, what could be the problem? Valve seals?

Rebuilt engine wih only 2550 miles and this is 2nd thermostat and 2nd overheat problem

When backing out of garage in reverse gear there is a rattle noise. After running engine for a while no longer hear. Any help

I have a 2002 Toyota Highlander, does this car have a cabin air filter?

Hearing a rubbing sound rear end vehicle.change the rear brakes pads and rotors.

My 2001 Highlander has 2 issues. If I start the engine with the heater on it squeals like a belt issue. Soon as I turn heater off it quits. Sound like a belt? I have an sound similar to an exhaust leak, more like a loud hum. Irritating if sitting in the back seat. A quick check does not appear to be exhaust. Noticed it quiets when turning wheel to the right. Could this be CV? Anyone with a similar problem that's been corrected that could shed some light. $ are tight, trying to avoid unnecessary service call.

Hear humming sound in the rear. Change rear brakes and rotor still hearing humming sound

I had a very small accident where I cornered and the tires slid on ice. I stepped on the brake very hard trying to stop the slide before hitting another car. I still hit the other car with only minor damage to my bumper and none to the other car. I had a very strange problem with the brakes after that. Sometimes the brakes would stop the car with no problem, but the pedel action felt squishy. Other time when the pedal was depressed it was like the brakes were studering and the brakes would sort of grab and throw you against the seat belt. When I took the car in the repair guy told me that I could have damaged the brake pedal pressure switch. I have looked online and can't find a switch by that name. Can you help with any suggestions? I had the pads replaced and now the car stops normally all the time, but my VSC and Trac Off lights on my dashboard stay on all the time. In talking about the lights he came up with the pedal pressure switch idea. Thanks for the help.

When should the injectors be cleaned on a 2008 Toyota Highlander's got 35k on it.

The v6 does not have a serpintine belt . it has 2 belts, 1 goes to the ps. the other goes to the ac. how can i change these myself?

using a quart every 300 miles. none on the pavement. slight smoking from tailpipe

i am replacing the timing belt at 90000 miles. Should I replace the water pump also?

evapouration emission control system purge flow is malfuntioning

every time it rains

My daughter was involved in an accident in her 2007 Highlander. The policeman estimated the speeds at collision at about 30 and 45 miles per hour. She was cut off by someone merging onto the highway at 15 miles an hour. She hit the back of him causing almost $7000 damage to her car. The other car took off when hit so I don't know how much damage was done to his truck. My husband and I are concerned that at those speeds her airbags did not deploy. Thank you so much for your help!!

The driver's side windshield works but the passenger wiper does not move, are these individual motors or are they connected by a common linkage?

The car started making a clicking sound when driving. When I stopped to see what the noise was I put it into park. When I put it back in gear (any gear) the car will not move. The revs drop as it goes from park to drive, it's in gear but won't move

No problems yet, just wondering what the recommended time to replace timing belt on my 2005 Toyota Highlandder.

Is my engine design Interference or Non-Interference? VVT-i 3.3L V6. 3MZ-FE.

having problem installing lens cover assembly on my 2007 Toyota...I unscrewed
the screws holding it onto car...seems to be another connector holding it in place
is it plastic? does it snap off? don't want to break anything... would appreciate
any help you are able to give..thank you Jackie

The water pump on my highlander needs to be replaced. What is a fair price to pay?

Only occasionally first thing in the morning without warmup there is a strong vibration apparently from rear of auto within the 1st 1/4 to 1/2 mile. It stops after that. It is, however becoming more and more frequent.
All fluides have recently been changed including tranny.