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my check Engine light came on yesterday; also; VSC and
8 days ago, after picking my car up from a 55,000 mile servicing, within 15 minutes the Check engine light, Trac on light and VSC lights all came on simultaneously. I immediately took it back to the Toyota dealer whe...
I was told the thermostat controller is out.
When car is running, it sounds like there is one of those cans that people put on the end of their exhuast pipe to make it sound muffled, except this sound is coming from under the engine. It sounds like an exhaust pr...
summary evaluation indicated some problem with the fuel / air control mileage on car is 46,000 mi.
I was quoted $1400.00 to repair not replace transmission. Does this seem right? Also, they said I should get timing belt changed. What are your thoughts?
I can see the sensor on the front manifold, is there a sensor on the rear manifold also?
What is the recommended mileage at which the timing belt should be changed on a 2001 Highlander? Cost in South SF Bay Area Calif?
tire pressure warning light light ,where to reset it
Toyota dealership said my water pump needs replacing. How much should it cost?
We were told by the toyota dealer at the last service that we should replace the timing belt, the car is 5 years old and only has 53,000 miles on it I think it's to soon what do you think?
check engine light has been a constant problem for the past 3-4 yrs. 01" highlander, 77000 miles, has had o2 sensors changed and fuel mixture sensors changed over this time. Light has come on again(need to have this o...
Ac refill, pressure is 45 what is the right pressure?
my ac pressure is 45 how much is it suppose to be.
Costs for four new tires.
Our 87,000 mile 2005 V6 Highlander is about to get a Toyota replacement timing belt. One dealer says to also change the water pump, drive belts and crank seal. I understand the justification for the water pump and th...
does the spring come off with the strut assembly
i have to disconnect my terminal cable to the battery every time i went home cause if not my battery will discharge. even i stopped by and hour or two i have to disconnect the terminal cable from the battery.
When I am driving and I have my air conditioner on it blows cold, but not as cold as when I first got it. But then all of a sudden HOT air comes out like i put the heater on. I move the knob to try to make it cold aga...
I have a thump noise at the rear of the vehicle when going in reverse. It thumps rythmically, probably once per revolution of the tires. Can find nothing wrong with the tires and upon inspecting the rear brake rotors ...
How much to replace timing belt and to complete 90,000 mile check-up?
Have removed hub side and have removed nut on frame side but question how to remove frame end of control arm
I have left my interior light in on the car and then it won't start. Yes, I know probably ran down the battery but then after trying and letting it set for a while, it will start again. But if the battery is low or de...
Iwould like to replace the serpentine belt and the ps belt. I'm not sure how to loosen them. Could you help me?
does the2002 4 cyl toyota highlander have a cabin air filter if so where is it located
My 2003 Highlander Limited over past several months has been making a grinding noise when accelerating from a stop or rolling stop but then engages and moves fine. Feels like the gas pedal and whatever makes the car ...
What is a fair price to replace the air condensor in my toyota highlander?
Started the car and ran it to the store and the lights came on Engine, VSC and Trac lights
What do you have to do to get the VSC light to go out. It does not show up on the codes when taking a reading, so you can not erase it. This is the second or third time it has happened because of a wheel slipping. ...
Brake lights on driver side not working. Bulbs will work for running purposes just not braking. Turn and back up lights working fine. Passenger side all is normal. Fuse is not blown.