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repaced front wheel bearing pass. side now abs,swerve and break light are on how do you reset. Thanks!! Dave
2 weeks ago my ABS failed and replaced it by a qualified mechanic from brisco motors and today it comes up again
FirsT check gas cap warning came on, noticed the speedometer wasn't working and the vsc and check engine light as driving, coming off interstate stalled when i stopped pressing on gas pedal, after a minute or so it re...
all warning lights on, including check hybrid system warning light...seems many people are told that replacing the inverter is the repair for this problem.
The water pump needs replacement, and you recommend replacing the thermostat at the same time.
how much is the part and how much should it cost to replace it?
I have changed the spark plug 3 times now and I switched cylinder 3 with the coil in cylinder 2. It is still misfiring in cylinder 3. What could it be?
my abs, brake light, slip light are on and a beeping sound from the car. the brakes are hard and l hear its from the abs solenoid
we opened the left light backing and touched the wiring and the turn signals went out and now we cant get them to work. We checked fuses and bulbs and they are all good...all the other lights work but the turn signal...
abs pump noise most of the time (sounds like refilling or pumping)
The Hybrid Highlander has been maintained at the dealership and I have paid for everything they ask! Now they say its the ABS module but need a vacuum pump and none of this is covered under warranty? help please
to preform with the auto controls that will reprogram the system and get the hatch operating again?
when placing material in rear of vehicle, door was being opened with remote control part way open and then a person opened it by hand the rest of the way. now it will not operate on remote (when remote is pushed ether...
Car will not run
Last week I had my timing belt replaced at 110000 miles. I also needed my NYS inspection which unfortunately my dealer decided to due after the timing belt was replaced. As my technician explained, when the timing bel...
The overhead console components have been slowly failing one at a time: first the door lights, then the overhead light switch, now the garage opener. Any ideas what is happening? (Not a fuse issue)
How can I add my car to the list which is Toyota 2013 Camry Hybrid?