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A/C not working. Air comes through but not cold. Thought it may be a fuse but can't find it under the hood. Manuel not very helpful.
AC intermittent. When not working AC button won't light and air blowing
Nobody was around the car when it did it i had to unhook the battery cable to get them to go off
I turned the key while the ignition was already running. What can I do to fix this?
The timing is dead on and it ran fine before replacing the distributor. I changed spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve trying to narrow down the problem. have yet to check egr or mass airflow sensor ...
Hi guys. I am a new driver so I am not too well versed in auto terms. Today, my battery light along with the oil change light was on (solid not blinking) when I turned on the engine. I proceeded to back out of the par...
runs good when giving gas or in park only in drive
Then the power steering wheel lock wasn't able to pull over do to no shoulder lane what caused this and how can this be fixed scary experience
On the passenger side where the pillar & headliner meet when there is a heavy rain it leaks heavy inside my car. It's only a certain golf ball size area that gets wet, all other areas around it is dry. If I'm driving ...
Checked the oil pan and the dipstick mount and their not the problem. The oil only leaks when the car is driven. It's a slow leak. I can see nothing leaking when looking from underneath the car. The fluid appears t...
wife started car in this cold weather and car smoke now