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Hello, I need help my car shakes when I am at a stop light While I'm in gear. What could be the possibility that make my car shake? it was shaking before I changed the spark plug. I have changed the spark plug but ...
Is this something I can do myself?
He has also replaced the ignition switch and checked all the relays from battery to fuel pump. If we let the car sit for a few hours to a day, then it starts back up and is good for a week or two.
1)Press in the A/C switch/button - light is on, 2)Turn on the fan switch knob to full blast/"MAX", 3)under the hood, ac compressor pulley is spinning but not the hub, 4)Charging kit with guage showing a little over 55...
if i shut down the engine and start it again the cycle will be repeated.
I'm able to drive on Three Gear, but in automatic Drive gear option, the car is not exceeding a speed of 50kms/hr and it is directly shifting to neutral gear. what could be the probable answer.
replace slave cylinder but line broke and is extremely bent. Concerned that connection closest to Master Cylinder is connected to the cable or is it just like slave connection-screw it in
A/C not working. Air comes through but not cold. Thought it may be a fuse but can't find it under the hood. Manuel not very helpful.
AC intermittent. When not working AC button won't light and air blowing
Nobody was around the car when it did it i had to unhook the battery cable to get them to go off
I turned the key while the ignition was already running. What can I do to fix this?
The timing is dead on and it ran fine before replacing the distributor. I changed spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve trying to narrow down the problem. have yet to check egr or mass airflow sensor ...