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I took my car to Toyota today to find out what problem is with the abs light. First I'm not having any problems with the car. They indicated the computer is not working and they told me it will cost 4000.00 to fix. Th...
They said they'd know more next time I come in. I had the oil checked today (before an four-hour round trip), and the oil level was fine. I'm wondering what questions I should ask when I go in again.
The tires are still new and the brakes are fine and no accidents or any other problem when driving. What does something like that cost. I took it to Toyota and still waiting for a quote.
Changed all four coil packs and spark plugs
Now the codes that came out are p0300 p0301 and p0302. The car shakes a lot and feels like it's going to shut off. I put it in gear and upon acceleration makes popping noise and feels as if it's clogged. Please advi...
It is fine going down the road. After it has run awhile when I slow down to turn or take an exit or stop it dies. It always restarts. When I come to a stop and put it in park, however, it idles. help
SW engine 4af front wheel drive. Alternater bad. Caught fire. Need wiring harness. Its a metal 3 prong. Need to know where to get one. Thanks
I do the regular maintenance, like replace the car battery, oil change, add break fluid, windshield fluid, cooling fluid, and recently got my gas casket replace bc it was leaking the oil on the ground and catalytic co...
My car is overheating, making a noise, and leaking anti-freeze. I was told by a local mechanic that at the very least, I need to replace the water pump and the thermostat. I need to know how much that might cost, an...
Toyota Allison 2003 at 60km/pH lights engen check light what could be the problem
Can I run a wire directly to the positive side of the fuel pump and the other End to the possitive side of battery? also where is the relay on that for the Fuel pump?
the factory fuel pump costs 1,000 dollars some are listing smaller fuel pumps from 75-100 dollars can these small pumps replace the larger ones?
Goes slow when accelerating when you read the motor up it sounds like a little typewriters