ignition fails to start by key, turn over, etc. but car can be started by clicking the automatic start on the key chain. fixed itself for a week, now back to the automatic start.

car cuts out worker on altanator already

I replaced my brakes on my '04 Corolla (new pads/shoes and turned rotors and drums). I now have a mild "siren noise" when the car comes to a stop. I have been restoring auto for thirty years and this is a first for me. Noise on new brakes. I've checked adjustment, tried seating brakes, checked for debris, etc. Any solutions.

After diagnosis, we were told our 1999 corolla needed a cooling fan switch. They would not show us where this is located. Please see if you can send me a detailed description of where this is on the engine. Thank you so much.

dealer says must replace transmission, but estimates vary greatly - what is usual charge?

what would it be when ever you come to a stop the engine to would stall?

I was advised replacement of following parts by Toyota dealer for my 1998 corolla
Power Steering Pump , Rack and Pinion Steering
Water Pump, Left Front Wheel Bearing, Drive Belt.

Dealer quote is $ 2,000 & After market replacement and labor from another auto repair shop is $ 950/-.

What would you recommend.

The evaporation emission system vent control circuit needs to be replaced (P0446) What will it cost?

have replaced master cylinder,all brakes pads and linings,bleed all 4 brakes adjusted the rear brakes up and the e-brakes as well and still no pedal. the pedal is up when i hit the brake,but when i start the engine it goes to the floor! a few weeks back the front brakes got so hot from locking up i had to have t towed,the more i drove the tighter they got.

my toyota corolla hit a pole. and the front end is bent in. and the frame needs to be straightened.. about how much should this cost?

All fuses check out ok

Since I have been running my air pretty much constantly of late I have developed a leak. The floorpan on the driver side both front and back is completely saturated with water. The drain tube under the passenger dash is in place and appears that it never was dislodged. I can hear the water sloshing behind the glove compartment when I make turns in the car. Does anyone have any other suggestions to correct this problem? I am getting tired of having to vacuum the water out of my car every day.

Tried to start my car and it wouldn't start tried it again and the car started with no problem. While driving the radio went out for a second came back on and then the battery light came on for about 2 seconds and disappeared. The lights didn't dim and the battery light never came back on. Any ideas what the problem could be?

I was told that I had a leak in the timing cover by a toyota dealership, to fix this leak ,I am being charged $740.00 , is that a fair price?

the noise is constant and louder with acceleration.

my check engine light will not go off.i have disconnect the postive cable,to reset. it went off last year and then came back on. the problem occure is every day. i have two code p770. which is the soloneid switch sticking . i had aamco to replace it last year but it is still reading the same code. also the second code is p420. how do i pass my emission test

How many different kinds of filters are used in the car mentioned above. There is an oil filter, an air filter for the cabin and one for the engine.Is the fuel filter another kind of filter used inthis car or is it the same as any of the three that i mentioned above?

i have two codes on my car . i have replaced the p770 code twice , it is the solnid switch that is sticking , and the p420 code just came on . how do i fix it to get a emission test done to pass it

My 2008 Toyota Carolla just went over 50,000. What is the required maintainance for this vehicle?

If I take my car for service maintenance to someone other than a Toyota dealer, does this affect the manufacturer's warranty?

When do you change timing belt on corolla 2007 model

how many cans of freon does an empty ac hold 1990 toyota corolla dx

mech. said it has blown head gasket

stalls when sitting at a light and hesitate when put on gas

I need to know what oil to put in my 1994 toyota corolla
1.6 3 speed automatic i am putting a new tranny in my car and need to know what goes in diffrential and what type of tranny fluid in tranny

I found the touble code P0770 and understand that the shift solenoid is malfunction but cant located the solenoid under the hood. Is the the shift solenoid interior or exterior and how dose it look like and where it located?

Does the 2003 toyota corolla filler neck have a flap in side the filler neck. We just had a new filler neck installed and we have the same problem. When you pump gas it clicks off every few seconds.

Where is the starter located?

I drive a standard and for the past few months I have noticed that the car has been driving funny. It does not accelerate very well at all and revs above 3 and sometimes even 4 RPM. For a while I thought I just wasn't shifting correctly, but it has gotten progressively worse. It started out only reving like that when I'd try to get on the highway so between 4th and 5th gear, but now it does it all the time and trying to take off when I first get in the car is awful. I'm not sure if this is a sign that my transmission is on it's last leg or if there is some sort of upkeep that needs to be done that will correct the problem. I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on the issue.

is there a way i can reset the srs light my self?