the problem occurred to me for the first time since owned vehicle since 1997.

Just sitting at red light and air conditioner just went off and at same time looked at gas hand and it showed empty when it was actually full.
Prior to this happening it would not start, just connection problem there.

i just observed my 2006 Toyota corolla coolant temperature gauge is above the middle line and remains constant there. i will like to know if is normal and what the temperature gauge should read when driving and solution(s) to the problem.my email is oshevireakpoguma@yahoo.com. Thanks

owners amnual shows 2 fuse boxes, 1 under the hood 1 under dash, cannot locate box that has fuse for a/c. thanks for any help.

My A/C Panel is broken and cost to much replace it. I want to know if I can put a switch on the side that I can turn it on and off.

A couple of weeks ago my a/c started making a humming noise that gets louder the higher the air is set. Took it to pepboys and they said that the blower motor fan is broke. They said it only comes in an assembly and said it would cost me $400 to fix! Is this really the problem? I found and ac delco assembly online and was going to replace it myself, only i have no idea where the blower motor is located on my car. Where is it, and how do i access it?

i have a 1992 toyta corolla i recently changed the oil in july 2010, sparkplugs on august 16,2010 new sparkplug wires and distrubitor cap but the car still skips

I have to replace the turn signal, headlight switch on my 1999 Corolla. The DRL apparently do not operate and if you use the headligts on manual, they will not turn off unless you put on parking lights, use the flash feature and then turn them off. Does the steering wheel have to ge removed on the 1999 Corolla CE?

Is there a way to cut a master key without the furnished number?

my daytime running lights stopped coming on...how do I reset this?

My 1999 toyota corolla rpm went from 2 to four on the highway. Usually it is 2. When it did the car lost power and I had to pull over, turn off the car and restart. This happened twice and I got off the highway and it did not do it again.

thought it was wheel bearing but, they look good

intermittently.diagnosed module component what is this

1997 Corolla will start as long as i have my foot on the gas,but once I release the gas it cuts off.

When adding fuel to the tank of my 1998 Toyota Corolla, the fuel will barely trickle down the tube. If I try to fill at normal flow, fuel will come back out of the fill hole. What are the likely causes of this occurring?

I mistakenly turned my key counterclockwise and disabled my trunk lock release lever. Now I cannot get my trunk open. The key will not work, the lock release lever inside the trunk will not work and neither will the lock release lever beside the driver side seat. Does anyone know how I can get my trunk open?

I can not find a leak or a source for the problem. Any ideas

lights used to work and when i turned leeft signal on they would turn off now they wont come on at all

My friend burned my clutch out while I let him use my car (kicking myself in the ass now) I really don't know how much that runs. What kind of charges will I have buying the parts and doing it myself or maitenance at an auto shop?


While having an oil change done I was informed that the acidity of my antifreeze wasn't good and that I should have a $100 flush done. I was under the impression that my antifreeze didn't need to be changed for a 100,00 miles, what gives?

I had just started driving my toyota. The check engine light came on.I had it checked at autozone,and the Dealership they said it was ShiftCensor E in the Transmisson.I would like to know how hard and expensive it will beto fixor should I just buy another Transmisson?

The other day my daytime running lights stopped coming on, I thought it was a fuse all fuses were checked and good. Then this morning i went to leave and the headlights came on but the tail lights and dash lights never came on it was dark so they should have.

vehicle would not start this morning. The headlights would not even turn on but I could hear a clicking noise

where is the temp sensor located on a 1991 toyato corrolla 1.6 engine

is there a safe way to remove without cracking the transmission housing? this is my summer commuter vehicle and I have already lost a day and half of work.
I is torn apart and all I need to do is figure out the safest way to remove the trans side and I an install the new.

My car makes an awful grinding noise (like metal hitting metal or metal dragging) when I make left hand turns, & taking curves. What could this be?

ignition fails to start by key, turn over, etc. but car can be started by clicking the automatic start on the key chain. fixed itself for a week, now back to the automatic start.

car cuts out worker on altanator already

I replaced my brakes on my '04 Corolla (new pads/shoes and turned rotors and drums). I now have a mild "siren noise" when the car comes to a stop. I have been restoring auto for thirty years and this is a first for me. Noise on new brakes. I've checked adjustment, tried seating brakes, checked for debris, etc. Any solutions.

After diagnosis, we were told our 1999 corolla needed a cooling fan switch. They would not show us where this is located. Please see if you can send me a detailed description of where this is on the engine. Thank you so much.