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where is the location of the crankshaft sensor
did the transmission have a label?
neither iof the belts look warn but when start care driver off sometimes battery light comes on then goes off but continues to streak
The inside lever to open the door broke because of unusual tension on the linkage. I had to pull very hard in order to open the door from the inside which resulted in a broken lever. Now I have a new lever, but need t...
My car runs loud after turning it on.
I recently had my car diagnosed and found out my catalytic converter was bad and I needed a new one. So I told Complete Auto Care to fix my car and do what they needed to do. The next day my check engine light came ba...
i had to replace my breaks and now my gas pedal is sticking how can i fix this
I have the replacement light assembly for my 2000 toyota corolla and I'm ready to go. Just need some tips on how to change it without breaking it.
A faulty diagnostic connector has been determined. Should it be repaired or replaced and how much will it cost?
I cannot lower front power windows as they go off track, how can I repair and what will it cost
where is the fuel relay located and the injector fuse and relay located?
clutch is 6 mths old
How often does the sway bar link need replaced? I just had it replaced 9 months ago, 9,000 miles ago and it already needs replaced. Is that normal?
Hi there - I have an '04 Corolla, 112K miles, last brake/rotor replacement was at 76K miles. Driving is almost exclusively in-town. Wondering if the following noise is cause for concern... when I depress the brake, ...
IS replacing the heater core hard to do in this corolla? do you have to remove the dash?
blower fan does not always work sometimes it starts up again if I hit a bump, ac, heater, and defrost still work
The Trunk release lever and the fuel door lever on the left side floor of the driver side are very loose ( but work) can they be tightened or do they have to be replaced???? Can't find the topic in my Haynes repair ...
i want to repere my car engine so i need more information about it could you please inform me?
Hello - how often should front brakes be replaced? I replaced them at 73K and now am at 112K. I do primarily in-town driving. Thanks!
how do you replace the power steering pump and pulley/
the car stop running it was lockedall the wheels
while driving suddenly stop the car wheels locked up
My 2002 Corolla drives like a dream until I have made several stops and have been driving a good long while. It sounds like grinding and flapping. This sound appears to be coming from the passenger side of the car. ...
their is a need for to by 4coil (for tunap) please e-mail me
my corrola's ac and heat has to be on number 4 to heat up or cool' if i put it on 1, you hear it but nothing comes out, the same with the ac. what's the problem? the car will be 1yr old this month.
I know it's an older car (1997 Toyota Corolla)....but it's been well taken care of by only 1 owner before me....when I hit the gas it rattles and then it eventually goes away when I let my foot off the pedal...but the...
My toyota failed with N0X at 1.5753, should be 1.5000. how would I get this to pass, it's very close.
I have owned a 1993 Toyota Corolla for one year now. It is a four-door, manual transmission. I was traveling in some rainy conditions and noticed that my steering wheel started to shimmy. I could minimize the shimm...
what size gaskets connecting converter
at 3,000 rpms my engine makes a knocking noise