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how do i remove ignition switch and replace

the car cranks but it doesnt starts if you put put a small amountof gas in a rag and plug it to the intake it startsas soon as you take the rag outit dies.if you plug your hands to the intake you have hard time pulling your handsoutfrom the throttle body

after putting on a/c in car about 30 mins

gradually got worst and now happens every time i drive the car

I have a 1999 corolla. I need the Hose routing diagram,for the Canister. One sensor I replaced,was the evap sensor,and all the vacuum hoses needs to be replaced. WHERE CAN I FIND THIS,ON THE INTERNET???

Is there an easy to get behind the dash or is that not necessary?

How do you replace a main fuse

OK I decided to change my brake pads and rotors myself for the first time; here are my issues: I relieved the pressure from the brake line and removed the caliper with no issue and changed the pads and installed the new rotor. I put everything back together and started a test drive. NO BRAKES! I went back to releive the brake fluid pressure and drained until clear fluid was present on the passenger side ans all good, on the driver side the relief nipple/valve broke on the caliper. So I loosened the hose on the caliper and bled until clear fluid was present. I left the tires off with the car on stands and started the engine and slowly placved the car into drive with my foot on the brake petal and... NO BRAKES! What did I do wrong or forget?

i have a 2001 corolla that has 130,000miles on it. im planning to drive to florida from california. im worried about the timing belt or chain coz of the mileage. does it have a timing belt or chain? if t/belt so i could have it replaced, if t/chain whats the maintenance on it? do i have to change that too? just dont wanna go to the dealers and have them chek and charge me big bucks.

my toyota corolla 96 model shut off while driving. in the mornings it has a hard start, when the engine is cold, it cranks but not starting instantly. while you drving it shutts off sometimes/intermitently. i'm not sure if the problem is the fuel pump or the computer box

where is cabin filter and how do i get to it?

we thought it was a bearing that needed to be replaced. we did that and the axle looks like it got cut off. what is the best way about going foward with the axle

What do I need to do to improve the idling ? It doesn't idle as smooth as it should.

car will go about 5 miles then start chugging along for another couple of miles before it completely quits. Then after it sets overnight, will go again. Service engine light does not come on. Have checked plugs, fuel filter, distributor cap. Acts like it has bad fuel, but that's not the problem either. Any suggestions??

leaking trans. fluid between engine and trans.

How much would be the labor to replace a rear main seal?

For a few weeks, I have noticed some pinkish fluid on the ground under the engine.

I replaced my battery. Now the radio won't work. How do you reset the ant theft code?

i have tried turning the steering wheel and everything, will i have to replace it or what can i do?

does it unscrew clock wise or counter clockwise

had an accident and damage to passenger side front and then all the dashboard lights came on including the check engine light...what can cause this and how do I fix it.

Cost for fixing ignition for Toyota Corolla 2002

check engine light

If my window stops going up, it will move every time I open and slam the door. Sometimes this works once and sometimes I have to slam many times. It is worse in the morning.

Check engine light comes on and code reads catalyst efficiency below threshold clear code and Check engine light comes back on after some time. What is the remedy to get threshold above catalyst efficiency to keep Check engine light off permanately.

I remove the cv joint but apart came off and stay in the transmition. and I have try to remove it with a ball jiont tool put it doesnt want to pop out. what can I do?


I recently purchased a Brand new 2010 Toyota Corolla LE, and now have 2000 miles on it. I finally ran out of windshield washer fluid but there was no warning light for "low washer fluid"....any ideas??

my malfunction indicator lamp just came on today. i was driving and i rolled over a dear. my car was smelling so i went to the car wash and after i came from the car wash the light came on. i drove it to the store while i was at work and it was fine. is this a serios problem.

My 1993 Corrolla has a roaring sound in the front right. Some time back I hit a piece of concrete at night that bent the wheel pretty bad. Later found that it had broken the top of the strut on that side.

Doesn't make the clunking of a C/V joint when in a turn. Starts roaring about 30 mph and gets louder at higher speeds. Does this sound like a wheel brng? Doe it take 2 brngs per wheel or just one?

Also looking for turn signal flasher & fuse. Are they both in the fuse panel left of drivers foot? Is this the same flasher for the emergency blinkers? If not where would it be located