what is the cost to replace catalytic converter?

i purchased a 1992 toyota corolla ran fine ;went 2 az. returned new tuneup(wires, plugs,cap rotor therostat timing etc....)dr appt.car wont start

I put my key in the ignition and turn it and I can only get it about half-way to the "accessories" position. The "door open" warning then beeps. And I know my steering wheel is not locked. I can't even get my car into a shop. What do I do? Do you know how I can at least hot-wire it so I can take it into a shop?

1995 toyota corolla (canadian car)will not run in hot weather.why?

The engine light went and and off, but then the car was flooded and the light has been on since then. The car's motor oil, transmission oil, break fluid, spark plugs, air filter and computer were replaced. I added fuel injector cleaner twice. Then I changed the cables + rotor and the engine top seal (just to stop oil leak due to normal wear)I also cleaned the engine oil with a solvent and changed oil and filter after changing the seals. The car has about 150,000 miles and the engine runs smoothly even before these changes. The code P301 is still on, although I erased it by disconnecting the battery after all repairs. Do I need to replace the spark plugs again? (they look carbonized, but the tips are intact)(Maybe the motor needed further drying before replacing the spark plugs). Is there a sensor(s) that needs to be cleaned with an electronic spray cleaner to solve this code? bond@caribe.net

I'm trying to replace the cruise control switch, and I can only gently pull the airbag out a little. I'm afraid of it going off and breaking my neck! So can it go off without being connected to the battery?

How do I replace it?

I think it needs to be charged but the system uses r12 my question is may i change r12 for r134a

How much would an oil pan seal cost?

is there a ceartin way to position the pulley @10 degrees

I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla with over 190K on it.

After my last alignment, my parking/daytime running lights will NOT go off. I turn the car off, lights off, remove the key and they stay on and have ran my battery dead once.

This went on for about 2 weeks. Then one day after some fiddling: engaging/disengaging parking brake, turning lights on and off, jiggling the key. they went off and stayed off.

Fast forward 3 months... I park the car for a week long cruise in a "bumpy due to bibrations from passing vehicles" parking garage. I get back to the car to find the battery dead and am now back to disconnecting the battery.

Normal function was I turn everything off, remove the key and they would stay on for 2 seconds ONLY.

Now, I am disconnecting my battery every time I park my car.

Please help. Thanks so much!! Enjoy your day!!

first of all the car has been running rough ever since i cleaned it out with a engine degreaser. Now the problem is that it shudders then stalls when i shift it into reverse or drive.

How much difficulty is involved with changing the right front wheel bearing?

I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla that has a frozen shifter cable (auto trans). It will not go into "park" but still shifts into the other gears. Can it be adjusted or does it have to be replaced?

Thank you in advance,

how many miles does the car need to have in order to change the spark plugs

How do I replace the headlight blub in this model car?

After a drive home of 50 miles in 85 degree heat, I stopped for a red light and when I took off I had no power.It took 100 yds to get to 25 mph. It slowly picked up, worse the more gas I gave it. When I put it in 2nd or 1st gear, (auto) it seemed to do better at higher rpm's. After 4-5 miles of city driving it seemed to get better.

My daughter told me she was driving home and the car was hot and smoking and get home and park, when I went the next day realize the fan was not workin, pull the fan out, tested and was working, install a new temperature sensor and relay and replace the blow fuse but still did not work, also by reading the owner manuel saw the fuse control the cooling fan, shift control and cruise control, but the car didnot shift out park, the cruise control did not turn on and the shift do not

what causes the tachometer to die. It was working erratically, then slowly died, no reading at all.

I was told by 2 mechanics that my door window regulator and motor need to be replaced and have been quoted anywhere from $600-$1,0000 to fix it....does this sound right??

my car its at 113,000 when should i replace the timing chain?

Problem is constant.


the problem occurred to me for the first time since owned vehicle since 1997.

Just sitting at red light and air conditioner just went off and at same time looked at gas hand and it showed empty when it was actually full.
Prior to this happening it would not start, just connection problem there.

i just observed my 2006 Toyota corolla coolant temperature gauge is above the middle line and remains constant there. i will like to know if is normal and what the temperature gauge should read when driving and solution(s) to the problem.my email is oshevireakpoguma@yahoo.com. Thanks

owners amnual shows 2 fuse boxes, 1 under the hood 1 under dash, cannot locate box that has fuse for a/c. thanks for any help.

My A/C Panel is broken and cost to much replace it. I want to know if I can put a switch on the side that I can turn it on and off.

A couple of weeks ago my a/c started making a humming noise that gets louder the higher the air is set. Took it to pepboys and they said that the blower motor fan is broke. They said it only comes in an assembly and said it would cost me $400 to fix! Is this really the problem? I found and ac delco assembly online and was going to replace it myself, only i have no idea where the blower motor is located on my car. Where is it, and how do i access it?

i have a 1992 toyta corolla i recently changed the oil in july 2010, sparkplugs on august 16,2010 new sparkplug wires and distrubitor cap but the car still skips