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i have a 1991 toyota corolla 4 cy i have another motor and i want to swap the 2. can you give me an estimate on how much i am looking to pay?
I replaced starter and battery, yet the car does not start. I was told by a retired mechanic that it could be a siple as the ignition relay. Please advise!
my car has 139,000 miles the check engine light came on how do i turn it off.
my power locks just jammed on me, they say its the latch that has to be fixed. How much should i be charged?
has anyone had the ECM be the problem when you could not get voltage to the fuel pump with the key in the on position or is it usualy the pump relay
do you have to remove the console
I have a 1994 toyota corolla and it takes a long time to shift out the first time then it want shift again
when I turn the ignitions to start the car, its only click but won't start, its start after several attempted don't know it's battery or starter or something else. please help me diagnose this problem. Thanks
At what km should i change my timing chain?
I have Toyota Corolla XLi with 1.3 engine that is 5 years old and has done 100,000 km. What type of service do i need. What are the major parts to be changed
Check light just came on stays on but soesn't drive different. What is involved in servicing and about how expensive to fix. I bought extended warrenty with car 5 month ago.
whenever i make turns i hear a clicking noise, what is this?
How do I replace a strut and shock? It is broken only at the top inside under hood where it attaches to car.? also, is there any other shock/struts compatible with any other cars like maybe a chevy metro??
can i replace the bearing in my a/c compressor
I noticed that the spring in my seat belt on the driver's side isn't working. If I push down on the button it does not pop back up. My seat belt is not currently in the harness so I dont have the issue of it currently...
my car has been in my garage for about 3 years. I have replaced the battery, but it will still not crank up, the only thing that works is the headlight and the dinging noise when the key is in the ignition. what could...
i have a gas leak in the engine compartment how do i change it?and where is that gas line? i guess it's going to the carb.
My car squeals and squeaks every day but belts look fine, when start engine on cold start engine light comes on when move streeing wheel, then goes off with periodic squeals when turning wheel.
I hear a clunking sound on the first brake application. If I put car in reverse, I hear a clunk on first brake application. If I put car in drive, I hear a clunk on first break application. Only the first time I appl...
engine light on code p0420
Is a 'Fuel Injection Cleaning', which includes cleaning Throttle Plate & 3 part chemical kit worth doing? $130 - $71 for labor and $59 for parts. We were told it was important because it was dirty.
Is Fuel Injection Cleaning (including cleaning throttle plate and 3 part chemical kit) a good idea to do if we're told it was 'dirty'. And is $130 a good price to pay for all this- $71 for labor and $59 for parts? P...
My remote key to unlock the door and turn on/off the alarm does not work after dropping it. I checked and it's not the battery. What should I do?
Someone tried to break in this car and busted the outside front door handle on passenger side. They not only broke the black plastic handle, they also bent and broke the outside manual lock. I know I can buy the han...
how to replace light bulb in the selector lever?
My glove box will not open. My registration, proof of insurance and other paper work is in it. The latch does move. Is this a big project to fix it?
When I try to unlock the doors the drivers dor will some times unlock and not the passengers lock won't. Then today the drivers door was hard. Is there a fuse for that? If so were is it located?
The car makes big noise recently, and vibrates when it is running. Have it checked. The drive axles are loose where they go into the transmission. How can it be fixed? Thank you very much!