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The problem started a week ago. I was stopped by the Police and told I did ot have ay brake lights. I don't know where to start.

there is particles in transmission fluid, what can be the cause?

I hit a curb to aviod an accident, and I believe my alignment is off. I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow, but I'm concerned my pitman/ steering arm may need replacement. Do you know about how much that part would cost without labor? Thank you!

I need to find a Serpentine Belt Routing Diagram.

i have replaced the # 3 coil 3 times, last time about 3 months ago, all 4 coils replaced, now after about 2 months of driving, car starts, runs for about 3 seconds,then shuts down. ;mechanic has checked all of the obvious, he cannot figure it out, been in shop 2 months.

I need a test that tells exactly what is
wrong with my fuel exhaust system. I barley
passed the smog test.
thanks Terri

it idles fine but when you start to rev the engine it bogs down. i have cleaned the egr system, checked spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor. sprayed b12 in the tb it floods the motor. vacuum tubes look good. no check engine light. plz help

water gathering drivers footwell appears to be running down o/s kick panel at side of accelerator pedal any help would be appreciated have had wing off and resealed seams and wiring grommet but water still coming in.

Where on the transmission is the reverse light switch located?

I got a code from actron diagnostic scanner (P0440)auxiliary emissions controls. What is this?

The dash lights that light up the heater control and fan knob in my 1999 toyota corolla burned out. they are behind the heater control module. How do you replace them?

I cannot find the starter.

I was charged 255 dollars to replace 2 rear brake cylinders. Is this cost outrageous?

dial display check,why reason.

Curious about labor cost concerning rear cylinder brake replacement. Was charged for 3 hours labor @ 70 dollars per hour.

air bag lite is on all the time .never in accident what can it be?

I own a 1993 toyota corolla LE with approximately 217,000 miles on it. I have recently just changed the oil and filter and replaced the exhaust manifold on the car. A mechanic and family friend of ours replaced the manifold. The loud vibration noise coming from outside and inside the car was suppose to go away after replacing the manifold. Once starting up the car from the outside the noise cannot be heard that much. However when sitting in the driver side I hear a loud noise at times. Mostly when I'm on the highway and when first started up. When the car is started it seems to idle high, which is normal to idle high when it is cold. Once the engine warms up it seems to idle ok but sometimes still idles over the 1000 rpms. Now I don't know if the noise is just something that is with this older car seeing how it has high miles or if something else is wrong. Please help.

A sudden rattling sound appeared in the engine of my 2002 Corolla and I pulled over. The oil light was on. I probably did not notice it earlier. The engine starts except that it makes this rattling noise. The oil was extremely low, maybe just upto the tip of the dip stick. The engine has ~100,000 miles and I had just done an oil change a month ago. No oil leakage or radiator leakage. No over heating. Any idea what I am looking at?

Am having trouble starting the car when i put the key in the ignition? It will not turn over at times.

This is a 1.6 hatchback Toyota corolla 1.6 liter engine Has a normally aspirated engine, with electronic ignition.Car was in perfect running order a month ago when the battery was stolen after which the car was not driven .Last Monday a a new battery was fitted but the car will not start .
The battery cranks the engine
All the fuses are in fine
The fuel pumps pumps fuel .
The plug wire shows a spark when earthed to the body of the car and the engine is cranked .
When the battery was stolen the nuts on the terminal were loosened no wires were cut
The distributer is turning
Could the spark be weak and if so what is the cause.

I went into the dealer two months ago and they had a recall that covered the front floor mats. The dealer would not give any details at all and just said that they fixed the problem.

How to adjust idle speed

Which fuse box where you plug the cell phone?

Can low tire pressure light coming on cause the VSC light to come on and flash for three days before it resets it self? Even if you take care of the tire pressure problem immediately? While the light flashes the system is inoperable!

the indicator lamp just came on as i was driving.

For my 30,000 mile checkup they included all the typical items, and
the estimate was 950. I had no problems with the vehicle.
they explained everything, but I was skeptical. At an earlier visit they estimated it would be maybe 300 or 400. I walked out.
Horrible cheats! They are polite, while they set you up for the
return visit.

How can i tell if it is the starter? My car was dead this morning. No problems ever before. The battery looks good. Green eye on battery shows good. I get a jump and it starts. Shut it off and and will not restart. It makes a spinning noise not a cliclikg noise when turning the ignition key. Pls pls apls advise...I am stuck in my drive with no other car. thanks email=

Just changed front brake pads on 1992 toyota corolla and now the brake lights won't go off. Any ideas why not?

Hi- I have a problem with my 2003 Corolla. It just started leaking water into the Right Front and Rear Passenger wells. I put it up on a lift and removed the 2 Plugs on that side and it has drained out. I cannot find out where the link is coming from? I see under the firewall a small Tube coming out. Is this from the Condensate Pump? It is not plugged. Friend said it might be the Windshield or A/C. Not sure?\r\n
What can I do to fix this problem? I do not see any Toyota recalls for this year?

Also car is making a whirring sound when I start up and hit accelerator. Friend indicated it might be Bearings in Tensioner Belt? What can I do here too??

Thank you!

How do I replace the rear vent window on a 1998 Toyota Corolla sedan (with manual windows)? I have purchased a used vent window with a rubber frame attached to it but need some help getting started (so that I don't break the new glass!)

Thanks, Daniel