Can low tire pressure light coming on cause the VSC light to come on and flash for three days before it resets it self? Even if you take care of the tire pressure problem immediately? While the light flashes the system is inoperable!

the indicator lamp just came on as i was driving.

For my 30,000 mile checkup they included all the typical items, and
the estimate was 950. I had no problems with the vehicle.
they explained everything, but I was skeptical. At an earlier visit they estimated it would be maybe 300 or 400. I walked out.
Horrible cheats! They are polite, while they set you up for the
return visit.

How can i tell if it is the starter? My car was dead this morning. No problems ever before. The battery looks good. Green eye on battery shows good. I get a jump and it starts. Shut it off and and will not restart. It makes a spinning noise not a cliclikg noise when turning the ignition key. Pls pls apls advise...I am stuck in my drive with no other car. thanks email=

Just changed front brake pads on 1992 toyota corolla and now the brake lights won't go off. Any ideas why not?

Hi- I have a problem with my 2003 Corolla. It just started leaking water into the Right Front and Rear Passenger wells. I put it up on a lift and removed the 2 Plugs on that side and it has drained out. I cannot find out where the link is coming from? I see under the firewall a small Tube coming out. Is this from the Condensate Pump? It is not plugged. Friend said it might be the Windshield or A/C. Not sure?\r\n
What can I do to fix this problem? I do not see any Toyota recalls for this year?

Also car is making a whirring sound when I start up and hit accelerator. Friend indicated it might be Bearings in Tensioner Belt? What can I do here too??

Thank you!

How do I replace the rear vent window on a 1998 Toyota Corolla sedan (with manual windows)? I have purchased a used vent window with a rubber frame attached to it but need some help getting started (so that I don't break the new glass!)

Thanks, Daniel

I have a damaged front bumper and want to replace. I understand I can get this part online, costs anywhere from about 40 to 90 dollars (no idea about shipping) but what shall I budget in for work and paint?

I actually have a 1985 Toyota Corolla. The engine is over heating and the fans on the radiator are not turning. I thought it might be a belt, but I cannot find one that is not turning. So, I just need to know why the fans may not be turning.

Here's the story....
As I was driving home today, my car suddenly stopped. I thought that maybe it overheated and checked the coolant. When I opened the hood, I noticed the coolant was empty, so I filled it up, waited a few minutes and then proceeded to drive. It stopped again, and I could smell that it was overheating, although there was no steam coming from under the hood. The low fuel light had just turned on, and I eventhough it needed gas, I thought, it generally means I have a few miles to go. A guy suggested that maybe I ran out of gas, so I put gas in it, waited a few minutes and then drove it home (all within a few miles). As I pulled into the parking space, it died again. This time there was steam coming from under the hood.

My questions...
Could running out of gas cause overheating?
Does overheating indicate that I need a new radiator?
How much does is cost to repair/replace a radiator?

On another note... what is the estimated cost to replace two front wheel bearings?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Another topic

When I engage the clutch to go in reverse I cannot engage clucth and put in gear and when I engage in 1st gear I have to engage the clutch all the way to the floorboard.
Sometimes the car stalls in 1st and in reverse.

My 1999 Toyota corolla was once flooded, the water enter the car until it cover the who dashboard, after that I sent it to the repair shop and do the things including the cleaning doing the electrical stuffs and everything, it went well after that except for the ABS, there was no alarm on the ABS indicator on the dash board but everytime I start my car then start to moved it from speed of 0 going to 20, on 20 I heard a roaring sound on the ABS pump ( I assume, also the repair man says it came from the ABS Pump) after that the roaring sound is gone but after I stop and turned my engine off and turned it on again and move it to 0 to 20 km/h i hear the roaring sound again, this sound only took place only the car was turned off and start it again but after that the roaring sound is already gone, can you help me with this thanks


My steering wheel is a little off centered. In order to drive straight I need to turn the steering wheel slightly to the right. What can I do to fix it? How much will it cost? and What is the technical term for it?

my a/c doesnt get cold

Brake light stay on when emergency brake is off?

I have 44,000 miles its time for an oil change my car drives and sounds fine, gas cap is on tight please help

how do i remove ignition switch and replace

the car cranks but it doesnt starts if you put put a small amountof gas in a rag and plug it to the intake it startsas soon as you take the rag outit dies.if you plug your hands to the intake you have hard time pulling your handsoutfrom the throttle body

after putting on a/c in car about 30 mins

gradually got worst and now happens every time i drive the car

I have a 1999 corolla. I need the Hose routing diagram,for the Canister. One sensor I replaced,was the evap sensor,and all the vacuum hoses needs to be replaced. WHERE CAN I FIND THIS,ON THE INTERNET???

Is there an easy to get behind the dash or is that not necessary?

How do you replace a main fuse

OK I decided to change my brake pads and rotors myself for the first time; here are my issues: I relieved the pressure from the brake line and removed the caliper with no issue and changed the pads and installed the new rotor. I put everything back together and started a test drive. NO BRAKES! I went back to releive the brake fluid pressure and drained until clear fluid was present on the passenger side ans all good, on the driver side the relief nipple/valve broke on the caliper. So I loosened the hose on the caliper and bled until clear fluid was present. I left the tires off with the car on stands and started the engine and slowly placved the car into drive with my foot on the brake petal and... NO BRAKES! What did I do wrong or forget?

i have a 2001 corolla that has 130,000miles on it. im planning to drive to florida from california. im worried about the timing belt or chain coz of the mileage. does it have a timing belt or chain? if t/belt so i could have it replaced, if t/chain whats the maintenance on it? do i have to change that too? just dont wanna go to the dealers and have them chek and charge me big bucks.

my toyota corolla 96 model shut off while driving. in the mornings it has a hard start, when the engine is cold, it cranks but not starting instantly. while you drving it shutts off sometimes/intermitently. i'm not sure if the problem is the fuel pump or the computer box

where is cabin filter and how do i get to it?

we thought it was a bearing that needed to be replaced. we did that and the axle looks like it got cut off. what is the best way about going foward with the axle

What do I need to do to improve the idling ? It doesn't idle as smooth as it should.