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instruction on upgrading 2002 corolla with a cruise control
ok I just got this car from a family member and I am having problems figuring out what is wrong. I put a new battery in this car and turned the key over and the gauges didn't come on like most cars, I looked under the...
How do you reset the maintenance light after completing the oil and filter change in a 07 toyota corolla?
is a car inspectable if struts need replacement
How do i clean the headlight lens on my car. Can I disassemble it and how?
a/c turns on, but blows out hot air.
what is the firing order for a 2007 toyota corolla ce?
I changed the front and rear oxegen sensers and the cat. converter
Not sure where to put the oil in the trani
I just had the thermostat for the coolant replaced on my corolla and now the fans for the radiator run constantly from the time you turn the ignition switch on. How do I get them back to temperature controlled so the...
I'm looking at the headlight with replacement bulb in hand, is there an easy way to replace this item?
when driving the car it makes a rattling noise in the rear of the car
driver's side mirror is cracked. Can the mirror only be relaced without having to replace the entire mechanism/housing?
I just replaced the starter on my corolla and now my car starts! Only problem is, it idels funny and ends up shutting off. Also, my brakes are really stiff. I removed the intake manifold and throttle body to get to th...
best motor oil for a 92 toy. corolla leaks, 170,000 miles. should I stay with 5-20 or go up to 5-30 syn over reg motor oil??
Does the maintance light come on when the oil needs to be changed?
Car was converted from R12 years ago; we've had it for 3, and it was OK, now won't hold freon. We've been told compressor needs to be replaced, system purged, etc.
is the rear shock a strut or just a shock that I can change ?
I haven't serviced the car (didn't do a 60K mile checkup) in awhile, but the oil is changed every 4K miles. I know I need a state inspection, oil/filter change, possibly brakes. Do I need to have any hoses/belts repla...
my car has the check engine light on and a serviceman told me my #2 cylinder wasnt firing, i think the rings are leaking and fouling the plug.which cylinder is designated #2/
Hi, just wondering how to replace a brake light switch in my Corolla... it seems very akward to get at (that is if I am looking at the right thing), do I need to remove the whole brake pedal assembly to replace the sw...
About 8 months ago I had CV Joints and Boots replaced. I come to find out the boot came apart from where it should normally sit. It was fixed and I was covered under warranty parts and labor to have this redone, BUUUT...
where is it located and what is the difference of a two prong and three prong speed sensor for the same car
where is located, would like to change
What's the approx cost parts & labor to remove and install a serpentine belt tensioner.
The dashboard light that illuminates the speedometer needs to be replaced. There s no guidance in the manuel.
i have a 1991 toyota corolla 4 cy i have another motor and i want to swap the 2. can you give me an estimate on how much i am looking to pay?
I replaced starter and battery, yet the car does not start. I was told by a retired mechanic that it could be a siple as the ignition relay. Please advise!
my car has 139,000 miles the check engine light came on how do i turn it off.
my power locks just jammed on me, they say its the latch that has to be fixed. How much should i be charged?