I need to replace a bumper for my 2005 toyota corolla. Can a bumper from a 2004 toyota corolla fit on my 2005 toyota corolla?

Front wheel bearings how to replace possibly a picture to go by

how much to replace

I had replace the battery a month before bring for inspection, now the car must be driven before it can go through inspection

Engine started intermittently being difficult to start but would crank after several attempts. Now it just turns over and will not start. You can smell gas behind the car from the exhaust. But it will not run.

I have replaced rear drum breaks on several cars in the past. My 2004 Corolla is a different beast. Adjusted the star as far as I could, the drum will not come off. Am I missing a step?

i have no break lights and ive replaced the break light switch, the fuse and all the bulbs, and i still have no break lights.what could be the problem?

My auto repair said it was a relay switch & the charge was $88. Do you think this charge was accurate?

how to install my tachometer in my auto corolla 89 where there is no line for rpm..

If flasher blinks faster not the normal, what does it indicates? thanks...


told by toyota service dept that cost to repair this leak problem till se $650.00!!

How do I reemove and replace my heater/ac blower motor

Car clicks like battery dead, but horn still honking. Cleaned posts and charged battery. How do I reset and please tell me exactly where the reset button is. No manual.

my cooling fan only works with ac and not the heat why

after rotating tires i saw that there was no rubber boot(seal) atop the front strut inside the wheel well...i can see the shock arm that enters the strut with no protection ...does it need protection or could i just put some lube on it? thanks

my brake lights wont' come on and my gear shift will not go into gear. what is wrong

my gear shift won't go into drive and my brake lights wont' come on

gear shift won't move and I don't have any brake lights. What could be wrong. and What controls the brake lights

My temperature gauge indicator light is out and not sure if it's triggered by a fuse or bulb (where do you go to replace it). Also, my back window break light is off and not sure how to replace. Any help will be appreciated.

1. I broke the bleeder plug on the rear drum brakes. How do I remove the remaining part?

2. How do I prevent from breaking a rusty bleeder plug in the future?

Three weeks ago. I went to Midas for maintenance only and they took out the AC filter and show me it was dirty. It wasn't that dirty. They charge me $53 dollars for a new one.

The plastic rim around the driver's side inside door handle has broken and I need to replace the it. How do you take it apart, put on the new one and put it back together?

I hear rattling when I step on the accelorator after being at a complete stop.

it feels diferent when i drive up the hill

Replaced fuel pump and car cranks but no power. I'm trying to locate the relay location.

My car has developed a sort of rattling noise that seems to be irritated my turns and acceleration? It generally exists though for the most part and exists on the right front. Not sure if something is just loose or I should worry.

How much will it cost to replace the driver side door handle?

how much to replace the dash board bulbs

how often should the throttle body be cleaned?