My temperature gauge indicator light is out and not sure if it's triggered by a fuse or bulb (where do you go to replace it). Also, my back window break light is off and not sure how to replace. Any help will be appreciated.

1. I broke the bleeder plug on the rear drum brakes. How do I remove the remaining part?

2. How do I prevent from breaking a rusty bleeder plug in the future?

Three weeks ago. I went to Midas for maintenance only and they took out the AC filter and show me it was dirty. It wasn't that dirty. They charge me $53 dollars for a new one.

The plastic rim around the driver's side inside door handle has broken and I need to replace the it. How do you take it apart, put on the new one and put it back together?

I hear rattling when I step on the accelorator after being at a complete stop.

it feels diferent when i drive up the hill

Replaced fuel pump and car cranks but no power. I'm trying to locate the relay location.

My car has developed a sort of rattling noise that seems to be irritated my turns and acceleration? It generally exists though for the most part and exists on the right front. Not sure if something is just loose or I should worry.

How much will it cost to replace the driver side door handle?

how much to replace the dash board bulbs

how often should the throttle body be cleaned?

When driving car over 70 it shakes the steering wheel.The care pulls to the left. I was told it possibly was the roters need turning. Is this correct?


we where parked and pulled out drove about half a block, car stopped and we could not move at all,wrecker came to tow us we did not know about the shift lock override button so we got it jumped just enough to take it out of park to load it on the wrecker. replaced the battery and new battery terminal. Now car has a hesitation almost like it could shut off amytime

The problem started a week ago. I was stopped by the Police and told I did ot have ay brake lights. I don't know where to start.

there is particles in transmission fluid, what can be the cause?

I hit a curb to aviod an accident, and I believe my alignment is off. I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow, but I'm concerned my pitman/ steering arm may need replacement. Do you know about how much that part would cost without labor? Thank you!

I need to find a Serpentine Belt Routing Diagram.

i have replaced the # 3 coil 3 times, last time about 3 months ago, all 4 coils replaced, now after about 2 months of driving, car starts, runs for about 3 seconds,then shuts down. ;mechanic has checked all of the obvious, he cannot figure it out, been in shop 2 months.

I need a test that tells exactly what is
wrong with my fuel exhaust system. I barley
passed the smog test.
thanks Terri

it idles fine but when you start to rev the engine it bogs down. i have cleaned the egr system, checked spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor. sprayed b12 in the tb it floods the motor. vacuum tubes look good. no check engine light. plz help

water gathering drivers footwell appears to be running down o/s kick panel at side of accelerator pedal any help would be appreciated have had wing off and resealed seams and wiring grommet but water still coming in.

Where on the transmission is the reverse light switch located?

I got a code from actron diagnostic scanner (P0440)auxiliary emissions controls. What is this?

The dash lights that light up the heater control and fan knob in my 1999 toyota corolla burned out. they are behind the heater control module. How do you replace them?

I cannot find the starter.

I was charged 255 dollars to replace 2 rear brake cylinders. Is this cost outrageous?

dial display check,why reason.

Curious about labor cost concerning rear cylinder brake replacement. Was charged for 3 hours labor @ 70 dollars per hour.

air bag lite is on all the time .never in accident what can it be?