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my toyota corolla is made in japan,

I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla with about 65,000 miles. Recently the dash & tail lights stopped coming on. Have checked & replaced bulbs & fuses. Even had a mechanic friend replace a fuse under the hood. The lights came on for a short while & then went out again. What could it be?

I tried to get the car smogged, however the check engine light came on and the smog tech said that the diagnostic computer said it could not smog the car and showed a code PO401. The computer didn't say what the issue was. Can you help direct me to the issue.
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The engine light would come on and off sometimes, I was told by the guy at Autozone when he used that code check that's it's the charcoal canister. How do you replace it?

smoke comes out continuously even after rev...

Hi, How much should it cost for a used rear axel, bearings, and all rotors. Thank you

The car does not heat up. I have put card board in the front
does not seem to make a differece. The dash gauge never goes up unless you are just sitting. I replace the thermostate a couple of years ago.

My son was driving it off the freeway. He was on the off ramp when he started hearing the knocking. The dealer told me it was a bearing causing the knocking and was unreapairable. I would need a new or rebuilt engine.

oil change for toyota corolla le-how often

When changing the ATF at 60K miles for the first time is it enough to just drain and refill?

are the plainun / iridium spark plugs one kind or are they two different ones .?

it is very quiet when start the engine with all the penal light on. trying continually for couple of times. it starts! this problem begins in cold weather recently

oil leak needs to replace timing chain tentioner oil ring what is the cvost

car vibrates, makes dash rattle, when idling

my car is over heating and i constantly have to replace the the coolant/antifreeze awhile back i changed the thermostat and it was fine for a couple of weeks but it started over heating again and caused the radiator to crack i replaced it and again it was fine but after a few weeks it started to over heat again. i also noticed that all the coolant was coming out of the reservoir boiling hot in liquid form and steam i was told that it might be a blown head gasket but i checked the oil to see if i had water in the oil pan but its clean.what can be causing it and what can i do to fix it and how?

can i chenge it my self do i need special tools

the warning light just came on air pressure is good on all tires.

need to replace my power steering pump hpw much!

The heater fan quit working, there is no blower, Could this be a fuse or is there a different problem?

car engine has in side water.i replaced all.and two time tuning its.fuel work was bad.

squeaking noise on the passenger side of the engine. what could it be?

My car seems to misfire when i first pull off and when i go up hills it slows down as if i have no power. The check engine light has not come on. I have a stick shift.

My break light have been on for nearly 2 months now what is wrong?

I can feel the heat but the fan has totally quit at any speed. Previously it would cut out but mostly ran. could this be the resistor or the heater blower fan?

I take my car in for service on a regular basis and knew that I would soon need rear brake pads. Then I suddenly lost all braking ability and was told I needed remanufactured brake vacuum booster & a new brake master cylinder assy combo at a cost of $515. and labor at $318. along with new rear drum brake shoes $50., rear drum brake hardware fit, $23.; new rear brake wheel cylinders $24 with labor cost of $159; plus stallation/resurface drums/lube all rear drum brake hardware/adjust parking brake (1.5 hrs) complete brake fluid flush & fill @ $130.

NEED TO CONSTANTLY JUMP THE CAR. THE PROBLEM STARTED A WEEK AGO. if the car remains idle for about 8 hours or more it won't start. once it was jumped it will be running ok without any problem at all.

I pulled into a one-car garage and misjudged the distance on the sides. As a result my passenger's side mirror was ripped off. Since there is a solid rubber piece which holds the mirror to the car and needs to be replaced, I am wondering what it would cost to repair this (approx.) ?

I only hear the sound when breaking. I do not hear it while driving. So could this still be the wheel bearings?

Out of no where I suddenly had a dead battery. I thought it was just the battery's time to go, so I bought a new one. Everything was fine for about 48 hours, then I go to start up my car the next evening and nothing...I thought there was some sort of short that was draining my battery over night, so I got a jump start from my friend and drove the car around for about 30 minutes hoping to charge the battery a bit and see how long the charge will last. I got home turned the car off, and just out of curiosity checked to see if I could start it again, and nothing happened. Any thoughts?

so I just bought this 1995 toyota corolla and while in idle it clicks over and over again without stop. My friend who has a toyota corolla too says its some kind of engine thing something rubbing against something in the engine? Any suggestions? If it is an expensive problem i'm going to go see this guy that sold me this....