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compression dry- ranges to 110, 110, 110, 110: wet- 140, 130, 120, 120..the gauge indicates only that oil circulates a little when you steps on the gas pedal on neutral.. is the oil pump busted or need replacement?
the engine oil does not circulate properly, is the oil pump busted or something else? Thanks
The transmission wont go into drive but reverse's and gose into park it just spins when in drive fluid is black is that the problem?
the brake lights do not come on when i depress the brake pedals. I've checked all the lights bulbs and fuses, they are all in good condition. next step... brake light switch. how do i go about replace it?
Could you please tell me where the expansion valve is located on my car. Thank you
my light on the gear shift planel went out...what fuse is need to be replace and where is it located ..thanks
My car started to sound like a diesel truck and is getting louder everyday. Does anybody have an answer please?
I know my starter is going out and I do not know if it is worth doing myself,(rebuilt $104. vs. taking it to a shop. Is it hard to get to?
the blower under the dash has started making a buzzing noise especially on max blow. i don't think anything fell in the vents as we have been on vacation and the noise started when we got back. if it helps, it's been ...
I have the ignition switch out...Now how do I remove the lock cylinder??
When the car's engine is running, the oil from tranmission tank area, leaks drip by drip with rusty colored oil. When the engine is off, there is NO leak at all. I found out that the trans cooler hoses are bad and bot...
I need to know what extras I should pay out of pocket for a free tire guarantee from the dealer..? (aligment, etc..)
how hard is it to replace the waterpump?
I have a 1998 toyota corola problem is the engin runs, i checked the transmission fluid which is good, the gear shifts but it wont go into gear and move.
if just the clutch is bad, why do you have to replace the whole compressor
blower fan works on high speed only
I have toyota corolla 1993 model, car is running verygood without A/c when i switchon the A/c car Accelator paddle get UP & Down and A/c compressor is also running and getting stop for a while and again so on...I went...
I was told by one service agent that the transmission filter on my 07 Corolla should be changed when the fluid is changed. A second place said the manufacturer does not recommend changing the filter. Which one is right?
on the sensor oxygen for my toyota corolla would it be before or after the cadillac converter its a 1990 toyota corolla
only pops out of 5 th gear a couple of times and then will stay for 30 or 40 mile and then pop out again, its done it well drive a constent speed
I need to replace ignition switch, but the key will not turn to ACC to release the switch, Ive have tried to press the release button under the switch but still no luck.
Hi.. I replaced the master brake cylinder,and the brake works fine,but the emergency brake light in the console still on.The liquid are ok.When I ride the car the brake light goes on and off.on and off.The master bra...
I had to make a hard stop in traffic yesterday and now brake pedal is very squishy (only providing much stopping power at the very end of the stroke,) brake light is on solid. I only drove the car about 1-2 miles af...
Passenger side brake light does not work. I tried to pull out the assembly to replace the bulb but I can not. I had taken the screw of one of the two holders but the other has no screw and I cannot figure how to remov...
I can't shift into "DRIVE" unless headlights are on. If I keep my lights on, the fuse burns out quick. Even if it's a brand new fuse! What is the reason?
This is the first time I have damadged my right side mirror. The mirror is still in one piece, yet does not rotate out to give me the needed view of vehicles on my right.
Does it matter what two yellow wires and what two red wires are to be brought together that connect the passenger side air bag to it's control unit?
I need to repair the broken wires (2) red and (2) yellow that the mice have chewed off that pertain to the passenger side air bag.
The front and rear parking lights (the orange and red lights on the corners) and the dashboard lights don't turn off when I turn the headlights off. I can eventually get them to turn off, but I don't know how I do it....
changed high pressure switch and compressor with clutch assembly. it works fine for about 20 minutes in bay; test drive it and when you let off gas clutch stops working most of the time