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My dashboard illumination is out. I checked all the fuses: they look good. The radio illumination is OK. Additionally the illumination behind the "where-should- the-air-go" air conditioning knob is out.
We put close to 140 kMi into this little car. Should we fix it and how to do it?

i have a 2007 Toyota corolla the check engine light came on after i started the car and i could not rev over 2000rpms then car shut off waited 20 mins and now it seems fine just light still on.

Motor is very noisy

when the car is on the wipers wont shut off, do i go with the wiper switch or the motor?

i have a 2000 toyota corolla with a 3speed automatic transmission & i was told there are two places on the transmission that the fulid must be removed & replaced is this true if so whear

My Corolla has a miss in number 4 cyl. I have replaced the spark plugs, the injectors and coils for all 4 cylinders. I have fire at the #4 spark plug. I can remove the plug wires one at a time and only #4 does not change the way the engine runs. I believe it could be a fuel issue to the #4 injector but don"t know how to test this.

I found the fuse box that i need but do not have a panel to tell me which fuse is which and i need to change the cigarrette lighter fuse. i blew it pluggin in my phone charger. can someone help me please

First time for my daughter-it has happen to me once or twice

I found the fuse box but can't find the fuse I lost the cover that tells me where is the one for the radio please help me

when i'm just a regular stop,sudden stops, when i hit bumps.


I just bought a used Corolla. The rear spoiler has a bolt holding it in place on either end. They don't seem to be enough to keep it from wavering. It appears each end requires some type of rubber spacer or adhesive to add stability. Any ideas?

the noise sounds like a belt but it is very loud happens when i start the car and when i turn the wheel, i noticed while having someone turn the wheel i can see the power steering pump cause all belts to stop. something is wrong i think ?

brake tail light stays on and cause the battery to die replaced battery and it still happened

It is wearing out

how to change third brake light

Just to keep the records straight I been doing cars, trucks, planes, boats, and trucks for 45 + yrs....thank you....My son has my car in Florida I am in New York, I bought it used its a 02 corolla, 100,000K on it runs fantastic, but he says on the interstate at high speeds he notices an abrupt sort of shutter in the trans., I am not there so its a long distance sort of diagnosis, I immediately thought of the torque converter lockup, I asked him to steady cruise at about 55-60 mph and genttly tap the brake pedal, which in turn will disengaging the lockup, and tell me what it feels like but he hasn't got the results back to me as he is very busy at work, he says it shutters hard on acceleration at higher speeds(like 75-80mph) which is the speed to travel on the I-95 down there....any thoughts on this???
I know the Corrollas have bad standard trans but the 4 cyl coupled with the automatics should???be ok???
Wonder if there is a recall on it or something???
Perhaps a shift solenoid defective or an adjustment ....but only on high end speed.
Thanks for your help guys!!!

The car started going dead at idle. I cleaned and checked the EGR and the intake mainifold which was clogged with carbon. Now the car will not start. When it cranks over it will randomly fire but not start. I have checked for fuel vapor and spark. Wires, plugs, dist. cap, rotor button, and fuel filter are all new. I did a visual check on the timing by rotating the engine to the no.1 position in the distributor and saw that the no.1 piston was up and valves were closed. What else can I do?

The article on "Tune-Up: What Exactly Is It?" seems to suggest that a tune up does not exist and that it is the same as what is done during scheduled maintance visits.

Page toyota in detroit michigan said I needed a tune up as well as 60,000 mile scheduled maintance. I really don't know anything about a car so I am wondering what is true.

Are they 2 different things?

what is the gap for hte spark plugs

my car wouldnt start one day while leaving the grocery store a fellow tapped the starter while we started the car then we had starter replaced same thing happened and now the starter is out again but tapping starter no longer gets the car to start...any ideas as to whay this is happening, could my starter be good and some other thing is making it not start?

i have a 91 toyota corolla where my rear bumper wraps around to the rear wheelwell. at the point near the rear wheelwell the bumper/quartpanel is sticking out about 1/4 inch. this keeps the car from passing state inspection.

after replacing the right rear brake bulbs the light still does not work. any ideas?

My steering wheel vibrates at high speed. Do I need front wheel bearings?

code p0420 how can i repair this problem

My battery is dead (door left ajar) and I can't back it out of garage to jump it off because the transmission is hung up in park - I can't shift it to neutral.

my toyota corolla 1999 has run 70000 miles. is replacement of timing belt needed now.if not when. one dealer had said that replacement is not needed.thanks for your advice

Had 4 new tires put on and when I picked car up, the daytime lights were on. When I withdrew the keys from ignition, these headlights came ON. I jiggled keys and lights shut off. Came back to the car around 2 hours later and parking lights had come back on. I was able to get lights to go off, but again 2 hours later, came to check on car and the lights were back ON. Got into car to move it for battery charging accessability. Went to check car the next morning and the lights had been on and had completely drained the battery. Mechanic has had car for a week and cannot find the problem. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Would appreciate ANY help you could give.

the driver power window stopped working without notice. Today I opened it to take a ticket from the machine and was unable to get window closed. I heard no noise at all. The other windows are still working.

I hear a clicking when I drive. It does not happen every time but more often lately.