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these bolts thread into holes on the disc assembly, to aid in its removal
We have replaced all the back bulbs but still no brake lights. Looked at all the fuses and all seem fine too. Blinkers, reverse lights, etc, all in working order.
only been doing last couple days. its not chang gears like it should.
I fell like my car is running rich at the current time, I don't know if this is just as the new engine adjusting or something or if I might need to rest the ECU. I'm hoping that it might not be something like a leak. ...
But it does start on the next two or three tries. There are no clicks to speak of, maybe one, and it doesn't sound like the battery is trying, although once in a while it has. Sears said I needed a battery so I change...
Three days ago went online found out may be pluged or air poket in lines blow into ? Wasnt sure but blew through one and fluid flowed back through port that i had hose from didnt know if it woul help but put it all ba...
I had to pretty much take everything apart just to get to a freeze plug. So after I put her back together the starter got stuck just one thing after another now I'm stuck trying to figure out why she idles once I star...
Just replaced the transmission do to it not shifting correctly just wondering how I'm supposed to pump my atf through it
There's a button on the side to Override it, but, pressed and unpressed it - still can't move from 'Park' Thanks
water leak below distributor, about the size of pinky finger
my car shuts off while im driving and is hard to get it restarted. I changed distributor,& CPU terminal harness. I have checked the fuel pressure. I got codes 13 & 14 off diagnosis scanner. No one seems to know what t...
I need to change the fuel pressure regulator, and am wondering if the one of the bolts out of the 3 needs to be torqued
I have changed the distributor an re checked the new timing belt. "HELP"
so the heating system in my car works very well, but the only problem is, is that the cold one doesn't i was wondering what could it be that doesnt work? and how much is it going to cost to fix it?
I was forced to cut the main fuel line to remove the fuel filter and now need to replace it.
I can see the rubber is torn, deteriorated. Do you have to replace the whole strut? Would it be worth it to find good struts at the wrecking yard? Or are new ones the only way to go?
I've checked the bulbs, they are both good but when i put my car in the reverse gear, the lights wont come on?
Is the rattle I hear in the rear a result of bad shocks?
Just bought the car a couple of months ago. Was sitting for a full year and It seems like a good idea.
I need to replace my rack and am wondering if the transaxles need to be removed and if so I suppose I should change the transaxle seals also?
Had a hard time starting finally did ran about ten miles then died in tbe process i broke a sensor that went to a line where water ran through
Acts if it wants to start almost feels like its not getting enough gas and it will not start. And the engine got really hot
The engine revs between shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and then it slam's in to second gear.
My dad checked the anti-freeze and, while there is a small leak, there is still sufficient in the container. He thinks it may be the fan that is not working all the time. The indicator will rise to the overheating sta...