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Put new fuel pump,nee fuel filter, n new distributor
won't go over 2800 replaced fuel filter plugs wires cap roter New head gasket timing belt water pump
I have the oxgen sensor i need the part it connects to but i cant find it no where i was told a camery from,92-97 would hve the same part but,is there another way to get the part r to fix it all together
Wich relay or fuse goes to the windows and locks from a camry 92. I have checked under the hood relays and i didnt find any fuse or relay for power windows or door lock and next to the steering column.
the car does have huge mileage. It seems like s getting stuck in gear, especially in lower gear. Sometimes pulling out or going up hills I have to put it down in second to get it going. Usually once it gets to a high ...
Sides or feels like ur not in control of it only the left side?
The front drain holes were easy to locate and clean (leaky sunroof) but I can't see the entrance to the rear drains as the view to them is blocked by the open window. Even on tilt mode, there is not room to see them. ...
Check fuel pump. Pump is good . Car still won't start? How can I fix this problem ?
I have a five speed and lately its been hard to get in gear but once you get going it shifts fine . This morning I went to shift and it would not shift to any gear. The clutch is acting fine i just need to know what t...
after it sits for a few min 10 or 15 it fires normally then runs for bout 15 sec then dies like u turn the key off dies no sputter trying to run stuff pull the plug die.I am thinking maybe coil gone bad my understandi...
vehicle will intermitently start and shut off right away. I replaced the distributor, CMP circuit connector terminal.Checked the fuel pressure in the line, OBD is giving me codes 13 & 14.
I just replaced timing belt 2 days ago, car has been driving fine until yesterday I drove across town and back and noticed it idling a little high, so I got a timing light and it was not 10 btdc when I had first timed...
My car makes a whistling sound when I accelerate, It is coming from the tailpipe, I have checked for vacuum leaks and exhaust leaks?
91' Toyota celica, battery drains after car is off, it runs when connected and once it is running for an hour the battery will not drain for about three hours. This problem has been occurring ever since I bought the car.
The problem seems to occur after the car has been driven for a while ( heat related problem? ). The car will start in the morning, I go shopping. Park. Go shopping come out 30 mins later and the car won't start. But i...
I had to replace the fuel filter and main fuel line, after that I noticed car started running worse when I stopped for fuel and removed the gas cap, there was no hissing sound as if there was no pressure in the line.