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The running lights are the front and back lights....including the fog lights......its achieved when you turn the head lamps on but instead of turning the head lights turn the light switch only half way......
you said junction box1-left panel.....under the hood or the dash ? drivers side or passenger ?
you said junction box1 - left panel..... which left? the drivers side or the passenger side ? also wheres the junction box ? under the hood or under the dash ?
I've only had the car a short time. I test drove it, drove it home (approx. 40 miles), parked it. The next morning it wouldn't start. The engine cranks but won't start. I check for spark by removing the plugs. No...
Cruise control doesn't work, fuse is good. What else could be wrong?
what i mean in taking time, its not the regular time that al cars shift to second gear hope you understand me
I am just starting on 92 Celica GT, it quit and I had towed. Battery seemed weak. I charged and engine turned but did not attempt to fire. The next morning the battery totally dead. I put charger back on short time ch...
car ran fine last week, this week it wont start. cranks over good, I smell fuel so I assume the fuel pump works, even if a plug or wire was bad it should still attempt to start. Thinking of replacing rotor,rotor cap, ...
after driving my car, I shut it off for about an hour, when I went to start it, it refused to crank. It sounded as if it was outta fuel but was not. When the tow truck arrived about 2 hours later, he started the car ...
my valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals were bad, after removing the valve cover I was told the "lower" spark plug tube seals were leaking as this accurate?
My dad checked the anti-freeze and, while there is a small leak, there is still sufficient in the container. He thinks it may be the fan that is not working all the time. The indicator will rise to the overheating sta...
I replaced my spark plugs and noticed oil around the top portion of the spark plugs... I also saw small drops on the floor of my garage
while removing the spark plugs I noticed some oil on the ceramic end of the plug :(
replaced struts and alignment. steering wheel is still trembling. one shop tells me the inner tie rod is bad but the people who did the alignment say my tie rod is good.
My drain plug to my differential needs to be replaced.not sure where it is I add the fluid
after replacing my tires the steering wheel started to tremble...I also replaced my rims ,struts, cv joints ,wheel bearings, brakes and had an alignment. I have been back to the shop where I bought the tires from sev...
when car was shut off went to restart and steering wheel is locked and the brake pedal is also locked. how do I fix
the cruise control will power on but it will not engage when I try to set it. It was working just fine about 200 miles ago
had the head redone put it all back to gather line up all marks but no spark
the trembling started after I purchased 4 brand new tires. I also bought 4 new rims, new brakes and an alignment. Balance has been checked 3 times I also replaced wheel bearings and struts
overheating. Other than a warped head what could it be? I will conduct a pressure test on Monday.
how do I try to find out what is going on with my car(my check engine light is on)I keep good maintanance on my car,
car was running great, a little bit of a hard shift on start up but once engine warm, then good to go. I took to dealer to have OCV replaced, they called me told me check engine lite off, ocv replaced. issue resolved....
Vehicle has two plugs with oil on is saturated. car runs relatively fine at idle but when accelerated it runs external leaks. no oil in coolant or vice versa.used a stethescope on the engine and ever...
I went to check my oil, when I removed the dip stick, the entire assembly for the dipstick came out of the block -(
it is really hard to turn especially at low sppeeds. when i do turn i can hear a noise and i am losing power steering fluid