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only been doing last couple days. its not chang gears like it should.

Wich relay or fuse goes to the windows and locks from a camry 92. I have checked under the hood relays and i didnt find any fuse or relay for power windows or door lock and next to the steering column.

the car does have huge mileage. It seems like s getting stuck in gear, especially in lower gear. Sometimes pulling out or going up hills I have to put it down in second to get it going. Usually once it gets to a high gear and higher speed it does fine. The problem mainly occurs in the lower gears. Someone told me it could be the downshift modulator so I'm trying to see if that's is likely correct or if it could be something else. And if anyone else has had a similar problem how was it resolved. Thanks

I fell like my car is running rich at the current time, I don't know if this is just as the new engine adjusting or something or if I might need to rest the ECU. I'm hoping that it might not be something like a leak. Thanks for looking. I might have more question as I'm a new car owner and it seems I have a bit of a lemon.

Sides or feels like ur not in control of it only the left side?

Gear wont go forward or back


already replaced the injector seals

But it does start on the next two or three tries. There are no clicks to speak of, maybe one, and it doesn't sound like the battery is trying, although once in a while it has. Sears said I needed a battery so I changed the battery and it happened again. I changed the ignition switch and it happened again....I still don't know the cause.
Thank you

Three days ago went online found out may be pluged or air poket in lines blow into ? Wasnt sure but blew through one and fluid flowed back through port that i had hose from didnt know if it woul help but put it all back together still didnt work said ill check it out later so second day normal everything in n on the car changed oil and it went ok butt drove afte oil change noticed temp gauge was lil hotter than normal but went back to nomal park it today drove fine couple miles park it for few hours got in it was in a drive through n i looked down at gauges and neddle on gauge was past top line above hot and needle was flikkerring scaring me now please help one car family with three year old daughter thank you for putting up with my gibberish but thats wat happen

The front drain holes were easy to locate and clean (leaky sunroof) but I can't see the entrance to the rear drains as the view to them is blocked by the open window. Even on tilt mode, there is not room to see them. Where could I get a diagram of the drains? And if I have to take it to a shop, what sort should I take it to? Where do you find specialists in sunroof repair?

I had to pretty much take everything apart just to get to a freeze plug. So after I put her back together the starter got stuck just one thing after another now I'm stuck trying to figure out why she idles once I start it???

Just replaced the transmission do to it not shifting correctly just wondering how I'm supposed to pump my atf through it

Check fuel pump. Pump is good . Car still won't start? How can I fix this problem ?

There's a button on the side to Override it, but, pressed and unpressed it - still can't move from 'Park'


I have a five speed and lately its been hard to get in gear but once you get going it shifts fine . This morning I went to shift and it would not shift to any gear. The clutch is acting fine i just need to know what the problem might be.

after it sits for a few min 10 or 15 it fires normally then runs for bout 15 sec then dies like u turn the key off dies no sputter trying to run stuff pull the plug die.I am thinking maybe coil gone bad my understanding is that it is in the distributor......fuel pump maybe but I would think I might get a sputter out kind of shutdown out of that.....any in sight would help thank yall.

water leak below distributor, about the size of pinky finger

explain how towing could cause key stuck in ignition


my car shuts off while im driving and is hard to get it restarted. I changed distributor,& CPU terminal harness. I have checked the fuel pressure. I got codes 13 & 14 off diagnosis scanner. No one seems to know what the problem is.

vehicle will intermitently start and shut off right away. I replaced the distributor, CMP circuit connector terminal.Checked the fuel pressure in the line, OBD is giving me codes 13 & 14.

I just replaced timing belt 2 days ago, car has been driving fine until yesterday I drove across town and back and noticed it idling a little high, so I got a timing light and it was not 10 btdc when I had first timed it, now it was at 5 btdc, so then I moved dist. cap until 10 btdc, then car drove fine again, I got home went inside for a while then had to take off again, when I started the car I noticed a high idle again, so then I checked timing again with timing light and it was at 15 btdc, so I moved dist. cap again at 10 btdc and now waiting to see if it stays there or not, someone told me it is dist. but it did not act like this before I replaced the belt?

My car makes a whistling sound when I accelerate, It is coming from the tailpipe, I have checked for vacuum leaks and exhaust leaks?