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I have a 92 celica gt convertible can't figure out what size speakers are factory has one in each door rather large two smaller ones in the dash and back seat I need the exact size.
ok so this is my gfs car and i havent got into it to see whats up. but from what she says it had a stuck valve and she got it fixed but a few days after, it started burning 2 quarts of oil every few days. whats wrong ...
I can be driving down the road and the temp guage is all the way over to hot and blinking. I can pull over and shut off the car for 5 seconds (sometimes I don't even get all the way pulled over) and the car goes back ...
Hi, I have Toyota Celica 2002 Manual. The car used to stall when the car was in motion and in neutral may be once in a month and normally during the morning time. I didnt take too much notice thinking may be its cold...
Where Is the selenoid located on 1991 Toyota Celica? Is on starter or firewall?? Need to do favor for friend and dont know much about Celicas. Thanks
This happens during short runs, like when I'm pumping gas or going to the ATM. Most of the time it doesn't make any noise when I'm trying to start it. Only a handful of times has it sounded like it was actually trying...
The starter went out in our 1996 Celica STX. I've heard it's pretty simple to replace & want to try & do it myself. Any instruction would be helpful...thanks.
I am trading my 2005 hyundai elantra for a 2000 toyota cilica gt. The Toyota sometimes stalls at a stop sign or red light, and my assumption is only when it is in a complete stop. I was wondering what this could be fr...
My lights on my Celica look so low can I put straight?
I have a 1991 Toyota Celica Convertible. The passenger side door will not open from the outside. The electric lock itself will un-lock, but the handle must be pulled from the inside for the door to open. I have been t...
can you answer this and send a pic or diagram
cost to repair noisy piston
piston is making a lot of noise
my inside door lights stay on when car is off
Was told it was a baffle in my catalytic converter. Need to replace converter. Yes??
i am thinking seriously about buying a 2005 celica but i am concerned about maintainance and fixing problems if it happens since the car went out of production ! ... how difficult is it to find original parts for thes...
I can't remove caliper. 1 bilt visible, but need to remove upper pin to swing caliper out to remove pads
All lights pulse when engine is running. When not running they are fine. Alt was replaced about 1 to 2 yrs ago. 200,000 miles +
no start when car is up to operating temp. replaced distributor and still has problem. the check engine light does not illuminate when the problem occurs.
My friends celica shut off while driving.It cranks fine but has no spark. He replaced the coil pack, crank sensor and the ignition module and still no spark. He can't get any codes out of the car due to undoing the ba...
Engine knocks at low rpm/idle. Removed head everything seemed in order, cannot find the problem. Cylinder walls r fine. Could it be the common problem of valve failure?
I need to replace passenger airbag I have removed glove box and removed what apperears to be all the airbag mounting bolts but unit wont come out of the top of the dash ? Thanks for the help in advance.
Rpm's race up and down on starting until reaching operating temp. Also hesitates on acceleration until warm. Once warm ,it idles and runs smooth. Have replaced distributor, fuel filter, MAP sensor and wiring harne...
I am not sure where to find a picture or instructions on how to remove & replace the water pump on my 2200 engine
I have a hard times starting my gt . It turns over but I must press the acc pedal to start at times. Has new tps and idle control, and new dist from the dealer. Anyhelp would be great
what is the approximate cost to repair ball joints
head lights don't work but high beams do even wiht new light bulbs
Does anybody know step by step instructions on removing a 1993 toyota celica convertible top and replacing it with a new one? I would very much appreciate it.
I replaced the rear drums and pads but now it won't hold the adjustment. If I go long distance the brakes are fine but after it sits they go right back to not working. How do I adjust them and make the adjustment stay?