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New ac compressor installed. Old coolant removed/replaced. AC wd still turn on n off. Tried a new relay switch nope! Now no ac at all. Mech says maybe corroded wiring or computer
My car has only 53,000 miles, Christians Brothers Co. gave me estimate on $2,500 to change total because it's broken. Technician in another shop said everything is fine and changed something, I paid $100.00. But the s...
trying to find shift solenoid and niether manuel i have really show where its at
my mechanic is trying to fix my car but the anti-lock brake system is still on he doesn't know how to turn it off so now my car would not come on
ongoing problem ,speedometer reads too slow or not at all
car at 178000 -- good idea to replace belt? -- previous owner claimed they did...anyway to tell whether they replaced it?
Any way to slow the leak or do leaks indicate anything -- 178000 miles
do u need to replace EGR for smog? How expensive L/P?
My car started off not shifting gears. It's an automatic. Nothing on the dash worked at all. Got that working and now my car will not stay running after it's crunk.
At Hugh rpm I would shift by manipulating the pedal. Accelerating made it click louder. Went on for 3 days then just stop running and won't turn over. Had just checked all fluids and added quart of oil week prior. ...
Car can not start and even not by jump starter.
The engine coolant keeps boiling over out through the elbow hose on the cap.How do.I keep that from happening?Then, I just had an oil change,and now my engine is bone dry.What is the problem?And about how much would i...
when I isolate the VSV and pull vacuum test of 5 inches of mercury. it bleeds down slowly in 10 seconds or so. Is this proper? I performed this on a new VSV and the old valve and both bleed down slowly although the ne...
The car starts and runs for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and quits running has to sit for hours before it restarts
One of lines blew after bleeding and turning car on putting pressure in lines.
I have a client who bought 2001 Toyota Camry from Mercedes Dealer. Before purchase she takes to Toyota Dealer and gets clean bill of health. 3 Days after she takes delivery engine code indicates to replace transmiss...
Hello the transmission kick back when it downshifts to lower gear at speed around 30 miles. any body has and this experience and any suggested fix for that?
When I start and engage the transmission it changes smoothly. But when I apply brakes to slow down and returns to the first gear it doesn't count it up to the fifth but gets stuck at 3. I have to park and remove the k...
This does not happen if i am going straight or turning.