changing the motor oil

the clock spring of my car do not work, can you show me how to replace it. thank you.

When starting the car, the first time the key is turned, there is nothing. the second time, it turns over once and the third time it will turn over and start. there is no clicking and i brought the car into a mechanic and they ran an electrical test and the alternator, starter and the battery all came back good. what could the problem be?

When i get into the car in the morning and i am backing out of the driveway my brakes make a squeaking noise. This seems to be the only time I hear this. Is this normal?

What type of transmission oil should I use for a 5-speed?

How about clutch hydraulic? What oil type?


The indicator light for the drive indicator (D1)on the dash does not light up upon moving gearshift lever to drive.what kind of costs am I looking at,to fix?

My 1993 Camry starts & runs fine but all of a sudden the power windows, AC, temp guage, and speedometer quit working. Is there aspecial fuse or relay I need to check.

I drive mainly highway miles. 150 K miles on car.

How often should I REALLY change oil? I know that old rule was 3,000 miles. I am now doing this every 5,000. Is this ok?

How do I know I need a new window motor or a fuse or loose connection?

while driving engine rpms drop and car stop. It will start back up but will restart. this occurs almost ever day.

Had to move my seat up as brakes seemed low. Had them checked and was advised their was a pulsation; however,
did not need new brakes. It is now a month later and my brake pedal is near the floor when in use.
There is no squeaking noise when brakes are applied and brake fluid does not need to be added.

To repair brakes, replaces master cylinder, rotors(2 each front), calibers(2 each front), pads (2 each front), and bleed system?

I am recommeded to do a break rotor change when i took my car for a brake job. I waqs infomred the measure ment specification is .1076 as against standard .1079. let me know the approximate cost and whether i should go with it imediately. I got this recommendation from tiresplus and never got any from firestone.

The Battery in my camray was put in backwards and blew out the 100amp main fuse and a couple of other fuses. Have replaced those plus the efi relay everyting works on the care except the fuel pump. the fuel pump is good it works if you put twelve volts to it but I'm not getting and power back through the wire that hooks to it. What could be the problem. Everything was working good until they blew the 100 amp fuse.

While driving down highway, "something" from truck in opposite direction hit my rear driver-side window (partiall down). Window did NOT break, but will not go back up since incident. Sounds like motor is working OK.

timing chain belt maintenance change-when

how much does it cost to replace

It comes on when I start the car. I purchased a new engine in 2005 after Katrina from the dealership.

First key will not work on driver door (key works on passenger side) then the driver door handle broke on the inside, I had to open window and open door from outside. Now the driver door is locked and I cant unlock door. This car has power door locks. How can I get the door to open?

Left corner of rear bumper pushed in and left tailight housing cracked.

if seatbelts on both sides, temp gauge, gas gauge,and all four windows will not go up or down. this just happen all of a sudden and all of the fuses were checked and all are good, how do i find out what is wrong?

I think I may need new shocks. How do I proceed?

i would like to know how much for transmission replacement for this yr model car?


My car is fitted with LPG.
My car engine vibrates while idle when i use petrol, with LPG there isnt any problems.

The Rpm jumps from 600-800 back and forth.
My mechanic had my throttle body cleaned and it was fine for a few days and now the problem is back.

Is this a major problem?
Or can i just ignore it, since i use LPG most of the time.


my daughter rear ended another vehicle, it tented the hood and pushed back the grill and headlights, bumper is ok as well as the fenders. Just wondering if I could remove parts and pull front out, or does it just bolt on to where i can take the front clip off and replace it easily. It did no other damage and is running great.

My steering wheel keeps trying to lock up. It stops turning and then all of a sudden loosens up. One of the men at work checked the fluid and it had plenty. What should I do next? My husband has been out of work for over a year. I need good news:)


When I put the key into the ignition it recognizes that the key is in by playing a sound, but once I put the key into acc or start nothing happens as if I did not turn the key

Can not get the back passenger door to open from the inside or outside. Also same door, window will not work at all.

Other than replacing the timing belt and since they're in there the water pump are there any "Must Do's" for my Camry?
Is it true that if the timing belt goes it can also damage the valves?