How soon after the oil light comes on should you pull over and have the car towed to a service station?

The oil light came on and we drove with it on for approximately 15 miles. Unfortunately, car died and now engine needs to be replaced. We had not had ANY leaks and it had only been 5000 miles since last oil change. THOUGHTS?

I have a 92 Toyota Camry that is leaking where the evaporator is. It is a small leak. I have 190,000 on the car. It runs great. I got an estimate of $550 with tax. Is this a good price? Should I have it fixed? I keep putting in freeon twice during the summer.

i am trying to not have the air bag deploy in my face how do i stop it if its a simple fuse all the way to taking the stearing wheel off this car has minimle front end damage

How much coolant does the camry hold?

Engine light came on when I started the car. It is not flashing intermittently but is constant. The car feels like it is restricted in some fashion and sounds like it is dragging - not functioning at 100%.

My rear driver's side window goes down, but not up, it locks and all of the other door work fine. I replaced the regulator and motor no more than a year a go. I changed the front door control. Haven't used the regulator and motor but twice, because it wasn't hooked up. What could be my problem?

I replaced one of the break lights that had gone out and now the tail light warning light on the dashboard won't go off, even though all the break and tail light are working. How do you get this warning light to go off?

my car stalls every now and then. it sputters and the rpms go down when i take my foot off of the gas.

I replaced a break light bulb but the warning of a tail light out won't go off and all the tail and break lights work fine?

if the break light comes on are my breaks bad?

Our steering wheel isn't steady; it shakes and vibrates. If held at a certain angle, the shaking is not as severe.
Is this serious - does it need repair, or is it just a symptom of "aging"?

All fuses, bulbs and wiring are okay. Where is the reverse light switch located. I have an automatic transmission.

Occasionly have a hard time turning ignition key to start.

anyone know of a recall on 1994 Camry LE crankshafts? I have a 94 Camry LE & the key way IN the shaft has been chipped off. I have to believe the crankshaft should be hardend & should NOT break before the woodruff key.
any info would be greatly appreciated.

1995 engine has been installed in 1993 Camry chassis. Does any electrical wiring go to the EGR syhstem? My car doesn't have anything hooked up electrically. I've been driving this car for 15 months with no problems, now it will sometimes just die, and not restart.

serpintine belt

Where is the fuse for the power windows on a 1995 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder?

replaced battery and now car won't start why?

i have leak passenager rear side moon roof
where is the drain for moon roof

while driving the car stopped.

this occurs everyday

My over drive is off how do I trun it on

My 3VZ-FE 3.0 L, 6 Cylinder, 92 Camry failed the Calf. smog test.
It passed everything except the 25 MPH CO test.
Max Co: 0.60
Ave CO: 0.07
Meas CO: 0.80
The max allowed is 0.60. and mine was 0.80.
Going from 0.60 to 0.80 is it a big jump or something small like, will an oil change, tune up, adjusting the timing, fix it?

What can I do to pass it next time? Thanks for your help, Tony.

How can I adjust the valves on this engine?

After replacing my battery, I wanted to have my car inspected. I was told that I had to drive the car for 60 miles. When I drove it for over 100 miles, I found that the Cataltic Converter still showed bad. I only have 57,000 miles on itCould it be something else?

Car is not starting.

I removed my EGR Valve and cleaned it with carb cleaner and pushed the valve up and down and air would flow out of the hose part on the upper diaphragm, so it seemed functional, although it was snug or tight while pushing the valve up and down.

After that I cleaned the orifice leading into the intake manifold. I could see through the throttle body that there is a thin layer of carbon deposits within the intake as well, couldn't get to clean that out though. Use fuel injector for that. But I don't think that is the problem so much so.

Anyways, checked the EGR gas temperature sensor and it had brown crust around its mental rod part. I used my finger nails to scrap it all off.

I checked the EGR vacuum modulator, filter is dirty and used, tried cleaning it as best I could but it really don't look no different from when I first checked it.

Took the VSV for EGR off to inspect and put it back only to use a screwdriver to turn the switch the opposite direction.

At this point I've only done cleaning and no replacement parts yet, my question is what should I replace:

egr gas temperature sensor
egr valve
egr vacuum modulator
egr vacuum switch valve

I'm leaning toward the egr gas temperature sensor at this point.

What do you think?

just got the car and brake fluid was low (below minimum), pedal went almost to floor, and emergency brake light remained after taking the brake off. Added fluid and level is constant. helped some, but brake pedal still soft and brake light stays on after release

How much does it cost to replace brake lines in a Toyota Camry?

As I was driving home I heard a loud noise inside the car which cause oil to leak and smoke to fume up, as I park the car aside the oil continues to leak and my brake pedal doesnt seem to work maybe but so far my car wont start up the way it does...it makes a weird noise when i turn the ignition