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accidentally put cables on wrong posts and burned battery car wont start or go into gear but the lights all work
I have a broken left tail light. How do I replace the assembly? Where do I look for a tail light assembly?
I just changed the engine in my '99 Camry with 231K mi, went and runs smooth as silk. But on the test drive the check engine light illuminated. Using my scan tool revaled code 401- Insufficient EGR flow. I cleared th...
need to change the transmission fluid
where is it located
my ABS light comes on about 10 minutes after I start driving the car what could be the problem?
How do i know if the mileage on my car is the right one it is very close to one million miles
My car started overheating it blew out my radiator so I replaced it I put in a new thermostat, an ect sensor, fan relays and nothing changes it still overheats now I was told it was the thermo fan switch but I don't k...
My car is a 92 so it has that old A/C so I have to take it to a specialist to refill the freon I would like to know where I can take it to upgrade it to the newer version so I can add the freon myself.
drained a/c tried to refill woundn't take whole can or second one comp. wont kick on
i got the parts.How much will cost replace the timing belt, and 2 seals,only. Thank you.
What can cause the acceleration pedal to stop working while driving and what happens when the pedal is depressed to the floor but nothing happens?
the serpentine belt broke. I need to replace it.
So im looking at getting new plugs. The big question facing me is should i go for the NGK Iridium or stick with the double Platinums? Any thoughts?
My Camry wagon hatch wont open from the outside. It looks like the handle was broken or chipped. Is there a way to fix that? Also the rear wipers dont work but all my lights except my reverse and license plate lights ...
I have a '95 Camry wagon V-6. How do I access the antenna and left rear blinker light?
when i push cruise control switch, cruise control does not engage, and cruise control light does not comes on. how can i fix this?
I have small oil leak where the engine and transmisson are sealed.
how much is average to replace struts on my 1997 camry?
how long to change plugs and wires v6
how do i replace my alternator
is a camry 1999 4 cyl. a interfence engine
I am not having much luck finding my pcv valve
when i accelerate the during driving the car jumps a little. it does the same thing in reverse and also when i put it in gear while preparing for takeoff. i hope my transmission is not jumping or slipping i dont know ...
just replaced transmission and motor starts and runs smoothly, but transmission will not shift into gear. also replaced park and neutral sensor. please help me fellas.
check engine light is on requiersa fuel tank vent valve but i dont know where it is located. Can you help?
left turn signal blinks fast , failure light is on replaced bulb
Where is the bank 1 sensor 1 located on this vehicle?
I've looked into purchasing the parts myself and getting a mechanic to do the work. That seems that cheapest way to do it. Is it better to buy genuine Toyota parts? Are there cheaper alternative parts that will do an ...
How do I removed the old oil pan to get to the gasket?