2 codes come up on the reader Po753 and PO773
I can shift the trans. manually and sometimes there are no automatic shifting problems. Once the problem clears it may reappear after driving ten miles.The fluid level appears high although I have not added anything to it.

changed wiper motor, change wiper linkage, now wiper are moving ,but wont go back to original down position, when i turn them off,stays up. when i push them down with my hand the ignition on it starts up automatic, but the switch is off.

Hi How much it costs for Exhaust pipe parts and replacement labor.

I cant find exact one, have only gasket or manifold something like that

2005 Toyota camera v-6 XL mechanic charged 2 1/2 labor to change, entire intake manifold needed to be removed and replaced, is this true or false?

I have a 1995 toyota camry that needs a lot of work done on the engine. I believe it needs a headgasket replacement, timing belt and everything that goes with that, it has a couple of oil leaks, and it's just...high mileage, 197k. If I were to purchase a low mileage replacement engine in good repair, what kind of cost could I expect from an independent shop to have the engines swapped? Basically I'm trying to see if it would be cheaper to just replace my current engine with a used one (JDM or something similar). So...if you guys could give me an estimate for the labor cost of an engine replacement, it would be much appreciated.

There is 177K miles on my camry and I have always maintained it. Recently I put in new radiator and new alternator. My brakes are makeing a squealing noise when I first use them but then it stops. Does this mean I need to get them replaced? I have had one mechanic say they are fine and one say brakes need replaced. Also, I am on a limited income and can't afford dealer repair prices and it is hard to know where to take my car.

How can you tell when the timing belt needs to be replaced?

Hello all, I recently replaced front and rear pads and rotors in my 09 Toyota Camry and it now seem that only the rear brakes are working. I did not open any lines or replace calipers or anything so why would they not work from just replacing the pads and rotors? The only thing I can think of is that I pushed the caliper piston in to far? i was thinking of taking apart one side and see if I can make the piston come out? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

The cigarette lighter, Power mirrors, and clock don't work

does this camry w/ V-6 have a belt that needs to be changed every 110k miles or so or a chain?

When I first start my car every morning I get a large white cloud of smoke coming from my exhaust. I change my oil and filter regularly so this should not be a part of the problem. This only happens at the first start up in the morning...

How to change a water pump on a 1998 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. ?

How i can resetting the memory in camry.

How replace cracked torque strut mount. Easy or difficult? Rubber inside is cracked.

car has 144,000 miles. I have been getting a check engine code stating, p0171 "lean." I have checked resistance on maf, map, ect, all w/ normal resistance. screwdriver to injectors I can feel and hear a solid clicking in each. I have replaced two of the 3 coil ignition packs. Replaced wires and plugs three months ago and fuel filter month ago. I am not getting any power out of the car. When I try to accelerate, I get a Putt putt putt sound, hesitation and it wont go above 40. I can hear an exhaust leak in the rear of engine. for a few months I have been dealing wit this. when the engine ligt comes on the car starts burning very rich and the smell becomes unbearable. I have been resetting the computer by removing the negative battery cable. then the car seems to go back to normal. however, now there is no difference even though the light is on or off. Please... Any advice would be most helpful!!!!!

where is the bank 1 sensor 1 O2 sensor located on this vehicle? Thank you!

i was driving down the road and my car just died without any warning, now it want crank back up, the battery is fine, its got oil, and water, no warning gauges lit up, what could it be??

My 95 Camry makes a knocking noise, front driver's side, when coasting and stops when braking. This noise also goes away during acceleration. Bearings,CV Joint, Brakes???

broken cable of power antenna still inside of mast. took old antenna out.

If the carbon canister or HC evap system is defective, will the check engine light be on?

I am about to take the car to have smog check in California.

There is no check engine light on. Should I do anything beside checking the hoses of the carbon canister?

My 2 remote alarms that turn on and off doesn't work.Batteries are good.The alarm only works using the key to unlock and lock the doors.


Power windows will work going up but does not work when pressed to go down

Rear window doesn't go up or down.

When we start the car there is light gray smoke coming from the tail pipe. Can you think of anything that would cause this. We do not burn oil. The mechanic thinks it might be a valve proplem.

changing the motor oil

the clock spring of my car do not work, can you show me how to replace it. thank you.

When starting the car, the first time the key is turned, there is nothing. the second time, it turns over once and the third time it will turn over and start. there is no clicking and i brought the car into a mechanic and they ran an electrical test and the alternator, starter and the battery all came back good. what could the problem be?

When i get into the car in the morning and i am backing out of the driveway my brakes make a squeaking noise. This seems to be the only time I hear this. Is this normal?

What type of transmission oil should I use for a 5-speed?

How about clutch hydraulic? What oil type?