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my transmission was replaced 3 months ago it change gears hard in the first gear change.
I have a oil leak problem. i had the valve cover gaskets and timing chain gasket replace still the oil is from the passenger side of the engine. what should i do next have?
we replaced bad fuel pump, however we are still not getting the engine to turn over. There is power going up to injectors and pump. Still no start, you can hear the pump kick on. Some one says there is a reset switch ...
What things need to be changed @ 90 K service & whats the total charge for 90K service?
I think I have a blown fuse from charging my iphone. How can I tell which fuse needs to be replaced? What will a blown fuse look like?
estimated hour
how meny minit it takes
what would make the bottom radiator hose blow off. recently replaced the water pump and timeing belt
Car was taken to a Toyota dealer for regular service and recommended the oil pan gasket be replaced. Haven't seen oil leaking. What determines replacing the gasket? Should I see a leak first?
My 2002 camry recommends oil changes at 5000 miles intervals with conventional oil. What intervals is recommended if synthetic oil is used?
cv joint chaing and transmission oil change
Tachometer not working. Where do I start looking for repairing the tach? Wiring, cable, ect...
Does my engin have a timing belt or a chain. I have been told both ways.
I am replacing my spark plugs on the V6 3.0 looks kind of tricky getting to the 2 spark plugs under the intake and back side of the engine close to the fire wall. I hope I don't have to remove the intake just to repla...
checked fuses have no power to the disributer when checked with a light where would the problem be?
Fairly heavy smoke emitted from the top of my EGR modular. What causes this?
The abs light had been on for awhile so I took it to my mechanic. I told him that it was making a loud squeaking noise also. The abs light is off but he couldn't find the source of the squeak.
the right rear of the car has a bumping noise at times when I drive. The shocks seem ok (did the check where I pushed down on the rear and it did not keep bouncing up and down). I looked under the rear and saw no ob...
Why would the rpms be to high at 30 miles a hour on a 1992 camry
I took my car (02 Toyota Camry) to the dealer & had them determine why my check engine light was on. They told me it was my air/fuel ratio sensor. I replaced the sensor but the light was still on, so we just used a po...
Last week I had the timing belt, water pump & valve cover gasket of my 2000 Toyota Camry replaced by a Toyota dealer. I see some oil drip from the engine on my driveway. What is the most likely cause?
how do i put the timing back in place? Do you have to put back on the points?
When car is at a stop and you accelerate the steering wheel pulls to the right and if I dont hold it I will ram into vehicle beside me.steering column also has knocking noise.air pressure and tires good with recent al...
After being on the road awhile I can smell oil or antifreeze - when taken to mechanic they could not find a leak anywhere.
The above light seems to come on at slow speeds when lightly accelerating. They tend to flicker and go off and come on again under new acceleration.
what are the timing marks on a 2000 toyota camry camshaft gear
need to know the timing on a 2000 toyota camry just put motor back in but need timing to start it
When I have my window down and am driving slow (usually at a drive thru window) I can hear a click-click-click coming from my car - sounds like coming from tire area, not the engine. Any ideas???
what r the sequence & torque spec for the head?