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turn signals suddenly stopped working on front and rear, not blinking and no light whatsoever.
my turn signals suddenly stopped working
came out to start car, battery was dead, installed new batttery, now car stalls at idle
if getting timing belt change, how much more for front engine seals?
my 2001 camry has only 56000 miles. dealer says change timing belt because of age and the potential of dry rot. the car is in our garage and not exposed to much weather. we use it mainly to drive around town. does i...
i have a 92 camry and it makes a clunking noise from the front left side only replaced stabilizer bar bushings and still kes noise also new tires what could vbe the problem??
over heats only when driving, doesn't over heat while setting at idle.
On my seat on the driver's side every thing works it wont go back what could the problem be
after the washer fluid is refilled, how is the caution light reset? without going to the dealer
Light comes up in dash board
My son car was fine earlier in the day. later that day he went to go somewhere and the car wouldn't come out of park.
My moms camry got a check engine light. Toyota said it's the charcoal cannister has internal leak. Cost 500.00 plus to replace. Have the code po446. Thanks
2006 toyota camry has a remote start both parking lights not working is it a fuse or the bulb please reply thank you
Can you reccomend and independent car repair shop in my area (zip code 41017)?
The past few weeks I've been having idling issues. When I'm stopped at a light, the car at times idles low at around 800 rpms, then can jump to 1200 rpms. This morning at a light, it dropped to about 400 and was sha...
where is the pump located and is it hard to replace
Replaced battery in the fall. A/C blows cold and works fine until the weather is hot and I get stuck in a little traffic. The light on the A/C dial starts blinking. If I shut it off for a minute it will work again. ...
Where is the radiator plug located on this car? I tried to do my own radiator flush and can't figure out where in the world this plug is to start draining the fluid out! It's not in the Haynes Manual or the owner's ma...
What is involved in replacing the flex joint in this automobile and what is the cost to repair?
What is involved in replacing a flex joint in the exhaust system of this car?
What should be the setting for the ignition timing on a 1993 Toyota Camry?
what is the cost to repair the motor mount support top
i was mistaken..the car does start, i just cant put it into gear...lights all work.. just wont let me move the gear there a reset switch?
accidentally put cables on wrong posts and burned battery car wont start or go into gear but the lights all work
I have a broken left tail light. How do I replace the assembly? Where do I look for a tail light assembly?
I just changed the engine in my '99 Camry with 231K mi, went and runs smooth as silk. But on the test drive the check engine light illuminated. Using my scan tool revaled code 401- Insufficient EGR flow. I cleared th...
need to change the transmission fluid
where is it located
my ABS light comes on about 10 minutes after I start driving the car what could be the problem?