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I need to know those.

Having an issue with my 2000 camry. Car started dying after a short period of driving. Engine, eletrical, everything just dies. May or may not be important but part of the key is broke off in the ignition. I can use the rest of the key to turn the car off and on. The car will stay running if left sitting idle but if I try to drive it, it will die, usually within less than a half mile.

will broken timing belt result in bent valves

Eng maint lite - how to turn it off after it's serviced

takes forever to fill the gas tank with the
last 2 gallons - any fix

cost to replace drivers side mirror

my cluch pedal is occasionally sticking

seatbelt light stays on. this just started to happening dont know why even when is buckled or not

I have a 97 camry v6. My temperature control center lights and the letter D lights don't work, but the rest does. I've checked the fuse box, but seems to be ok. Does anyone has idea why that is? Please Help!

I'm on my 2nd set of tires in 41,000 miles with my 08 Camry - cupping & feathering - even though I have rotated, balanced and aligned them more than recommended (due to cupping & feathering on first set of tires). Any issues on 08 camry for this that is not yet a recall? Toyota says its the tires -- tire company says it's the car. Driver just wants it resolved.

all other lights work, e.g. parking, head, brake and signal. fuses are ok and bulbs are new what can I check next

outside driver door broke first, rolled window down and opened door from inside handle. The inside handle spring broke off and door wont open. Locked the door and door is froze and can't open at all. Bought inside door handle and but now can't open door, have to climb over seat to get in door, please help.

There is a wet musty smell coming from the vents when turned on. I have sprayed the outside vents, changed air filter, put the "vent cleaning spray in there, even tried lysol. Is there a trap door or something that i can open or something, or maybe dump som drain-o in there? help ps, I have 311,500 miles

I have replaced both bulbs and still can't get it to work. All other lights work, and no fuses out.

when headlights are on low beam

should i replace the belt or is there a mileage i should hit before doing it or have i reached the mileage now

The sliding switch in the dome light has got to where it is hard to operate and touchy to get the light to work. I need to remove the light assy and check for any loose or dirty contacts and i have tried to just pull down the assy but it did not budge. Any tricks or hidden plastic fingers or ? that i need to depress to get it out?

need to replace the radiator

my oil light flashed on & off again, when I checked it was bone dry, I added 4 qrts 30 weight, now when I excellerate over 40 there is a knocking sound???

The electric powered driver's seat is stuck in the farthest front position on a 2003 camry. Will a manual controlled seat fit & are the bolt placements the same for other years?

also flush transmission fluid $
and brake fluid flush? $

Noticed last year heat did not get hot enough thought the thermostat was bad cause engine temp gague would'nt move but this summer the gage and A/C worked fine

is it possible that the check engine can go on
because of a bad fuse or bad contacts ?

For several years, right after purchase, my 94 camry fails to start off and on. Usually jumping it will work. It is just dead no sound when it won't start. It almost always starts in the morning after sitting overnight. Check engine light is always on. Someone said it was a pollution control related problem. Could this be causing it--a clogged System? Not original transmission. New battery, new terminals, new starter. Seems worse in very hot weather and perhaps rainy weather. 190,000 miles.

I have just replaced the Rear (Driver's Side) Spindle Bearing assembly but I need to know the Torque Value for the four bolts to the Strut.

I have a 97 Camry, 4-cylinder LE model. The car runs well, no hesitation; if I just get in and start the car it starts fast. Like most cars, you can turn the ignition key to the acc position or the start position without starting the car. If I leave turn the car keys to the start position, and leave it in that position for a few minutes, then the car is hard to start when I fully turn the key to start the car; the ignition will cut out if I don’t give it gas for 10 seconds. The engine light is not on, and there is no engine light code because of a bad bulb; I’ve had the engine code read at Autozone. I've replaced the ignition wires and tested the ignition coil with an ohmmeter; all is well. If I turn the key to acc, one click before start setting, just to power things while the car is not started, then there is no problem starting the car when I want to. Please let me know if anybody out there has had this problem, and what you did to fix it.

we we tried to jump start our car the cables were crossed and now we have no gas pedal

The door on the drivers side will not open. It will open
from the outside, but not inside.

sometime the car will start, run, and idle well sometimes not. sometime when car is shut off it will not start back, like it is flooded. replaced air filter and helped for a while but problem returned. replaced plugs, wires, rotor button, and cap didnt help.

Passenger door handle is broken. Door must be opened from inside car.