But I noticed that the steering feels a little tight no sound from steering. Noise gets Louder When you accelerate. Where can I take it and have it diagnosed reasonable price.

while driving the o/d begins to flash and won't turn off.

I noticed check engine light is on in my 2006 toyato camry. Any solutions. thnaks.

Takes several times to start.

This is my first car and I am super excited, but it is not without problem. The check engine light comes on every two weeks, given that I don't drive a lot. I had a scanner and it reads P0440 (Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction).
I have done lots of research on the error but it is quite difficult to pinpoint what might be troublesome in the whole evaporative system. I have check the gas cap, it looks good. If anyone had the same experience/repair, please share.

I own a 1996 Toyota Camry with 199,215 miles on it. I need all four struts replaced at a cost of $1400. Should I repair the Camry or get a new vehicle.

When cranking my car, it does not sound like it is turning and makes a sound much like a vacuum. Does any body know what the problem could be?

ts are showing. my actual brake lights arent on at night when i have the car lights on. can anyone please tell me what the problem could be? Thank you!

It sounds like a soft knocking sound coming from underneath the car any time that I begin driving forward. It happens both when I first turn the car on and when I begin driving from park without having turned the car off, but only once I begin to accelerate (either slowly or quickly). Could this be related to my front struts at all? I was told that I may want to think about replacing them. I was also wondering if there is any way this could be related to my engine consuming excess oil (I am planning to contact a dealer for the oil consumption test in hopes that I will fall under the warranty enhancement qualifications for this)

Im,scared to drive it it was so for an,oil change it started stalling and I added oil to the car it continued to act up after a couple of days of driving didn't go far also it will start its really loud though and doesn't sound good also it wont go past a certain speed unless I pressed down harder so haven't drove it don't want to make problem worse what could it be a couple of people are telling,me it may be the engine

Rack and pionion replaced few years ago. Power stearing pump, water pump, timing belt, alternater & dual fans replaced 1-2 year ago. Started hesitating when turning left at times-slwo speed. Is this realated to rack & pinion.

Acts like its running out of gas. Engine light on before that. Changed fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator. When reg. was off gas was dripping out. After replacing feul filter it ran perfect for about 45 seconds then it started bogging down when i tried to accelerate. Runs normal for 10 seconds when first starts

Tell me why my windshield wipers stopped working?

when traveling on the highway the engine light will come one after about 2 hours. All the gauges look fine. I don't notice any noise. After about a week the light will go back off until the next time I take a trip. This happens very time I drive more than 2 hours on the highway.

I didn't get an owner's manual so don;t know.

When I start it in the morning I here a ticking noise for a few seconds

It is coming from the driver side under the dash on the 1995 Toyota Camry and it start right after you start the car

how fast how long what speed what gear what accessories do I use and when and for how long to be ready to run a smog test

He did several smoke tests already but no where on line have I found that the canister needs replacing if a car is throwing this code.

Were the horn is suppose to b

fuse good (all other windows work) , switch good(used one that works) , how to test window motor have two(neither works), is there a window regulator - could that be the problem

Is it a good deal

It was fine and just died. It starts, idles, and dies like it burns off the fumes in the intake. Don't stay running long enough to accelerate.

As nothing appears to be wrong with the coil springs around shock or the assembly.