Changed all the bulbs and checked fuses unable to drive at night because of the taillights won't work

Old but well maintained. 176K on odometer. No prior drips , whines, hard shifting

It has cut off when I turned left, right, and was on a straight path.

Replace one or both is better

The 96 has a crank sensor I was told to disregard the sensor when installing 96 into my 95 2.2

The starting problem which requires my keeping the key turned until the engine starts. It's been like this for over 6 weeks.

1999 Toyota camry 2.2 engine auto /ac moved vsv valve to end of phellum for accessibility , had small bolt hole rite behind oil fill cap on phellum . Makes for good accessibility

When the key is in the ignition dosent turns nothing on not even the lights come on the battery is fully charge the fuses ar good

replace plugs and wires

I have a 2000 Toyota Camry V6 with 76K miles. A week ago, I took my car to the shop to have the battery tested because after not driving it for 5 days during the huge snow storm, I needed to have it jumped. They tested the battery and said it was fine .. it was just the 5 days plus the extreme cold. Had them change the oil since it was due. Asked them to check strange smell. They said is was oil leaking because the valve cover gaskets were dry-rotting & needed to be replaced. It was about 1/2 quart down over 7000 miles since I'd last had oil change. Since I plan on keeping the car, I had them replace them. There was also a squealing noise on occasion ... usually but not always when the AC was on. They said fan belt was loose & should be tightened. Drove car 1-3 miles a few times over next 4 days (probably not over 45mph). Then on day 5, I drove on Interstate (70mph) and 1 hour into the trip, the check engine light came on when I was accelerating back onto interstate. And it's stayed on all week. They say it's showing errors P0401 and P0402, and I'm just wondering if there is *anything* they could have done to make this happen based on the other work I had them do. I know nothing about cars, but my antennae goes up a little when I didn't have this problem before and less than a week after taking it in, I now have a check engine light & a problem that's probably going to be $600+ to fix depending on the cause (that they said could be 10+ possibilities).

Why is the o/d off light on? It just came on today. Does that mean my transmission is going out? There has been a burning smell when it is warming up.

I have taken the oil fill cap off of more than five vehicles. On this 2006 vehicle when I remove the oil fill cap smoke or steam just pours out I've never seen this before on any other vehicle and I've been working as a hobby on cars for 45 years. I showed it to the Toyota Service Center here in Chico and they didn't seem to be concerned about it at all I recently went in there because I was getting the check engine light when I hooked up and obd2 code reader this spit out an error code when they checked it there was no error code so who erased it because it wasn't me and I also I pointed out the excessive valve noise. Way too much valve noise and indicated to me that that was normal I'm wondering where I can go to get some honest information so I can take that information back to the Toyota Service Center and politely show them that they weren't being honest with me.

My car has around 162480 mi on it. After about 5 min driving down the road my oil light flickered & then stayed on. I pulled over & checked the oil, which was a little on the low side, so we turned around. I put enough oil in it to top it off & we tried again, but the same thing happened.

I am a little overdue for an oil change, & my car hasn't had a history of leaking or using oil. The engine isn't overheating. How can I tell if it's the oil sending unit or something else?

has new plugs but had oil in cyl 4 and 1

Wot is the problem and how can i fix the sound when i turn the wheels either side

I can not open my doors from the outside or from the inside.

I checked for vacuum leaks around the intake and for hose leaks. It's not running lean it actually smells like it's running rich. Help I need to pass emitions

replace fuel filter,dist,plugs,water pump,timing belt.has plenty fuel at fuel rail.but no power at connectors to injectors.
hope someone can help ?