My car started slowing down like it would stop then my radio cut off and when I cut my headlights off the car started going a little faster

My toyota camry is a 94/95. It will not start it just clicks when I turn the key. The windows, lights and every thing else works fine. We pumped the gas and break for a while and it worked but now it's not. It started having this problam at the beginning of fall. Is it the starter?

when I first start the car in the morning or during the day,and then accelerate forward it surges about three times until it drives smoothly.I usually try to accelerate slowly to get it to stop.

I've taken my car to so many auto electricals they all have told me the same thing they can't find the problem with there scanners may have to pull the dash apart 1 mechanic did still couldn't understand why the light is on I'm just wondering is it the air bag system or are they looking at it wrong could it be the automatic braking system? I'm a single perant & 3wks now & i feel ive sacrificed so much of my childres money not a good out come problem not solved I desprately need a warrant for our car asap so please any can help me out would be much appreciated

Changed all the bulbs and checked fuses unable to drive at night because of the taillights won't work

Old but well maintained. 176K on odometer. No prior drips , whines, hard shifting

It has cut off when I turned left, right, and was on a straight path.

Replace one or both is better

The 96 has a crank sensor I was told to disregard the sensor when installing 96 into my 95 2.2

The starting problem which requires my keeping the key turned until the engine starts. It's been like this for over 6 weeks.

1999 Toyota camry 2.2 engine auto /ac moved vsv valve to end of phellum for accessibility , had small bolt hole rite behind oil fill cap on phellum . Makes for good accessibility

When the key is in the ignition dosent turns nothing on not even the lights come on the battery is fully charge the fuses ar good