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I just had the drivers side power window repaired which still operates correctly. The others stopped working at the same time. Checked the fuses. Are the others controlled by a relay switch under the hood?
do i need to install the air bag to resat the airbag light
When i break my car turn off And the enginelight and oil fuels motor light And why my baterie light is on ?
bought this car 2 weeks ago and the key number is in the booklet.
will charge 700 to take apart ti further diagnose. total fee 2000-2800. car stalls and check engine light o. is this a good price for 2006 camry. another person said 2200 for all parts and labor. what should I do
i drive an 01 Camry and it is my favorite car. It has always leaked oil, but lately it has gotten worse, and I let it get real low, so I immediately changed it, but since it ran low, it has started missing when taking...
Had to do some repairs, EGR valve, EGR modulator, and the VSV valve- due to check engine light. Now that I've finally gotten the light off, my ECU is showing me my EVAP and Catylst conv. arent completing- I've been dr...
Windshield wipers repaired now these dont yet worked before they fixed them
I only have 62000 miles on the car, the check engine light came on at about. 2 months ago
My mechanic quoted $100.00 to replace and tighten up
Someone was changing the plug wires and mixed them up. I could use a diagram or firing order to make sure they're o correct.
It only does this upon acceleration. I have recently put new tires and had them balanced. It has new struts on it.
Since my Catalytic Converter was replaced at 60,000 miles on my Camry. Every time I start car it has a bellow of smoke come out of exhaust? Have repeatedly complained to car repair shop but they don't know why it's do...
Just took my 2002 Camry XLE with 169K miles to mountains. Hit 4000feet & car transmission started slipping "Bad". Was losing speed, so I downshifted into 2nd gear. Made it to destination of 6250feet-but barely!! Tried...
I filled it with change and a coin got stuck, now I can't open the whole way.
engine is completely dry no water and I have changed 3 distributers already an still same problem
Everything I have been told and seen has said to un screw radiator plug then flush. But I am confused because when I read my 1994 Owners manual for the car it says to not only unscrew radiator drain plug but also the ...