As nothing appears to be wrong with the coil springs around shock or the assembly.

It only clunks when you hit bumps and it is coming from the back end mostly the right side back end 2002 Toyota camryfront wheel drive

have question about leak on driver side of floor board which occurs during warm summer season with air
conditioning used. carpet becomes wet only on floor front and back carpet during this time. had vehicle looked at by mechanics and needed heater core replaced and a new radiator replaced. however new summer season with using of air conditioning and it becomes wet again, took it back to mechanics they do not know what is wrong with it. my thought is a drain may be leaking from the air conditioner into the car instead of seeing it on pavement as with other vehicles during use of air conditioner could this be the problem, if so how and where is that drain located to diagnose this and if possible cost to repair. if this is not the problem could you give me idea as what it might be. car runs fine otherwise.

My mechanic says that he can not fix my AC that is going in and out and I have to take it to the dealership because the ECU that tells it to turn on is not working properly. I'm wondering how much this type of repair work will cost in the best (maybe a repair on existing ECU), or worst case (having to replace it).

Shop put a 'crank kit' in it . Now , when i put the key in it and turn it , it runs. What else can be done for this?

I got a new alternator I got a new battery and yet my battery light still keeps coming on how do I fix this problem

It started clunking then one day felt like something let go and the back wheels lock up and and I took to back tires off and nothing is lose I don't no why it was clunking and the back wheels lock up it runs grate besides that

It's getting worse but it was only when I put it in drive

My car started slowing down like it would stop then my radio cut off and when I cut my headlights off the car started going a little faster

My toyota camry is a 94/95. It will not start it just clicks when I turn the key. The windows, lights and every thing else works fine. We pumped the gas and break for a while and it worked but now it's not. It started having this problam at the beginning of fall. Is it the starter?

when I first start the car in the morning or during the day,and then accelerate forward it surges about three times until it drives smoothly.I usually try to accelerate slowly to get it to stop.

I've taken my car to so many auto electricals they all have told me the same thing they can't find the problem with there scanners may have to pull the dash apart 1 mechanic did still couldn't understand why the light is on I'm just wondering is it the air bag system or are they looking at it wrong could it be the automatic braking system? I'm a single perant & 3wks now & i feel ive sacrificed so much of my childres money not a good out come problem not solved I desprately need a warrant for our car asap so please any can help me out would be much appreciated