Two weeks ago auto shop left oil cap off after oil change. I drove home and my wife drove to mall twice. She complained of oil smell. Today i looked under hood and found an oil cap missing and an oily mess under hood. What should I ask auto shop to do to correct this?

My cigarette lighter isn't working any more and I need it in order to charge my devices. I have already changed the fuse located next to the driver's side door without success. Any other ideas on how to fix this besides taking it in?

just had this items replace a flow malfunction of the evap canister flow...the diagnostic code i believe it was po404 and po101...not sure ....car stay at shop for about a day and half...total bill$3268.97....was it too much???

My a/c system has dried up because a hole in my liquid line. I have purchased a new one and would like to know if there is anything specific I need to know when replacing it, or is it an easy to replace item?

how would i go about adding freon to my camry

Sometimes, when I stop in traffic light (after driving for long distance or sometimes when I drive fast), the engine starts to make noise (like puf puf puf) then stops. I cannot turn it on only after a while (between 5-15 minutes) then it turns on and works smoothly. Can you please help

Also, I tried to use fuel path cleaner, but the engine sound started to be rough, especially when I start on the engine or when I drive after a stop. Do you know what to do to make the engine sound smooth at all times.

Appreciate your help

motor turns cables left and right.right side moves correct. but when cable connected left side. seat on left track won't move,./;

2002 toyota camry stalls out sometimes when starting up

On June 5,2009 I told my mechanic of noises, thumps and unsteadiness in the rear end of my 96' Camry. He said the right strut mount was broken. The job cost $442.24. A few months ago I started having the same problem with my car. I had driven under 6000 miles since the repair. The mechanic said if I bring in my receipt he could try to get the cost of parts returned. I could not find the receipt until recently and I scheduled the car for repair today. Now he says I will have to pay labor and possibly for parts because the warranty for parts is 1 year (I am 9 days past the warranty date). I have been dealing with this mechanic for over 4 years. I believe he is not being fair with me.

Just got my son's car repaired after 2 accidents and they said there was an oil seal leak and that I would have to have the engine removed to repair! I have to get an e-check on the car before I can get new license tags and they said if the engine light is on, it will fail. How much does this cost and is there anyway around it? I am broke!

while driving noticed dash lights (all of them)flashing on and off

The RPM's rev high from a start position or when I slow and then begin to accelerate. it doesn't happen all the time just sometimes

was driving car and it lost power because it wasn't getting gas. it stopped. replaced fuel pump and filter checked spark plugs and regulator fuses. can't find problem can you help

how to turn off head lights, day driving

The driver's side electric seat stopped working. What is the common cause of this problem? How much does it cost to repair?


replaced lower 02 sensor and cleared codes and after 50 mles ck engine light returned. I've been told its a catalytic converter but want to eliminate smaller possibilities before confronting the cat issue

water leaking into passenger side rear floorboard

I have checked all the fuses and all are ok. what could be the problem

Toyota Dealership 30,000/60,000 mile maintenance specifics?

My husband only has one key to his 1998 Toyota Camry. He broke the top part of it (the electronic part that turns the alarm on and off). How can I go about getting a replacement Key so that I don't have to worry about the alarm when changing the battery? If I can't get a new key, does taking out the horn fuse actually disable the alarm?

My friends emergency light will not go off in his camry. The brake is not on and It has been on since December. That is the only problem that he has ever had with the car... What could be causing this and what should be done to fix it?

My 2 front tires have the inside part treads worn out , causing loud thumping noise.
I was told to change the front struts as this s whats causing the tires to wear out.Any suggestions if this is the correct diognostics for the case.

which way does the pulley bolt need to turn to be taken off

Would like to know where to locate the FPR on a 1992 Toyo Camry? Is it easy to get to?

when i select drive range veh has no indicator light on cluster

I would like to know how much to replace the rear main seal?
And while the transmissionis out reseal the front pump too?

I have a check engine code that indicates a misfire in cylinder #4. I've already changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor, distributor cap, rotor, and the fuel injector #4. I've also had the pressure checked for all cylinders; all were fine. None of this has solved the problem. I noticed that every time i cleared the check engine light, I was fine for about a few days and then it would come back on minutes after i turned on the car; it has never appeared while driving. I do not know where else to look and i do not want to continue driving my car with a check engine light. Please help.

Rack and pinon was replaced because of leakage. After the repair when the care was started (cold starts) it would jump to 2000rpm. Returned the car and they manage to drop the idle to 1600rpm on cold starts. I know the car has no idle adjustment, computer controlled.. The repair shop said it was a vacume line.. There is no engine light or diagnostic codes recorded. When the engine is at normal operating temp there is no problem.

How often should i change the front diff fluid?