my car wont start, when i turn the over to start, car makes a clicking sound ,why is that?

i had my care at toyota dealer to replace a starter they did. after my cruise control stop working . do you have apicture so i can tell if it was disconnected my books only show the fuses for cruise i think .

there is a filter inside the car under dash. Needs to be changed. How to gert to it?

Oil leaks from the passenger side of the tramission pan around whatever is attached to it. Not a mechanic or tech, don't know the correct term.


Check engine light has come off and on for about two months now. Two days ago, after shifting to reverse, and then drive, the reverse light stayed on while driving. After a while it went off. Check engine light stayed on. I checked oil and transmission fluid. All were OK. Today the check engine light is still on. The reverse light is off.

Just started to fill with water when the air conditioner is run.. Also noticed that there is no puddle on drive after shut off..

Mechanic claimed the water pump was leaking and needed to be replaced but the coolant level in the reservoir was not low.

My car has been wonderful and still is. But, the A/C only works on 3 and high (not on low (1) or medium (2)). Why is it doing this and how can I fix it?

It takes one person to pull open the latch and one person to pry open the gas door with a knife.

What needs to be serviced when the "maintenance required light comes on"?

while i was driving yesterday may car just shut off. i went to restart it wouldnt. i checked the voltage of the battery it read 12.8v as i did a jump i got a grindiing sound right before it the engine turned over. now when i go to start it again my radio goes dead and the clock goes dead. the voltage still reads 12.8v, when i turn the key the voltage drops to 12.78v, is it my alternator? my battery? my starter?

My Camry has a slow oil leak and after taking it to the dealership, I was told that a bolt in the upper oil pan was stripped causing the leak and that the upper oil pan(?) was cracked. I was quoted $1546 for the repair since they would have to take the engine out - not sure if this correct since I thought the oil pan was under the engine. Also, I didn't know there was an upper oil pan in this car. Any ideas?

all lights are on battery has good voltage, did a jump, car began to turn the stopped bad grinding sound, now all i get is clicking and winding

I have a 2002 camry with 82,000 miles and the dealer told me I have a major oil leak in the side cover. The dealer wants $ 1300.00 to repair. I have seen no oil leaking- he says it only happens when I drive. Has anyone else had this problem ? The repair price seems outrageous. What could happen if I don't repair? No warning light ever came on.

My outside driver's door handle just broke when I tried to open the car. Can I fix it myself without having to take it to the dealer for an expensive quote? Any advise is much appreciated. Thank you!

where is the crank position sensor located on the 97 camry

We got this car a Toyota Camry 1996 since 5 months ago it has about 149,000 miles. There is a problem in the head block because once a month I have to change the oil because the oil is mixing with antifreeze that's why I have to check the antifreeze level everytime. Should the head block gasket be replaced and fix the head block or I have to rebuild the whole engine. The car does not make any smoke and there is not antifreeze leaking. Thank you for your help.

How to replace a charcoal cannister in my car?

The seat is stuck in my car and will not move back the motor under the seat still works but the seat is not moving. What could this be?


how to install a water pump or replace a water pump??

When I turn on the A/C the light flashes a guy took a look and told me all of my freon was out im assuming i may have a leak. So how much would it be to repair an A/C leak?

my 94 toyota is not cooling as it should.


How to replace the left half shaft

I moved my seat up to vacumn it and it won't go back. I have checked the fuse as well as the motor and it still works but I have been told that the coil that is attached to the railing system is coiled too tight and the whole system will have to be replaced. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Everytime you step on the brakes the car shakes really hard when driving over 40 mph. Can anybody help us?

When putting fuel into tank it backflows like tank is full.I have taken apart fuelfiller line and both vent lines and cleaned. I am still having the same problem even gas is coming back up into the vent lines.

exiting brake pad thickness is 1 mil