Just noticed today, that I have a leak on the drivers side floor board. I don't have a sunroof, and the windshield has never leaked. Is it the heater core and realistically what can I be looking at for cost to repair it?

After much discussion and test driving (with a technician) it was determined that severe rattling noise underneath was caused by struts. The least little bump in the road causes rattling noise that could be coming from the front, center or either side underneath. All else was checked out and replaced (brakes, belt noise etc.).
Does this make sense?

As I was leaving the ouside bank teller window my left side rear view mirror hit the banks pole and broke off. need info on replacement or repair of mirror.

last week the car just shut off on me and wouldnt start ! I Changed the fuel pump and filter, the distributor and i cleansed the fuel pump. it turns on once i hit a stop sign or red light it shuts off on me.

while my car is idling it turns off. when press the brake and go to press the gas it shut off. Already got a tune and the oil change done and it still does has 107000 miles on it. Can you tell me what it can be?

My power steering intermittenly goes out will driving. There seems to be no common factor when this occurs. Toyota service says my pump is fine, the fluid level is correct and clean and they greased the u-joints in the steering column. Any ideas?

My 2000 toyota camry fan quit working on low and medium speed. Low and medium does not move any air. any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Problem only happen when it rains

what is the average repair cost to fix a shift solenoid?

For three days the green light that stays on when the AC is running, started blinking. I turned the AC off and then on and it ran fine. I was driving through flooded streets each time. Yesterday after driving my car with the AC on for about 11/2 hours the AC and the blower for the AC and heater just quit. I have check all fuses and they appear to be fine.

We just got the car a couple of weeks ago, a fine little Camry. Ran perfect until the window decided not to raise up. I kept clicking it, trying to get it to work. The next time I went to crank it, smoke rushed profusely out from under the hood. My husband found the broken belt. I went online hunting a new air commpressor and found info on bypassing it with a shorter belt. Today a man took the clutch off the compressor and said that that was the problem. Of course that just happens to be a problem that one would need a 'real' mechanic for, not just a shade tree deal ya know? What do you guys think? New belt, clutch, or go all the way with an entire compressor?

Engine races when I turn on air cond. RPM gauge needle goes crazy,fluctuates rapidly?
Do you hink its a AC problem or what? Thanks

what pressure should i keep in my tires
P215/60R1694V mxv4s

the light for the control panel is out, the fuse is fine, so how do I change the bulb.

Driver side window goes down but will not go back up

abs light is staying on all the time

need location of ABS sensors on rear axle

How can I tell if my 06 Camry has a timing belt or timing chain?

I have 90,000 miles on my car and need to have the timing belt replaced. Do I also need a new water pump? How much will it cost?

My heat and air work in all modes except the defrost where no air comes out. Was told I need a mode actuator motor but cant find a part by that name for Toyota. Can you help

hi just got a 93 camry 65000 miles stalling and seems no gas at some point car had new pump and punp relay help!!! thanks

The check engine light is on for my 1998 Toyota Camry, 4-cylinder. I had the diagnostic run and purchased a replacement egr valve. After this did not work I searched the internet and found that the more likely faulty part is the EGR vacuum switching valve. I referenced the schematic in the owner’s manual, but cannot find it under the hood. If anyone can give me an exact location it would be extremely helpful in my deciding whether to undertake this repair myself or deal with the light. Any general comments regarding installation would be appreciated as well... estimated time, what parts removed to access,... Thanks

Problem occurs when I start driving 50 mph

gas tank regesters full all the time

My car was in accident with front end impact. today it won't start. I cleaned terminals and jump started it. now the idling rpm is too low to keep can running. should I tyake it to auto body shop or it is something different

Hi--can you tell me how to replace the in-dash cigarette lighter in my 2005 Camry? I just can't figure out to get to iy

car wont start when i turn key , it makes a fast clicking sound,windows wont work either what is it the problem?

why does the car make a clicking sound when i try to start engine?

my car wont start, when i turn the over to start, car makes a clicking sound ,why is that?

i had my care at toyota dealer to replace a starter they did. after my cruise control stop working . do you have apicture so i can tell if it was disconnected my books only show the fuses for cruise i think .