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i recently purchased for my wife a used 2003 4-cyl Camry, a/t, 125000 miles, from a toyota dealer. Nice car. After a couple weeks, the check-engine light came on. I got out my Actron OBD II code scanner, which i u...
How do you replace the light bulb for the heater control panel?
My car is not starting no more snice it's been cold. It cranks but is not starting. After I try to start it a few times it just doesn't crank any more. I'm assuming I don't get any spark or could it be the fuel lin...
how do you rotate the tensioner?
how do you install the serpetine belt?
I plugged in an accessory. It worked for a few minutes. The lighter socket is dead. I checked all fuses behind the change tray in the passenger compartment. ALL good. The Lighter appears to be on the same fus...
how do you adjust the tension on the serpetine belt?
where is it located
I am going to change my oil in my 2001 Camry. What size of Allen Wrench tool do I need to unscrew the oil pan nut? I thought it would be a regular nut but it isn't.
How often should spark plugs be replaced on a 1998 Toyota Camry XLE?
i turn the key and the engine turns over but wont actually start. i replaced the battery. its about 8 degrees out but i dont think its the fuel because i added iso heet just the last time a filled up about 5 days ago.
Check engine light. Cylinder 4 misfire. Changed spark plugs and wires. Ran fuel injection cleaner through it. Still getting check engine light with same message. What should we try next? Distributer?
everytime I switch the AC on, the radiator water boils and comes out from the radiator.
The drive belt for the altenator, AC, etc. (larger of the 2 belts) squeeks when the weather is damp or rainy. why? And how is it replaced?
when car is in drive and iam idleing at a light car sounds like a truck but in park its fine what rong
I have read many posts on this subject but need a few more ideas. My son was trying to replace his radio and shorted out many things in his car. I have replaced all the blown fuses and now only the taillights and park...
I took my car out this morning(0 degrees) and it started running rough and very loud. This happened once before and I took it to the dealer and I'm pretty sure all they did was add anti-freeze. Is this possible?
where is the control for the power antenna
How do I remove the passenger side tail light assembly? It must be replaced.
I replaced the battery two months ago. all was great yesturday. We had a major snow storm yesturday over night temps in the teens. car covered in snow. The radio, lights, blower and locks work it just will not turn...
How often do you change the oil on a 2000 Camry. What happens if you have been using Synthetic oil and at last oil change got regular oil?
Last 3x's I started the car there is a brief, but pronounced chugging sound just before the engine turns over. The car starts and seems to be running fine---just this new, unusual sound... I bought the car used and...
I have a 1995 Camry XLE, whose cigarette lighter stopped working last night (I was using it to power a 117v Inverter). I checked the fuse, which was OK, then checked power to the cigarette lighter with a voltmeter, wh...
i replaced the altanator and battery the car still does not charge
battery was dead for awhile, put in a new one and it does not even turn over(battery is good) heard there is a rest sequence safety feature. Waht is it????
I have a 2001 Toyota Camry and I just took it to the shop because the brakes were squeaking. The machaninc said that if I don't replace my struts soon, they could punch through the casing and would result in repairs ...
I bought a new fuel filter and I'm going to try to replace it tomorrow. Any Helpful hints?
My car kills at low RPM's (stop signs, etc.) whenever my gas tank gets lower than 1/3 tank. To get it running again, I have to rev the engine and throw it in drive, and it starts out rough (shaking) but then it goes ...
does this model have tension struts?
my dash lights dont work i changed all the burnt fuses what else could it be? what should i do?