How can the crankshaft pulley/harmonic balancer be removed? I have tried internal jaw type pulley removers but the jaws are too big, also rented a universal kit from an auto parts store that didn't work either. Called a Toyota dealership thinking they would have a "specialty tool" that could be purchased but they said Toyota doesn't have specialty tools for sale. Help!!

How do I find spark plugs? Does anyone have a photo to help me?

there is a push in type dent in the frontright fender

approx every 4 week the car will idle at a stop. it starts to shake a little at the wheel, then alternator, check enegine and batties lights come on it shuts off. I then put it in park. turn it off start it up and then it runs like a dream until next time

I recently had my engine quit on me. Triple A came and diagnosed an alternator problem. Had the alternator changed and car ran smoothly for about 2 weeks. Last week, the check engine light came on and now my dashboard lights seem to be dimmer and flickery. Car is running but am just afraid the car will quit on me again. What seems to be the problem?

The "STOP" lights, when the engine and car are off, will turn off, I simply removed the fuse in order not to drain the battery.
What is the next course of action?

how can i check wot is wrong i abs system .. a sensor is bad or module is broke ..

In the past the check engine light would go on after getting gas. When I had a small shop mechanic he would just turn the light off and not charge me. Now I go to a toyota dealership for lof and they want $120 to diagnose why light is on. Any helpful advice would be appreciated. I'm a 64 year old female and I don't want to do repairs myself; my brother tells me he bought a checker for $40 and uses it himself. Thanks for any help.

at first my floor board was wet on drivers side now it is also getting wet rear floor behind driverside

How much it will cost to replace charcoal cannister in my 4 cyl 1997 toyota camry?

only my drivers door unlocks no matter how i try to unlock it but it will lock all doors as it is suppose to

I have been told I need a right rear hub assembly because it's making a huming noise. I can't hear it. If I do need it, about how much should it cost to make this repair.

where are the EGR VSV and the EGR temp. sensor located on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

how do i change my waterpump

can oil get in from outside or is it more likly that it's from a bad cam seal? how do I repace the seal?

I just bought a 97 camry.The moonroof seems to have no power aat all,I checked the fuses and they are o.k.(contnuity)the on off switch also has continuity.The power windows work fine.Is there relay? If so where is it?

My mechanic says it needs to be done. i am wondering why and if this is something others have run in to.

My car had it's air bag changed. The air bag light will not go off. What is causing it and how can it be fixed. I can't make it pass inspection if the air bag light does not work correctly. We have changed the control computer thing in the dash and checked the light bulb already.

When the A/C is on, cold air comes out of the 2 vents on the passenger's side of car. Air is coming out of the 2 vents on driver's side but it is not cold. This air matches the temperature that would come out if just the vent were open.

my 2003 camrly le when the a/c is on it leaks water on the -passenger-driver - side floor any suggestionns to repair it

I was told that the plug threads to the oil pan on my Camry are almost stripped, and I will need to replace the oil pan. How much should this cost?

what should be the cost to repair automatic window on drivers side (new motor) and rear passenger side

July 1, 2010 - 1st time turning key to start engine, car shakes- turn key 2nd time, car starts.
Dealer changes starter-following week, same problem, dealer changes IAC motor - 3rd time - same noise but worse and have to start 3 times before car turns over

What would be the most common reason for a code of P0441. improper evap purge flow. And what is a possible repair?

About 7 months ago, my engine light went on. I took it to an auto mechanic. Due to my financial situation, he suggested that I only replace the Oxygen sensor (O2 ring?) in front of the cat converter underneath the car. However, in less than two weeks after the replacement, the engine light went on again. It went on for about 2 months and then went off again (for a few days) before it went on again for another 3 months. As for now the engine light is still off (it’s been on for about 5 days).

So, I took my car to the same mechanic again. He did a brief testing with a small device and nicely suggested that I only need to replace the catalytic converter in front of the engine (p0420). He said that there is no need to replace the one at beneath the car. A friend mentioned that there are two or more gaskets needed to be replaced when replacing the p0420. Dose anyone know what are the gaskets that I also need to replace? Also, if I only replace the p0420 cat converter, will I most likely pass the smog test? My car is in an excellent condition and still runs smoothly despite the fact that I’ve already put nearly 150K miles on it. I hope I've provided thorough information. I will really appreciate that someone will answer my questions and give some advice or suggestions soon. Thank you.

I just bought my '96 Camry and the seller told me that the a/c is no longer working and the compressor would most likely need to be replaced. Does anyone know an average estimate of how much it would cost?


I wanted to know why the labor for an alternator replacement would range from 62-80 dollars and would it be that much?

car wont start and radio do not work

Paid 254.00 to have dead mice removed from my carn on 6-10-2010 and they are back again. I can not get rid of the horrible smell.

cost to replace front struts