How to replace a charcoal cannister in my car?

The seat is stuck in my car and will not move back the motor under the seat still works but the seat is not moving. What could this be?


how to install a water pump or replace a water pump??

When I turn on the A/C the light flashes a guy took a look and told me all of my freon was out im assuming i may have a leak. So how much would it be to repair an A/C leak?

my 94 toyota is not cooling as it should.


How to replace the left half shaft

I moved my seat up to vacumn it and it won't go back. I have checked the fuse as well as the motor and it still works but I have been told that the coil that is attached to the railing system is coiled too tight and the whole system will have to be replaced. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Everytime you step on the brakes the car shakes really hard when driving over 40 mph. Can anybody help us?

When putting fuel into tank it backflows like tank is full.I have taken apart fuelfiller line and both vent lines and cleaned. I am still having the same problem even gas is coming back up into the vent lines.

exiting brake pad thickness is 1 mil

Is it always necessary to replace the oil pump if there is a leak at the oil pump site?

Engine Light came on. They scan computer. retrieve codes - Check EVAP circuit - Replace Purge line from throttle body to purge valve, Reset /clear Computer Labor 212.50 and purge Hose /Line IH0000 $18.44

Check Belts - Squel on Start up at Times
Replaced both drive Belts Labor 144.50 Parts Power steering Belt $17.21 and Alt - A/C Belt $44.90

total bill 446.19 cannot find a good discription of this service on your site.

My Brake lights just quit. Checked the fuses and wiring - not sure what else to do. As I read other problems, I realized my cruise doesn't release now. Could this be related to the brake light switch, and how do I get to it?

how do i put refrigerant in a 93 camry

I just got an estimate for brake pads, shims and rotors both front and back of $550 front and $500 back is this fair also timing belt of $410 with tax.


How much does it cost to replace the timing belt

speedometer not working it is mopving back and forth
not showing correct speed

motor jumps/shakes when car is in drive at a stop it will go hard at first then calm down. ive also noticed tha in park it did it when i pulled both automatic window buttons at same time and once released it stopped. in park when a/c or heat is turned on it does this also. my husband thinks motor mounts and i read online that my throttle body may need to be cleaned.ive been having this is for many months and i think it really needs to be adressed before i mess up my car. mind u my check engine light has not come on at all. ive also noticed a rotton egg smell when i open door to exit the car. not sure if that has any correlation or if thats another issue in its self. how much for motor mounts and or throttle body cleaning usually cost at a mechanic shop

my drivers door unlock but when i try to unlock my other doors they won't unlock with remote are key.

cools about an hour then quits

Woould like to know the location of cabin air fiter

what are the steps on replacing fuel injector

My break light lit up i dont know what to do when i step on the breaks the light went on when i removed my foot light went off did this twice then i drove for some time and light didnt come on but it happened twice already and i believe i hear a whistling sound when i step on break when im slowing down.

can i replace/repair front brake assemblies without a great deal of difficulty i do other repairs without too much of a problem

what should be the cost of replacing the power steering pressure hose

Where can you buy a flex pipe for a 2001 Toyota Camry?

a/c stops cooling when outside tempature is over 85 degrees