My battery is good, the starter bench tests good, but the car will only start once in awhile. Other sites suggest testing 'the relay'. What relay, where is it and how do I test it? Okay, now I went ahead and replaced the starter even though it bench tested as being okay. Viola' the car starts, however it runs a little rough. Any ideas why?

I need to know where the resistor is located that controls the speed of the heater fan.

when motor gets hot it does not run good and gets no gas it look like

Doesn't happen while the car is cold. The hesitation doesn't happen all the time just random along with the car turning off. It doesn't turn off completely the battery seems fine because the radio and lights are still on afterward. The car sort of reacts like a lawn motor .seems like if it has no gas. The car turns off only when I'm at a complete stop. sometimes it turns back on right away but most of the time it take 5 to 10 minutes for it to turn back on.The rpm meter moves up and down when I'm not touching the acceleration pedal until it hits 0 and just turns off when I hit the acceleration petal it hesates then takes off like if it wants to shut down I've also noticed that when it does happen the rpm meter goes down then shoots up when I accelerate. Been to 3 mech and they say the car is fine any1 know what's wrong I've changed the fuel filter and threw in fuel injector cleaner and it went away for like a day then started happening again. No engine check light or anything. Can anyone give me a clue to what's going on and how to fix this problem?

how do you prime the oil pump in the manual it says you have to but it doesnt show where

car hit in rear 2 yrs ago, had it painted -backed into a tree and paint cracked & peeled. Dealer refused to repair, what will it cost now to repaint rear bumper.

recommended by manufacturer

When do brakes need to be replaced? Car has 40,000 miles. front brakes 8MM rear brakes 5MM Brake pedal goes down quite a bit when braking.

which fuse controls the security system

I have an oil pan leak. Qouted repair $500. What is regular cost

When i drive and maketurns, the wheel seems to slip and wont turn when i turn the steering wheel. forcing me to turn the steering wheel a little further. i have this problem on occasion right now. any suggestions???


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How to replace in-dash cigarette lighter in 2005 camry
1 answer
2005 Toyota Camry, 2.4L 4 cylinder, Hlavender, Haslet, TX, July 07, 2010, 16:36

Hi--can you tell me how to replace the clock in my 2005 Camry?

The automatic seat belt (shoulder harness) has stopped working on the passenger side. How do I fix it?

Why doesn't anyone read their owners manual anymore? 85% of the questions asked here are covered in the owners manual. If you don't have your owners manual get one most can be found free online, junked cars, or just pay for one at the dealer they are worth it.

My trusty Toyota camry is ok except that the air conditioning is out. It needs old fashioned freon. How much should that cost and is there any place you recommend here in Irvine, Ca.

when I put gas in the tank it leaks out on the ground

Where is the IAC located on the camry 4 cyl

location of f ign coil

My tires were wearing unevenly and the auto shop told me it is because my struts need to be replaced. I have about 63,000 miles on my 05 camry. The tires start to make a loud hum on the roadway. I have not noticed any squeaking noises when I go over bumps. Does this really sound like a strut problem?

Vibration when car comes to a slow stop\. No vibration while running. Condition when air conditioner in use.

car radio and lights go out when you hit a bump then they come back on also the read out on the dash shows that the back lights are out yet when you check the light bulbs they are not out and the fuses are not blown but the reverse lights dont work and without the key in the ignition i moved the battery slightly and it arc sparks flew what to do?how much it will cost?

My 2000 Camry 2.2L is in my mechanic's shop. It has 198,000 miles on it. I had him to put a Water Pump & Drive Belt on because it's been about 100,000 since the last time I had it done. I had an oil leak. He put a new oil pan gasket on and also new seals on the oil pump, crankshaft and one more place. The car was running perfect when I took it in except for the oil leak. He called me today and said that the car cranks right up but starts to choke down and goes dead after about five seconds. He said there are no codes showing up and he tried several things like sensors etc... He said he and his employee has taken everything apart again and reassembled it and they just don't have a clue what is causing this. Starting Friday this car will put about four thousand miles on it in the next three weeks. My only hope is that someone on here can give me some suggestions to why it does not stay running. Again it ran like a charm when I took it in. I was doing this as preventive maintenance not that I was having trouble. HELLLLLLLLLP.

Chelsea AL

My power windows just stopped working what could be the problem?

Check engine light has come on sporadically (once/week or every 10 days) since June; it typically stays on 12 - 24 hrs. The code is P0773. Car was checked by transmission shop last Friday; there are no shifting problems. Their estimate for further diagnostics and repair: $500 if solenoid; $1400 if valves; $3000 if transmission. Hourly rate is $89. The CEL has now been on consistently since
last Thurs eve. Does it seem urgent to have the work done ASAP? Can I safely wait a month or more? Car has 75,000 miles.

I need to replace all 3 parking brake cables due to disintegration from rust and corrosion. I need to locate an independant mechanic to take care of this repair.

I have a recurrent musty odor emitted through the vent and A/C. It is more frequent in the summer. I live in ND where outdoor humidity is low. I have had some success eliminating it temporarily by putting the venitilaton system on recycle and spraying lysol under the passenger side dash where I presume it is drawn in and circulated. (?). Nevertheless, it reoccurs. Its becomming more frequent and harder to eliminate. Have you heard of this with other toyota owners? Is there something somewhere in the system that could be soggy? (smells like a soggy mop)

Is an idle control valve cleaning or repair job expensive and is the throttle included with this. What type of shop should do this type of work

I needed 1 set of spark plugs &1oz. sensor (downstream) ,this caused the inspection failure. What is the price for these 2 items?

I have 2003 Camry V6 car. It has 84,000 milage and I am not sure when is a good time to chnage the Timeing belt and how much it will cost?