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If only one front strut is bad should both front struts be replaced. (One repair shop told me to replace both to prvent problems down the line.)

My car didnt pass smog and it came up with 2 error codes. p0125 and p1135, can the codes be related somehow? will it be expensive?

most of the time have a hard gas pedel, and goes very slow, till about 40 or 45 mph and comes out of it. I sprayed throttle cleaner on the throttle and cleaned it, blowed the air filter

The headlights, inside lights, radio comes on but car won't turn over

i have a 2000 camry with 112k. 2 fill ups ago i started having trouble filling up. the nozzle keeps clicking off when filling up. i've gone to 2 different gas stations so i think it is a problem with the car. i've owned the car for 7 years and maintain it well, but this just started out of the blue. any suggestions would be appreciated.

Don't know the location of the fuel pump and gas filter?


No codes , but when car is filled up with gas, vaccum line to intake fills up with gas. 1998 toy camry 2.2liter

I heard a noise-thought it came from my engine. My mechanic told me my tires were cupping and it was caused by my 4 struts being in need of replacement. All 4 tires are "cupped". It will cost ~ 1,000 for the 4 struts. Is the cause and the price correct.

The regular brake lights will not work however the brake light in the rear deck-lid works fine. I have checked all the bulbs and fuses and they are good. Thought maybe it could be a switch at the brake pedal but it seems that if that was the case then then brake light in the deck-lid would not work either.

It died on me when I turn onto another street and would not start.The timing belt want turn.I need to know if it has a contact motor.


The last two months my check brakes light comes on. The brake fluid is low. where could I be losing fluid?

both back up lights are out. i changed both bulbs but there is still no back up lights. could it be a fuse

When I turn on the left turn signal it flashes properly. When I turn on the right turn signal it flashes very fast. Yes I know one of the bulbs are burnt out wrong. All the bulbs are fine. Hazards work fine also. I have no idea why this is happening. Some times it will flash at a normal speed but then goes back to very fast. Any ideas?

It has 130K miles. Engine light came on. EVAP sensor was replaced and light was reset. The light came on again in 2 days. Then the TRAC OFF light came on. Now both indiactors are always on. Checked all teh fuses - they are good. What could be the problem?

I was driving for about 5 minutes when the car suddenly died. When I tried to start it, a horrible screeching sound came from under the hood. Everything else on the car works. It's been doing this for several months.

overheats , see green pooling of coolant low in engine, steams out of a top left hose, opposite of the radiator hose?

Back door window fails to go up or down.

Any tips on repairing a RH rear passenger fender on a 93' Toyota Camry? I don't think "bumping" and Bondo'n the fender will work too well due to heavy damage. Also it seems that the rear fenders are connected to the roof of the vehicle.

I just purchased a used 1998 Camry and the clock looks like it has been pushed in. I need to remove the dash to put it back into place. I may nee4d new clips or what ever holds it into place (or maybe a new clock). But how much of the dash and how do I remove it?

i have a hole in the front radiator of my 1992 camry. where can i get a diagram of the system to figure out what this front radiator does and can it be repaired or need to replace it? thanks

Door handle broke off. Have the correct replace part. Have taken off door panel but not sure what to do next.

I have a strange problem happening in my Camry since last month. If the car is in the sun for too long specially in he afternoon, he engine wont start. If its parked under a shade then there is no problem. Has anyone run into this problem. I have a brand new battery so that should not be the probelm. Any advice will be appreciated.

My Camry has over 153,000 miles, I've had the car for 6yrs and haven't spent a lot of money on repairs until lately. Which is expected given the age and miles on the car. I just had brake work done last week, and asked them to let me know what other work needed to be done. The mechanic told me I needed additional work done on the suspension - get my rear struts replaced - that is the reason why my car bounces and sounds like my trunk is rattling when I go over bumps. Yesterday, I heard something dragging, and my son looked under the car and told me it was part of my exhaust system in the front of the car, the "long part", and that the entire system is completely rusted out and needs to be replaced. My son put a wire across that section so I could drive home. Last year I had work done on my muffler and my car hasn't sounded the same since-it's kind of loud-like I have a souped up car, but not loud enough to be a violation. Last week the mechanic never mentioned the exhaust system being rusted out and needing work when he worked on the brakes, and my son says it is obvious. I'm pretty sure the struts problem has aggravated the problem. Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate of the cost to repair the exhaust system and replace the struts? I need to know if it would be worth the cost, or if I should put the money towards another car. Should I take it to an exhaust specialist or a regular repair shop? Also, someone told me I should buy the parts myself and take them to the garage. I don't think that would be appropriate or practical because I don't know what I'm doing. I think I should just take the car and let the shop order the parts. I don't know what to do, and don't think I want to go to the same shop again. Although they have worked on my car before, I think that I need to switch shops since they didn't mention this problem. I didn't even drive my car today out of fear the part would fall down again. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

This started after our last oil change a few months ago. The car exhaust is smokey, particularly when first started in the morning. One shop told us it was stuck oil rings and would cost $3000.00 to take the engine apart and fix it. The local dealer couldn't find anything wrong, but thought maybe the oil was over-filled at the oil change and the car was just burning it off. Unfortunately, the problem has continued for some time now. Any suggestions--I really can't afford 3000.00.

I am trying to replace a front headlamp marker light that's gone out, but I find that it's impossible to reach by hand or pliers (it's hard to handle a glass bulb with pliers anyway.) The bulb fits on an angle, but it's impossible to see if it fit properly and is secure. Anyone know a solution?

I was told that my car's gas strut assemblies are in poor shape (leaking oil).I was quoted $600 for replacing all 4 gas strut assembly in my Toyota camry LE (1995) including 4 wheel alignment ($81). The parts were G68502 strut assembly @ $49.95 2 nos., 1 each of G67675 ($103) and G67676 ($103). The total time taken to get it all done would be 3.5 hrs.Is it a good price?

My starter drags in the morning, after it starts then its ok the rest of the day. it has a new starter,new alternator and a good battery. what could it be?

Bad battery, leaking acid, and corrosion. Car died, replaced battery with Die Hard 660, tested it, battery was not giving out good charge, was told needed an alternator. Tested alternator, reading said everything good, except for low outage reading. Mechanic said needed new one, put remanufactured one in. The temperature light in interior was lightly pulsating, interiors lights dim and pulsating. Now headlights are pulsating.???
I also changed the spark plugs at the same time, engine seems to be running hotter than usual, the temp gauge in car is normal, when car in drive and stepping on brake it idles at 1. Any suggestions, or advice..... PLEASE