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The AC/heat will not send out hardly any air at the first 3 settings and then it loudly shudders asif something is stuck in the system when it reaches setting 4! Any suggestions?
My smog readings are as follows: HC 15 mph=268 (fail) 25 mph=104 (fail) NOx 15 mph=1587 (fail) 25 mph=413 (pass) What is the failing component (or components)? I'm retired and on a fixed income and can turn a wrench m...
changed battery in 2001 camary now thw alarm wont stop going off can't figure out how to reset the alarm also has starter kill switch
I had brakes put on camry. About 1 week after they were installed a squeak started when I was coming to a stop. I took it back to mechanic and was told it was the front struts. Does this sound right?
it will turn over but wont start we have replaced the fuel filter. sometimes it will run for awhile then it wont. do you have any idea as to what it might be. checked all fuses to
I curently have two options to buy a car and wanted an opionen on which is a better buy. Choices are toyota camry 96" or a 2000 and both are 4-cylinder.
Hi! When I Go to turn my headlights off I hear a clicking noise from under my dashboard & my dashlights & tail lights wont turn off! Could this be a relay switch problem?
All of a sudden today engine started to run rough, check engine light stays on or a changed plugs and wires and it help some , i have more power but still runs rough and check engine light blinks or...
I can only find three
the power seat on my car will no longer set up..If you push the button, the seat will go back, but it will not go up...what could the problem be and how much do you think it will cost to repair
four times now my daughter has been unable to turn the key to start her car. The usual wiggling of the wheel doesn't unlock it. Wondering what could be causing this.
I accidentally left my windshield wipers turned on. It snowed about 2 inches over night and when i turned on my car the next morning they obviously tried to start wiping back and forth. My passenger wiper is still wor...
when i drive my car and turn it off,I usually have to wait for two hours just to start it back up again like nothing was ever wrong with it. What can it be? Ia it the electrical coil? someone told me to check that. Al...
The seat belt in my car keeps folding and getting stuck and then it wont retract back in. I can open it up and pull it back out and it will then work for about 5 to 10 times then it does it again. What can I do to kee...
how do I change out a left front door handle on a 2000 camry?
I came back from 7 weeks vacation and the car was parked in closed door garage. Now it does not start. Please help.
recommended tire pressure 29psi,so why do the sidewalls bulge so much?looks like tires are riding sidewalls instead of treads,Is this normal?More air gives a rough ride but tires dont bulge. but a rougher ride.
i have an automatic 1992 camry with 250,000 miles and im pretty sure the head gasket is almost blown and was curious if it is safe to put the car in low gear then to second and then into drive
Car recently had a "tune-up" (new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor). Now it idles at about 1700-1800 RPMs, whether a cold or warm start.
driving along and then suddenly clanking noise from rear, trunk?
when riding, not always, sometimes very loud clank.
The parking brake foot pedal is stuck. It is all the way to the floor and will not release. Is there a pin or something on the ratchet that I can push out to release it? Or can I disconnect the cable so I can move t...
How do i perform a tune-up on my vehicle? Spark plugs/cable? coil packs? Whats up with that? i would like to know what parts i need to purchase, like what kind of plugs and where they are located on my motor. Thanks
Just had front manifold and front cat done. Need now everything else after replaced all the way to the muffler. How much am I looking est wise. Thank you
1989 camry ran great until I went through a big puddle it stalled got it started the next day it stalled again it had a broken wire I replaced plugs wires cap rotor no spark rotor not moving timing belt not broke what...
Is this car with 230,000 miles on it a good buy, and how long will the engine potenially last without the engine or transmission going out.
Every so often, I have to turn the key six or seven times before it catches and runs. WHY. Seems to me that the fuel line or fuel filter needs to be changed or cleaned. What do you think?
To defrost my windshield I turn the dial that controls where the air is directed all of the way to the right that makes the air only come out of the windshield area and turn the temperature dial to red.. The AC button...
my car stalls every time i stop and it smells like gas when it stalls
I have about 107000 miles on an 02 Camry. in the last week I've noticed that turning the wheel is a little harder. I asked a mechanic he said something about u- joint . I have plenty of steering fluid, what could it ...