i have a hole in the front radiator of my 1992 camry. where can i get a diagram of the system to figure out what this front radiator does and can it be repaired or need to replace it? thanks

Door handle broke off. Have the correct replace part. Have taken off door panel but not sure what to do next.

I have a strange problem happening in my Camry since last month. If the car is in the sun for too long specially in he afternoon, he engine wont start. If its parked under a shade then there is no problem. Has anyone run into this problem. I have a brand new battery so that should not be the probelm. Any advice will be appreciated.

My Camry has over 153,000 miles, I've had the car for 6yrs and haven't spent a lot of money on repairs until lately. Which is expected given the age and miles on the car. I just had brake work done last week, and asked them to let me know what other work needed to be done. The mechanic told me I needed additional work done on the suspension - get my rear struts replaced - that is the reason why my car bounces and sounds like my trunk is rattling when I go over bumps. Yesterday, I heard something dragging, and my son looked under the car and told me it was part of my exhaust system in the front of the car, the "long part", and that the entire system is completely rusted out and needs to be replaced. My son put a wire across that section so I could drive home. Last year I had work done on my muffler and my car hasn't sounded the same since-it's kind of loud-like I have a souped up car, but not loud enough to be a violation. Last week the mechanic never mentioned the exhaust system being rusted out and needing work when he worked on the brakes, and my son says it is obvious. I'm pretty sure the struts problem has aggravated the problem. Can anyone give me a ballpark estimate of the cost to repair the exhaust system and replace the struts? I need to know if it would be worth the cost, or if I should put the money towards another car. Should I take it to an exhaust specialist or a regular repair shop? Also, someone told me I should buy the parts myself and take them to the garage. I don't think that would be appropriate or practical because I don't know what I'm doing. I think I should just take the car and let the shop order the parts. I don't know what to do, and don't think I want to go to the same shop again. Although they have worked on my car before, I think that I need to switch shops since they didn't mention this problem. I didn't even drive my car today out of fear the part would fall down again. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

This started after our last oil change a few months ago. The car exhaust is smokey, particularly when first started in the morning. One shop told us it was stuck oil rings and would cost $3000.00 to take the engine apart and fix it. The local dealer couldn't find anything wrong, but thought maybe the oil was over-filled at the oil change and the car was just burning it off. Unfortunately, the problem has continued for some time now. Any suggestions--I really can't afford 3000.00.

I am trying to replace a front headlamp marker light that's gone out, but I find that it's impossible to reach by hand or pliers (it's hard to handle a glass bulb with pliers anyway.) The bulb fits on an angle, but it's impossible to see if it fit properly and is secure. Anyone know a solution?

I was told that my car's gas strut assemblies are in poor shape (leaking oil).I was quoted $600 for replacing all 4 gas strut assembly in my Toyota camry LE (1995) including 4 wheel alignment ($81). The parts were G68502 strut assembly @ $49.95 2 nos., 1 each of G67675 ($103) and G67676 ($103). The total time taken to get it all done would be 3.5 hrs.Is it a good price?

My starter drags in the morning, after it starts then its ok the rest of the day. it has a new starter,new alternator and a good battery. what could it be?

Bad battery, leaking acid, and corrosion. Car died, replaced battery with Die Hard 660, tested it, battery was not giving out good charge, was told needed an alternator. Tested alternator, reading said everything good, except for low outage reading. Mechanic said needed new one, put remanufactured one in. The temperature light in interior was lightly pulsating, interiors lights dim and pulsating. Now headlights are pulsating.???
I also changed the spark plugs at the same time, engine seems to be running hotter than usual, the temp gauge in car is normal, when car in drive and stepping on brake it idles at 1. Any suggestions, or advice..... PLEASE

The bumper was damaged when we hit something. Scratches & a few gouges happened. How much should it cost to repair.
Bumper is intact. Please give me a quote as to how much this sort of repair should cost. Thank you

Where is the relay for the headlights on warning? I'm tired of having to jump-start the battery in the rain.

How do I repair this?

I was told I need a brand new fuel filter replaced in my car. The cost would be around 700 dollars. Anything cheaper?

My headlights will not come on. just parking and tail lights.

when i begin to give it gas i feel like its pulling back. then i give it a little more gas it does it again until i reach 40mph then its ok.

cruise control works intermittently. i also noticed, at the same time this started, my brake light also goes on and off intermittently. i took it to a garage and they thought there might be a safety feature that, when the brake fluid gets low, the cruise control won't work. is this true? we topped off my brake fluid but this hasn't solved the cruise control problem.

Why is my rims on my camry rusting

how long to chang timing belt how many hours

I purchased for my college freshman son a 1993 toyota LXE for $1800. No car fax or warranty from a small private car lot. The mechanic says that the stabilizer bar needs repair and the rear brakes. The car suppossedly has 160,000 miles now I will have to find out if the odometer was turned back. The car runs well despite the repairs needed.

I was wondering how much it should cost to install keyless entry on my 1999 toyota camry

I put water in radiator and is coming out rightaway, the water comes out clear.I put a new radiator and this start happening

I don't see anywhere in my scheduled maintenance book a timing belt replacement requirement for my engine type (2AZ-FE). I've seen it for other types such as 1MZ-FE AND 3MZ-FE.
Does this engine not require a new timing belt? is it equipped with a chain?

i have a 1992 toyota camry it runs hot but temp gauge doesn't rise my oil light flashes then my car starts to lose power and eventually shuts down on me! then i have to let it sit for about 6 hours to cool off then it starts again..occurs about onec or twice daily!sometimes when i press on my brake padal oil light flashes constantly..please help

After refueling my car Toyota camry2.2 european version 1999 when it becomes full the indivation in the panel is full also but when it reaches the half tank it stops right there. It means that from the half indication to end no indication see it get stack righ there. And I'm trying to find here if there's any possibily to buy it from here.
Joao capita

Backing out of the driveway car died. Battery is fine and the fan is turning with key in ignition. When the key is turned nothing at all happens. Any idea what could be wrong?

1996 toyota camry v6xle number 5 misfire detected engine light on

My 95 camery everytime I turn on my a/c it pops the fuse for my power windowsw and the gauges what could be the reason

The problem with my 1997 Toyota Camry is that when i accelerate, it takes a while to pick up speed even if i press on the gas pedal all the way down. On the interstate once it picks up speed it runs about 60 to 70mph but looses onces going up a hill. Sometimes when i stop on a light the rpm goes from 2000 to 1000 up n down then it turns off, my brother thinks it might be the shift solenoid, I would appreciate it if you could help me find out if it is the shift solenoid that needs to be replaced, thanks

How long does my car battery last? How do I change the car battery?

My battery is good, the starter bench tests good, but the car will only start once in awhile. Other sites suggest testing 'the relay'. What relay, where is it and how do I test it? Okay, now I went ahead and replaced the starter even though it bench tested as being okay. Viola' the car starts, however it runs a little rough. Any ideas why?