After engine wash the abs and brake light came on. The abs bump is working even the car is tured off.
where can I look to track the problem

It snap and the door just doesnt close

live in phoenix when it is hot outside above 105 degrees the a/c will sometimes stop working and the a/c light will start to blink. Turn unit off for 2 to 3 minutes then turn on again and it is fine. what is the cause? e-mail is

what is the cost replacement for the turn signal switch assembly?

my brakes lights went off and i can find the problem i check everything can u please help me?

I hear a rattle under the car since the ABS light has appeared on the dash. And I don't think the problem is with the control module.


My car is fitted with a LPG tank.
I mainly use Gas to drive.
But i drive with petrol once a week as advised by a mechanic.

When i do drive with petrol and start the car up, the engine vibrates and the RPM jumps continuously from 600 to 800 back to 600 on and on.
This wont stop until i drive off.

What could be the problem and any1 has any idea what is a reasonable price to pay to get this fixed?


My car has a bad water leak and runs hot real qwick

Cleaned EGR Valve pintle and verified the diafram opens and seems to modulate at higher rpm and/or temp. Code is almost always active, but sometimes cleared for 20+ tests. Once in a while usually when gas low and very hot outside get P0446 Vapor Emissions. How do I fix and pass Ca Smog test????

If only one front strut is bad should both front struts be replaced. (One repair shop told me to replace both to prvent problems down the line.)

My car didnt pass smog and it came up with 2 error codes. p0125 and p1135, can the codes be related somehow? will it be expensive?

most of the time have a hard gas pedel, and goes very slow, till about 40 or 45 mph and comes out of it. I sprayed throttle cleaner on the throttle and cleaned it, blowed the air filter

The headlights, inside lights, radio comes on but car won't turn over

i have a 2000 camry with 112k. 2 fill ups ago i started having trouble filling up. the nozzle keeps clicking off when filling up. i've gone to 2 different gas stations so i think it is a problem with the car. i've owned the car for 7 years and maintain it well, but this just started out of the blue. any suggestions would be appreciated.

Don't know the location of the fuel pump and gas filter?


No codes , but when car is filled up with gas, vaccum line to intake fills up with gas. 1998 toy camry 2.2liter

I heard a noise-thought it came from my engine. My mechanic told me my tires were cupping and it was caused by my 4 struts being in need of replacement. All 4 tires are "cupped". It will cost ~ 1,000 for the 4 struts. Is the cause and the price correct.

The regular brake lights will not work however the brake light in the rear deck-lid works fine. I have checked all the bulbs and fuses and they are good. Thought maybe it could be a switch at the brake pedal but it seems that if that was the case then then brake light in the deck-lid would not work either.

It died on me when I turn onto another street and would not start.The timing belt want turn.I need to know if it has a contact motor.


The last two months my check brakes light comes on. The brake fluid is low. where could I be losing fluid?

both back up lights are out. i changed both bulbs but there is still no back up lights. could it be a fuse

When I turn on the left turn signal it flashes properly. When I turn on the right turn signal it flashes very fast. Yes I know one of the bulbs are burnt out wrong. All the bulbs are fine. Hazards work fine also. I have no idea why this is happening. Some times it will flash at a normal speed but then goes back to very fast. Any ideas?

It has 130K miles. Engine light came on. EVAP sensor was replaced and light was reset. The light came on again in 2 days. Then the TRAC OFF light came on. Now both indiactors are always on. Checked all teh fuses - they are good. What could be the problem?

I was driving for about 5 minutes when the car suddenly died. When I tried to start it, a horrible screeching sound came from under the hood. Everything else on the car works. It's been doing this for several months.

overheats , see green pooling of coolant low in engine, steams out of a top left hose, opposite of the radiator hose?

Back door window fails to go up or down.

Any tips on repairing a RH rear passenger fender on a 93' Toyota Camry? I don't think "bumping" and Bondo'n the fender will work too well due to heavy damage. Also it seems that the rear fenders are connected to the roof of the vehicle.

I just purchased a used 1998 Camry and the clock looks like it has been pushed in. I need to remove the dash to put it back into place. I may nee4d new clips or what ever holds it into place (or maybe a new clock). But how much of the dash and how do I remove it?