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Need an estimate parts are under $100 need to know how much labor will cost?
should I ask for it to be cleaned or replaced? How much should each cost?
how long have i change the transmission fluid
How to change the front exaust gasket (Down pipe). I have a leak and need to replace it and Im afraid Im going to snap the screws that connect it to the manifold.
I experienced an unintended acceleration in my 1999 Camry CE. Just wondering if this was just a coincidence or if I could be having the same problems as those which are being recalled. I got to a safe stopping point b...
does this model car have struts or shocks? it makes a noise when going over bumps, has 165,000 miles on it
My 2000 Camry has 45,000 miles. I'm told the timing belt and other belts need to be changed due to vehicle age. How does age and mileage affect when to change these belts? Can I wait till car has more mileage or not?
I have noticed that when the car is coming to a stop or when first accelerating I hear a rubbing/creaking noise it seems stemming from the rear of the vehicle. This occurs every time I start/stop. The trunk is empty...
My wipers dont go down when I turn off my wipers, their speed is set to one speed and i could actualy push them doun with a finger in any possition,How could I fix it??
I smell gas fumes inside the car when I start the car in the morning then it goes away now it is all the time what could this be also my check engine light is on it came on when all this started.
How difficult is this to change....very mechanically inclined. What, if any, special tools may be needed. daughters car.....she took to shop, they want 450 to do it.
the car worked perfectly last night. This morning the lights were working but the car wouldn't start. I had the car jumped and let it idle for 20 minutes. The car looked and sounded normal. after 20 minutes i t...
what parts are required for engine tune up do i need a distributer cap is timing required
I have replaced the harmonic balancer twice sense I have owned this car I bought it used.I have never seen this before and I was wondering what could be causing this. Jim
my trani will drive in foward just fine. but when in neutral and reverse it feels like it still wants to go foward . it will not go in reverse at all. any suggestions why this is?
why would they need to be replaced
My rear passenger tire needs to be replaced with a spare
after getting out of car-- approx. 3-5 mins later, doors lock automatically. sometimes this happens- other times not. how can i fix this?
I'm having a major problem removing my front rotors so that i can change them out. So how exactly do you take them off? Well once the calipers are off the rotors appear to be ready to slide off but they dont because t...
why the check engine light turn on in a Toyota Camry 1996?
I purchased this vehicle in Oct 09 and the A/C Panel lights and gear lights did not work. I installed a CD player a month or two ago and immediately noticed the instrument panel lights no longer worked. I distinctly...
changed oil and ca0-shaft positoning sensor and check engine light with oil light still comes on
My Camy was rear ended at <5mpm (no marks) and now the airbag lights are on and wont go off - what might it be?
my speedomitor and odometer gauges will go out and at the same time my car doesnt shift at the rated rpm.
Lately, my car has been sounding like a diesel truck. I thought it had something to go with my water pump going bad.. so I swap the old one out and along with my serpentine belt.. but it still sounds like I'm driving ...
I have 28,000 miles on my 2007 Camry LE V6, my front brakes have a squeal/squeak and the steering wheel vibrates during braking from speeds over 50mph. Are my brakes already gone?Or is it some other problem?
I use emergency break when parked in my driveway. After I release it, and start driving, the dash board warning light for BREAK will momentarily come on and turn off a few times.
The AC/heat will not send out hardly any air at the first 3 settings and then it loudly shudders asif something is stuck in the system when it reaches setting 4! Any suggestions?
My smog readings are as follows: HC 15 mph=268 (fail) 25 mph=104 (fail) NOx 15 mph=1587 (fail) 25 mph=413 (pass) What is the failing component (or components)? I'm retired and on a fixed income and can turn a wrench m...
changed battery in 2001 camary now thw alarm wont stop going off can't figure out how to reset the alarm also has starter kill switch