Car's check engine light is on and has codes P0420 and P1211, and has california emissions. I understand the P0420 (Catalytic Converter), but what is the P1211?

the starter is just spinning when the key is turned.any suggestions to get the starter to catch?

All parking or running lights do not work

My car is having a over heating problem. After running in around town, the fluid in the radiator reserve tank started to boil and steam, but the temp. gauge is within normal range. I have replaced the radiator, radiator cap(s)twice, thermostat, rad. fan (which is hydro, not ele.), had it pressure tested = clean. Water pump and timing belt was replaced 60,000 miles ago. No leaking around the water pump. Can anyone help me.

What would cause the dome light to stop working? Tested it with an ohm meter, which caused the map light to stop working. When car is started the clock always start back at 1:00. As if the battery has been disconnected or something.

Why does it sound like water sloushing around up underneath dash?

All the illumination lights on my dash console, Instrument cluster (climate control, gear) don't work. Also my radio does not work either. I suspect a blown fuse so I need to know what fuse to buy and where to locate the blown fuse in the car so I can replace it. Thank you

I have the original headlamps on my 2004 Toyota Camry. I'd like headlamps with greater illumination power -- preferably just by changing the bulbs. Are any available and how much will I have to pay?

What terms should I used to find information on estimates for a muffler replacement for my vehicle. P.S. I've already had this work done. Thank you.

my tachometer reading is false. checked the blak wire with the coil. still in problem.

I was told my a repair shop the cost to replace the timing belt is $375. I had the water pump replace about 4 years ago is it possible it needs replace again so soon

My car has 37,500 miles on it (mostly highway miles), and my independent mechanic (STS) said that the struts are leaking. The Toyota dealership said that three of the struts are "Level 5" leaks and that one strut is a "Level 4" leak and that its all normal evaporation. According to a bulletin for '06-'07 Toyotas, Levels 4-5 are normal (my car is an '08, and the dealership insists that the bulletin pertains to my car, too - even though the bulletin states on its face that it is only for '06-'07 cars).

However, STS said the industry standard is that any leak is no good.

Anyone know which is correct? How long should struts actually last? Also, anyone know of any official documentation stating that any type of leak is no good and/or the length of time/miles struts should last?

The car is no longer under warranty, but I'm hoping Toyota will work with me based on all their bad publicity lately (and the fact that my car was part of the recalls).

Any help is appreciated.


what is the best guess of the problem and how do fix it???

My trunk was forced open in a burlary. The trunk hinge assembly was twisted and torn. Dealer told me that the trunk hidge assembly could not be damaged by the trunk being forced open. Is this true?

Anybody have any ideas why the check engine light would pop on? I just bought the car and it sounds like there may be a smal exhaust leak, could that have anything to do with it?

what does that code mean?

The PWR is lit right under P R N D etc. is on dashboard

replaced fuel pump car will not start,also checked fueses relays all good,replaced computer,oil switch still will not start

The air compressor on my 94 Camry was making noise and before I could fix it, it blew a fuse and started burning the belt. There what looks like burnt plastic shards in the area where the AC pulley is located. I took the belt off and I can still turn pulley by hand but it's not smooth. There seems to be resistance like a worn bearing or something. A friend put AC guages on it and said the system was still holding pressure. My question is: Is it possible to salvage the compressor by replacing the bearing and clutch or should I just get a new compressor?

the radio in my camry stopped working. i hear static in the speakers, but no sound from the audio system

is getting the idle control valve cleaned an exepnsive job and is it best to take it to the toyota dealer

Every 2 week. Car drives rough and then will starting pulling while driving and the steering wheel shakes and is stiff, then check engine, oil and battery light come and then car stop. After turning car off for 1-2 minutes it starts right back and drives smoothly.

200k miles no start no spark.thinking crankshaft codes related to no srart are stored only a cat conv code.

My 92 Camry with only 90K miles smells like exhaust in the car; the smell comes through the vent when the fan is on. Exhaust system, including catalytic converter is new and no exhaust leak has been found by 4 different mechanics including 2 dealership service departments. It is really bad and gives me a headache after driving for only 10-20 miles. There is no hole in the car, floor, etc. I am totally lost as what may be causing this. Engine light is not on; so all the computer codes are normal. Please help

my 1995 camry has an issue with the reverse lights they only come on when you aply the breaks they do not come on when you put the car in reverse.this happens every time you get in the car.if it is a reverse switch or a break switch can you help me locate them?

Fuel pump will not turn on ,checked fuses,relsys all good

Brake calipers, especially right passenger side keeps locking up even after calipers,hoses,brake lines,master cylinder has been replaced on all wheels. The only thing that was not replaced was the proportional valve.

My Toyota Camry has been making funny noises for the last couple of months. It's sometimes a "groaning" kind of sound and other times a high pitched whine. It occurs some times when I'm braking, and when I'm at a standstill (e.g. at the lights) with my foot on the brakes and even when I'm driving along. The noises make me nervous and I always get weird looks from other drivers.

3 months ago, I had my rear brakes replaced when I complained of the noise(s). Last week, I sent it for servicing at a Toyota dealership and my front brakes & rotors were replaced. I was told the noise came from my tires. I found that explanation puzzling. I am still getting those noises which seem to be coming more frequently and louder.

Does anyone have any clue what could be causing these sounds and if it's indeed the tires, why would they be making those noises?

Today, 81310, the engine suddenly won't turn over. The car has a brand new battery.


Today when i tried to fill up my lpg tank ( it was empty ) it only took in about 10 litres and then it stopped.

It wasnt particularly hot, discounting the strong sun, the temperature was about 15 degrees celcius.

Any1 have any idea why i couldnt pump my tank?
Also the indicator showed that my Tank was full.
I only pumped about 10L into an empty tank which has an 80L capacity?

Thanks guys.